The best picnic blankets for creating the cutest spreads

We've thought of everything

Picnic set up on black and white blanket on rainbow background
(Image credit: Future / H&M)

'Tis the season of the picnic! Wherever you turn, be it TikTok, Pinterest, or Instagram, aesthetically pleasing al fresco dining is taking over. Because, of course, a cute outdoor lunch didn’t happen if you didn’t capture it, right? Yup, let’s be real; the picnic accessories are just as important as the snacks, and we can’t help but give the OG essential some love. 

That’s right, let’s give it up for the picnic blanket. No outdoor snack-a-thon could happen without one and there are so many budget-friendly options on the market. From cute, cartoony strawberries to ditsy florals and a classic striped pattern, here are the best blankets to rest your butt on, watch some clouds from, and chow down on a sandwich from. 

The cutest picnic blankets to elevate your summer

These picnic blankets maintain the aesthetic but won't leave you dewy, dirty, or desperately shoving them into another bag. Most are resistant to the elements, some have carrying straps, and others can be thrown into the wash after some serious picnicking.