These practical and stylish room dividers are high on shoppers' wishlists — if you live in a tiny space, they're fab

Compartmentalize in style

Best room dividers on holographic background, one wooden with pattern, another wooden with shelves and the third macrame hanging
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Not to be dramatic, but after discovering the power of a room divider I don’t think I could ever go back. Gone are the days of rolling my eyes at my exercise bike which has sat in the corner of my room judging me since its last proper use during the pandemic. Oh, and after hours I can say goodbye to my WFH desk that tortures me with looming deadlines while I try to enjoy trashy TV. Some super stylish room dividers have entered the building and blown all my troubles away, no architect (or change in lifestyle) needed. 

The obsession with open-plan spaces pre-pandemic switched when we all realized we need some privacy and from there, room dividers became a hot commodity, worldwide. So, this led me to do a whole load of research and discover that there are a crazy number of beautiful models available, from folding room dividers for small spaces to wooden designs with built-in storage and even hanging ones to wow, I am now a room divider convert. 

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Room dividers allow me to compartmentalize my life, giving me privacy and the ability to curate different sections in my home. Wondering if you should be on the market for a room divider? If you live in a small space in the city, in a studio, with kids, or just simply want some privacy from time to time, the answer is a resounding yes

Our favorite room dividers to section your space with ease

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Folding room dividers

These folding room dividers have such beautiful and intricate designs, proving that a quick fix to clutter can make the ultimate design statement!

Hanging room dividers

Give your space a revamp with a hanging room divider, the perfect way to separate a space without breaking up your floor. 

Room dividers with shelves

Giving a 1950s charm, room dividers with shelves provide a classic solution to modern, open-plan spaces. 


How do you use a room divider?

Now we're all in a room divider hole, having fallen in love with the models above... it poses the question: where can you use them and how should you style them?! It's all about creating partitions that effortlessly elevate both the usefulness and aesthetic of your space. Rather than interrupting the overall flow of the room, a room divider styled correctly will extend its usage. 

The most obvious usage of a room divider is to hide clutter! From your messy workspace, to your kids' toys and your new home boxes that you're putting off unboxing... a room divider will add sophistication where there would otherwise just be - well - mess! However, beyond this anti-clutter quick-fix, room dividers are used in luxury projects by the experts all the time. I asked Lubo Todorov, Head of Visual Merchandising at Raft Furniture, for his insight, and he explained that his principal motivation for working with room dividers is to create vignettes.

"Modern homes have the luxury of being able to balance and sometimes even prioritize form over function. This means, for me, a room divider serves a practical purpose but is ultimately a design statement. For example, you could create a cozy reading corner, softened with a small accent rug and a reading lamp. Room dividers allow you to paint a vignette, giving different spaces within the same room a different ambiance." says Lubo.

What kind of room dividers should you avoid?

I picked out the best because I don't want you to make an interiors faux-pas - (I got you). Basically, room dividers should complement your interiors, not overwhelm them. If you have a small space, avoid solid dividers because you'll make it look even smaller. A totally opaque room divider will block light and do more harm than good. If there's lots of footfall in the room (for example, if you're placing a room divider in a kids' play area), avoid flimsy models. Oh, and avoid white or blue hanging room divider curtains if you don't want to serve hospital clinic realness, I'm begging you!  

How we chose these room dividers

I handpicked al of the room dividers featured in this guide based on their stellar customer ratings. That and I made sure to feature different types of room dividers, so that depending on the style and size of your space, you should find something to tickle your fancy.

Niamh is a freelance journalist and the Head of Content at Raft Furniture. She is obsessed with all things interior design, with a particular focus on sustainability and city-dweller style. The wooden floorboards and built-in bookcase in Niamh’s rented North London home occupy her daydreams between writing, and after work, she has a knack for finding cheap plane tickets.