Best toilet cleaner: 6 ways to make your loo hygienically clean and fresh as a daisy

The best toilet cleaner will give you a lovely loo with less effort. We took one for the team and put them to the test

best toilet cleaner
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Searching for the best toilet cleaner is one of those tasks we put off because let's be honest, cleaning the loo is the chore we all hate... (but it needs to be done). So, make this dreaded household task simpler by selecting an effective toilet cleaner that is easy to use and also kills germs, leaving your loo smelling sweet. 

There are many variations of the same product to choose from, all of which will stamp out bugs and leave your toilet fresh and hygienically clean. However, while some have an overpowering bleachy odour, others can be marine or floral fresh. There are eco options, those that tackle tough stains and others that target limescale. To help you decide which is for you, we’ve got the best toilet cleaners you can buy.

See our pick of the best toilet cleaners to leave your loo hygienically clean and fresh, from those that kill 99.9 percent of bacteria to others that leave a fresh fragrance throughout the bathroom and products that are eco-friendly. For more cleaning buys, hacks and advice, jump over to our hub page.

What are the best toilet cleaners you can buy?

We think the best toilet cleaner you can buy is the Duck Liquid Marine, as it removes limescale really effectively as well as leaving a long-lasting marine fragrance so your loo stays fresh for longer. We also rate Cillit Bang Toilet Cleaner Germ Terminator, which kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and works below the water line.

Read more on both below, or see our best list below to save time:

Best toilet cleaner: Duck Liquid Marine
Best toilet cleaner for killing germs:
Cillit Bang Toilet Cleaner Germ Terminator
Best toilet cleaner for removing limescale:
Bloo Flowers Sweet Tulip Liquid
Best toilet cleaner for tackling tough stains:
Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Gel
Best toilet cleaner for an eco-friendly option:
Ecozone 3-in-1 Toilet Cleaner Ocean Breeze
Best toilet cleaner for bleaching the loo:
Domestos Zero Limescale Ocean Toilet Cleaner

How to buy the best toilet cleaner

When it comes to buying the best toilet cleaner, the most important thing is that it kills germs and bacteria, so look for products that promise this at the very least. Some stamp out germs as well as tackling limescale and if you live in a hard water area, limescale is definitely your enemy so it’s worth looking for a loo cleaner that can help with this.

Decide if you want something eco-friendly that uses plant extracts rather than chemicals – a good idea if you have a septic tank or to do your bit for the planet – and whether the smell is important to you. Most toilet cleaners have a nice fresh fragrance such as marine or floral notes, while others have a bleachy odour.

Check the thickness of the toilet cleaner and whether the bottle has an angled head so you can get right under the rim for a really hygienic clean.

The best toilet cleaners

duck liquid cleaner

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1. Duck Liquid Marine

Best toilet cleaner: This one leaves a lovely marine fresh fragrance under the rim, which lasts longer than other brands

Best for: Keeping your toilet fresh and limescale-free
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Leaves the loo hygienically clean+Removes limescale+Thick formula clings to the bowl
Reasons to avoid
-Some users said the smell was too strong

Best for…

Getting right under the rim, as this bottle has a uniquely angled neck, which gets right in there for a clean, fresh bowl.

Fresh scent:
The marine fragrance is lovely and fresh and stays in the loo for longer thanks to its thick formula that clings to the bowl for days and keeps the whole bathroom smelling sweet.

he angled neck also means this toilet cleaner is so easy to apply. No messy spillage to worry about.

Good to know:
For even more freshness, use Duck Deep Action Gel fragrances with their Duck Fresh Discs too.

cillit bang toilet cleaner

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2. Cillit Bang Toilet Cleaner Germ Terminator

This one stamps out germs by killing 99.9% of bacteria thanks to its instant power that works below the water line

Best for: Getting rid of germs in an instant
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Kills 99.9% of bacteria+Works instantly+Cleans under the rim
Reasons to avoid
-Product could be too harsh for those with asthma or allergies-Not eco-friendly

Best for…
When you want a toilet cleaner that gets to work straight away, Cillit Bang Germ Terminator starts to make a difference the moment you add it to the loo. 

Kills bacteria:
A toilet cleaner that removes 99.9% of bacteria, Cillit Bang works below the waterline to attack germs, remove stains and banish dirt. 

Fresh smell:
Your loo will be left lovely and fresh after using this product.

Good to know:
Simply add to the toilet bowl, leave for a few minutes, job done.

Bloo toilet cleaner

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3. Bloo Flowers Sweet Tulip Liquid

With its sweet tulip fragrance, this toilet cleaner is 100% anti-limescale and kills 99.9% of germs, too

Best for: Getting your loo really clean and hygienically fresh
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Lovely floral fragrance+100% anti-limescale+Kills 99.9% of germs
Reasons to avoid
-Some may find the smell a bit sickly

Best for…
Ensuring your toilet is ultra-hygienic as well as fresh smelling, leaving the bathroom with a lovely aroma of sweet tulip 

Thick formula:
Thanks to its thick solution, this liquid clings to the toilet bowl so it really gets to the dirt.

Kills germs:
Bloo kills 99.9% of bacteria and also removes limescale, so you get an all-in-one toilet cleaner that’s great value.

Good to know:
Use three times a week to remove limescale even more effectively.

Harpic toilet cleaner

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4. Harpic Power Plus Toilet Cleaner Gel

When your loo really needs a deep clean, this gel removes the toughest of stains, including hard water and limescale

Best for: Giving the toilet a really deep clean
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Kills 99.9% of germs+Tackles tough stains+Removes 100% of limescale and rust
Reasons to avoid
-Strong smell

Best for…
Giving the loo a powerful clean above and below the waterline, as this liquid gel clings to the bowl, attacking germs and removing limescale.

Easy to use:
This toilet cleaner is so simple to use, removing dirt and limescale with ease and it smells lovely too.

No scrubbing:
With this toilet cleaner, buyers say there’s no need for elbow grease as it does the job simply by being swilled round the loo.

Good to know:
It doesn’t leave any marks after use, so you know it’s got right into the dirt.

ecozone toilet cleaner

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5. Ecozone 3-in-1 Toilet Cleaner Ocean Breeze

When you want an eco-friendly product that’s vegan and Certified Cruelty Free, this one’s for you

Best for: Removing 99.9% of bacteria without using harsh chemicals
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Leaves the loo smelling fresh+Tackles limescale+Kills germs
Reasons to avoid
-Some users say it comes out of the bottle too quickly due to thin consistency

Best for…
When you don’t want to add harsh chemicals to your toilet, as this solution uses plant derived ingredients and is non-toxic.

Gel formula:
Three times’ thicker than previous incarnations, this toilet cleaner has a fresh ocean breeze fragrance that will leave your whole bathroom smelling sweet.

Cruelty free:
Ecozone is against animal testing and all its products are vegan approved too.

Good to know:
It has a nice scent and is well priced for an eco-friendly product.

Domestos toilet cleaner

(Image credit: Domestos)

6. Domestos Zero Limescale Ocean Toilet Cleaner

The UK’s no. 1 bleach brand, this toilet cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and 100% limescale

Best for: Giving the toilet a bleach clean with an ocean fresh scent
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Kills 99.9% of bacteria+Deals with limescale+Three times’ thicker than average loo cleaners
Reasons to avoid
-Some users complain of strong chemical smell

Best for…
Killing germs to protect your loo and leave it clean and limescale-free with a fresh scent afterwards.

Best results:
For maximum effect, squirt the toilet cleaner evenly under the rim, leave for 30 minutes then brush if needed. 

Ocean scent:
This fresh smelling bleach works below the waterline for an all-over hygienic clean that kills bacteria while leaving your loo with a lovely fragrance.

 Good to know:
Use Domestos Zero Limescale Ocean Toilet Cleaner with a Domestos Toilet Block for maximum effect and best results.

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