Best fire pit 2021: wood and gas-powered fire pits for evenings outdoors

Pick up the best fire pit for 2021, with kadai-style, globe-shaped, and contemporary fire pits for your garden

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Best fire pit
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Buying the best fire pit can extend your evenings out in nature, or even just the back garden. With wood-fired and gas fire pits, our guide features everything you need to create that campfire feel in your own garden, complete with all the warmth and heat, but none of the scorching.

The best fire pits can be easily stored and very low-maintenance. Some will rust over time, especially if you opt for a steel or cast iron fire pit. If you do want a fire pit with a bit more finesse though, there are also some smart options from Cox & Cox. 

With both warmth and light, a fire pit will stand in for the best patio heater, but with a lot more theatre. Some will even have grill inserts, which allow you to turn them into a BBQ for nibbles and late-night snacks. While we focus on gas and wood-fired fire pits in this guide, we also have a dedicated page to the best chimineas

Outdoor Brazier

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

1. Cox & Cox Outdoor Brazier

Best fire pit overall: perfect for entertaining or making a statement

Best for: Simple style
Fuel type: Wood
Size: H41xDia.100cm
Material: Cast iron
Reasons to buy
+Ages well+Large design+Low maintenance
Reasons to avoid
-No cover

With a traditional design and sturdy cast iron construction, this fire pit is built to last. The Cox & Cox Outdoor Brazier will dominate your garden, but there's a medium size for smaller homes. It leaves plenty of space for firewood and is easy enough to transport.

The Cox & Cox Outdoor Brazier is made of hardy cast iron and will age well, although do expect some oxidization with age. It will naturally rust over time for that authentic fire pit look, and the exposed top means it's perfect for toasting marshmallows. 

Mahone Iron Propane Gas Fire Ring

(Image credit: Dakota Fields)

2. Mahone Iron Propane Gas Fire Ring

Best gas fire pit: easy to light and can be placed on a tabletop

Best for: Gas fuelled
Fuel type: Gas
Size: H31 x W26 x D26cm
Material: Iron
Reasons to buy
+Three colours to choose from+Portable+Safe basket+Easy ignition
Reasons to avoid
-On the small side

The Mahone Iron Propane Gas Fire Ring from Dakota Fields comes in black, white and olive colours and is powered by propane. That means it's easy to ignite and can sit on the top of your table as you enjoy evenings out on the patio.

The basket design is striking and also adds a level of safety. The top is lined with sleek stones and you can increase the size of the flame by turning up the propane levels. 

It is a little on the small side, but this tabletop option is a smoke-free and portable option that's perfect for smaller spaces. 


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3. Mosaic Tiled Firepit With Grill Table Insert

Best multifunctional firepit: store as a table or use as a grill

Best for: Multifunction
Fuel type: Wood
Size: H54 x D70cm
Material: Steel and ceramic
Reasons to buy
+Easy to store +Functions as a patio table+Can be used as a grill+Perfect for entertaining
Reasons to avoid
-Not the largest fire pit

If you want to dabble with having a fire pit but aren't sure about committing to the space requirements, how about the Mosaic Tiled Firepit With Grill Table Insert? This fire pit is built into a mosaic patio table, with an insert that can be easily stored on the shelf below the pit itself. 

You can use this fire pit as an alternative to the best BBQs, making it great for entertaining. It's also nice and tall, so unlikely to scorch your lawn. The actual fire pit is on the small side, but as a furniture piece we think it's genius. 

Esschert Design fire pit

(Image credit: Esschert Design )

4. Esschert Design Fallen Fruits Oxidised Woodland Fire Globe

Best globe fire pit: we can't get enough of this woodland design

Best for: Natural construction
Fuel type: Wood
Size: 60.5 x 60.5 x 49.5 cm
Material: Oxidised metal
Reasons to buy
+In touch with nature+Casts beautiful shadows+The globe design is safer than most +Easy to assemble
Reasons to avoid
-Not the cheapest -The oxidised look isn't for everyone 

Painting a beautiful woodland scene, the Esschert Design Fallen Fruits Oxidised Woodland Fire Globe is a total showstopper of a fire pit. The globe design will cast beautiful shadows on your garden and will also act as a shield for any spitting or exposed flames. 

The globe comes pre-oxidised, which we think completes the rustic and natural look. If you want something sleeker though, this isn't the best fire pit for you. If you did want to opt for something more exposed, the globe top can be removed from the stand for it to act as a traditional open fire pit. 

La Hacienda fire pit

(Image credit: Argos)

5. La Hacienda Steel Firepit

Best budget fire pit: cheap and cheerful

Best for: Budget
Fuel type: Wood
Size: H23 x D54cm
Material: Steel
Reasons to buy
+Portable+Comes with a stand+A decent size+Amazingly affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Lacks the style 

If you want a cheap fire pit, look no further than the La Hacienda Steel Firepit. It's made of 100% steel and comes with a stand which boosts its modest size. This fire pit runs on fire wood and you can buy a grill to make it more multi-functional.

The deep design will contain plenty of fuel, and the rim will make sure it doesn't spill. We also like the black paint on the La Hacienda Steel Firepit which gives is a sleek finish, although if you want this to last, don't leave it out in the rain.  

Dakota Fields Cattrall Steel Charcoal Fire Pit

(Image credit: Dakota Fields)

6. Dakota Fields Cattrall Steel Charcoal Fire Pit

Best basket style fire pit: a deeper design for easy ignition

Best for: Compact spaces
Fuel type: Wood
Size: H61 x W66 x D66cm
Material: Steel
Reasons to buy
+Deep and secure basket design+Grate allows you to enjoy the flames+Compact enough for small spaces+Grate included +Looks great
Reasons to avoid
-Quite short-Can't go on a wooden deck

We really like the design of this fire pit, which is perfect for smaller gardens thanks to its deep and more narrow shape. It comes with a fire poker for the perfect setup, and for when the fire is roaring, and there's a basin to keep your fuel secure.

The fire pit is described as weather resistant, so you can leave it outdoors if you wish. Try and keep it dry though, and don't leave it on a wooden deck. The shorter design may scorch your wood, which can be unsafe. The circular design and safe extras make this a great option for gathering around in the garden, and it's reasonably priced too. 

What is the best fire pit? 

We think the Cox & Cox Fire Pit Bowl is the best fire pit you can buy. It has a classic construction and the iron sheet design is built to last. 

If you want something a little cheaper, the La Hacienda Steel Firepit is a brilliant budget fire pit that packs in plenty of style for its price. 

What to know before buying a fire pit

Can I stop a fire pit from rusting? 

Fire pits are prone to rust, often coming in hardy metal designs that can withstand high temperatures. You can buy high heat Rustoleum to coat the fire pit even in high heats, but many people actually like the rusty look of a traditional fire pit. If you don't, consider buying one with a powder coated finish. 

Should I buy a fire pit or a chiminea? 

A chiminea is very similar to a fire pit in that it's designed to add light and heat to your outdoor space, but unlike fire pits they have a chimney-style design that directs smoke upwards and contains the fire to a greater extent. We've covered the best chimineas you can buy in a separate guide.

If you want to enjoy the open flames or toast marshmallows, a fire pit will give you that authentic campfire experience. Chimineas are preferable to those with smaller gardens because they're not as exposed and often are easier to store. 

Can I put a fire pit on a wood deck? 

Usually the answer is no, but check the specifications of your specific fire pit. Some fire pits come with high enough stands that they're unlikely to scorch or burn your deck, but it's definitely better to err on the side of caution if the guidance doesn't explicitly say a fire pit is safe for use on a wood deck. 

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