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Best ship wheel

If you aim to capture that beachy vibe, decorative ship wheels are the perfect wall accents. Choose from our curated list of festive favorites.

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It's easy for landlubbers who are landlocked to get a bit salty. But nautical zen can be achieved without a sea breeze and crashing waves. By adding a maritime splash to decor, you can bring the ocean that much closer. Navigating these design choices can be a bit tiresome because there are a lot of seafaring options. So why not ease your stress and get some direction with a ship wheel? These iconic multi-handled wheels are symbolic of ocean travel, and the perfect element to communicate that coastal vibe. So, steer your style to port with our selection of ornamental ship wheels.

Staff pick

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Rienar nautical wooden ship steering wheel

SEAsoned ship wheel embellished with a bevvy of oceanic accents

With relaxed hues and a weathered look, this seaworthy signature lends a well-traveled vibe. This 11-inch ship wheel, crafted from sturdy pine, has a muted blue and white color palette with a distressed finish that will bring any seafaring style to life. Its storied design is tied with rope and strewn with netting, shells, and even a starfish. At its center, the wheel is detailed with an anchor emblem to complete the aquatic look. All you'll need is a compass, and this wheel will take your living space to the deep blue sea.   

Ready for a spin

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Hampton Nautical Deluxe Class wood and brass decorative ship wheel

Off-the-boat wooden wheel with a brass accent

For an authentic look, this handsome wheel appears as though it was plucked right from a voyaging ship. Crafted from sturdy lumber, this ship-steering essential has a lot of character. Its beautiful woodgrain is captured in the natural brown hue and enhanced with a gloss finish. The shapely handles and turned spokes provide special touches that make this wheel a real head-turner. To offset its rich marine design, it's centered with a shining brass fixture. To add this ship wheel to your decor, choose from the available size options. If brown isn't your color, you're in luck. There are a ton of alternative hues.

Keep it wheel

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Rienar wooden ship steering wheel

Commanding wooden wheel with rope accents

Shove off and turn up the nautical vibe with this petite 10.2-inch ship wheel. Though small in stature, this vessel classic is the perfect decor addition to your beach-themed design. The charming wheel, shaped of durable pine, is doused with a navy blue color reminiscent of the deep ocean. To balance its bold hue, the wheel is tied off with rope accents. It's finished with a dressed anchor emblem, offering an extra touch that really makes this decoration set sail. Additional color and style options are also available. 

Coastal crew

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MEANT2BE wooden nautical wall hanging set

Space-anchoring four-piece maritime set

Bring that briny flavor to your interior with this comprehensive sea-inspired decor collection. These four ship-focused pieces will bring a hull lot of nautical spirit to your design. (Sea what we did there?) With a rope-wrapped anchor (12.6-by-8.7 inches), life preserver (8.5 inches), and a ship wheel (10.9 inches), it's certain that your walls will become a seafarer's paradise. Throw in a shelf-worthy boat sculpture (5.3-by-4.3 inches), and your residence will be all decked out. Each item is shaped in sturdy wood and features a ton of noteworthy accents shells, starfish, and a seagull. This must-have set will be the perfect addition to your coastal space.

Boat time

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Hampton Nautical Deluxe Class wood and brass ship wheel clock

Helm-found ship wheel clock with a natural finish

What's not to like? This timekeeping ship wheel clock mimics the wheel of a captained vessel. Its knotty wooden design has a warm, natural finish and authentic look, almost realistic enough to steer. With curved handles and substantial spokes, these notable details complement the clock's ticking center. The clock is framed in luminous brass, featuring a white face and classic roman numeral indices. Several size options are available to define your space. If you're not looking for a natural woodgrain finish, this clock is also available in black.

Get nautical

To ensure you chart the right course for that must-have nautical motif, you'll need a ship wheel. Ship wheels are the cornerstone of any seaward design, with their distinct multi-handled style, reminiscent of maritime journeys. The Rienar nautical wooden ship steering wheel ensures that everything is shipshape with its distressed finish and sea glass blue accents. Its petite, 11-inch design, though small, is festively decorated to standout. With rope, shells, netting, and fish, this wheel is decorated in oceanic trimmings. It's the ideal addition to any wall in need of a sea-inspired refresh.

If you're looking for a more authentic option, the Hampton Nautical Deluxe Class wood and brass decorative ship wheel is the ideal choice. It's sturdy wooden design, natural finish, and brass accent make it a handsome realistic replica. With shapely handles and spokes, this wall hanging will surely speak to that splashy sea vibe you're going for.