Saying congrats? These are the best graduation gifts this year for you or your bestie

*Cue 'Graduation' by Vitamin C*

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Whether you’re the grad’s proud parent or partner, supportive sibling, or that mega cool aunt that always turns up looking 10/10, you’re gonna want to check out this roundup. You may even be graduating yourself and wanna add some of these to your wishlist. I’m about to go Louis Armstrong on this thing and blow my own trumpet, but I know my way around the gift department. 

Why am I such a gifting connoisseur, you ask? Two things about me: 1) I WILL celebrate just about any occasion, and, 2) it’s been ingrained in me from a young age to never turn up to a party empty-handed (comes from being part of a huge family with hosting in our veins). So, whether you're attending a housewarming or graduation, I’ll be your trusty source of gift ideas, ranging in budget and purpose but ultimately the best of the best!

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The best graduation gifts for any kind of grad 

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Let's kick things off, shall we? First, though, I did go out of my way to speak with an expert about graduation gifts, just so that you know I am taking this seriously! "When it comes to a gift for a graduate, you want to think about something that supports them during their life transitions." explained the Co-Founder of Fresh Starts Registry. So, take this into consideration when you’re shopping for your gift. Are they taking this opportunity to travel the world? Are they embarking on a new job? Or are they moving home to figure out their next steps?


How much should you spend on a graduation gift?

This is a tricky one, but how much you should spend on a graduation gift is one of the most asked questions relating to the topic! This obviously is going to vary greatly, depending on what kind of graduation it is, your relationship with the graduate, and what you can afford. Basically, it's not a one size fits all solution but one thing is for sure, it's the thought that counts! When I opened the question of graduate gift budget up to the experts, the numbers I received varied from $25 to $1000 but one sentiment remained constant — a gift that shows the graduate you know them and you care about the next step in their life will make the most impact, no matter the price tag. 

How we chose these graduation gifts

When putting together this roundup of graduation gifts we did extensive research into the things that graduates right now are searching for and what their plans post-graduation are! Naturally varied responses informed our decision to cover all bases from travel-related gifts to home décor and jewelry. Everything included has been super highly rated by buyers and offers something for everyone. 

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