12 best iced coffee cups — for taking your cold joe on the go (from $9.99)

You're as cold as ice

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I hate watered-down and lukewarm coffee — so the hunt for the best iced coffee cups benefits *me* as it does you. On a temperature scale, a good brew should be as hot as my head (without my morning caffeine fix) or as cold as my soul with café withdrawals. There is simply no in-between.

Historically, there was no excuse for wishy-washy cold coffee that's hit room temp. Whether you're using a specific iced coffee maker, cold brew machine, or simply adding ice to cooled pod or instant coffee — buying an insulated iced coffee cup can make your drinking experience 1000% times better.

These days, clever designs mean that ambient coffee isn't something you have to accept. Here, I'll show you models that keep your shaken brown sugar espresso near freezing for up to two days. Not that you'll be able to resist it for that long.

But, if you slurp your coffee within seconds and care more about style and functionality, I'm serving up cool cups that check the boxes for these preferences too. Heck, some of these can even be personalized. So from Starbs-branded vessels to containers that are designed to fit under your favorite coffee maker, I spill the beans on the best iced coffee cups to invest in.

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Christina Chrysostomou

Christina Chrysostomou is our ecommerce editor and unofficial queen of coffee. She specializes in reviewing our small kitchen appliances, which include coffee makers and kettles. While her hand was practically superglued to the Yeti Rambler in her college days, she is in the market for a new iced coffee cup, so it made sense for her to write this review.

12 of the best iced coffee cups to start your day in style

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Things to consider when buying an iced coffee cup

You won't do yourself any favors by picking up any ol' iced coffee cup, so next time you're out shopping (or browsing online) consider the following:

Size: Will it fit the volume of coffee you'll want to drink? Most iced coffee cups range from about 12-24 fluid ounces.

Cleaning instructions: Many iced coffee cups come with special finishes or are made from glass/plastic that can warp in the dishwasher. Make sure you know how to clean your cup to avoid damaging/breaking it.

Special features: Some iced coffee cups come with vacuum insulation which will keep your coffee hot or cold for days. Others have extra-wide straws to enjoy jelly or tapioca pearls. And most, if not all, are leakproof and will fit in your car's cup holder. It's important to buy an iced coffee cup based on your needs, but almost everyone will want a spillproof cup that doesn't leak when using it. 


What is the perfect ice for iced coffee?

While bigger ice cubes will melt slower, you can fit a larger quantity of small shapes in an iced coffee cup. Because of this, nugget-sized chunks won't spoil your drink experience and aesthetically, they look quite cute too.

How we tested these iced coffee cups

JYSK, five of the nine selections (that's over half!) have been tried and tested by our team. For the remainder of our edit, we've relied on highly-rated reviews and star ratings from real customers online. Yes, we've literally sieved through and read through post-purchase testimonials people have written.

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