Best eternity rose

An eternity rose is a lasting way to recognize someone you love. These flowers are a beautiful gift, and we've collected the best options.

Best eternity rose
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An eternity rose is the perfect option if you're looking for a gift for someone special. These immortal flowers symbolize undying love, making them a popular choice for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, engagements, weddings, and anniversaries. There are plenty of options out there to consider. If you want an eternity rose to be displayed, then flowers in a glass dome are a popular choice. Alternatively, many of the roses we're highlighting come with a stand. Have a look at our elegant selection of the best eternity roses available now. 

Staff pick

Best eternity rose

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Louis Garden Beauty and the Beast rose kit

A popular choice for princess fans

Inspired by Beauty and The Beast, this lovely, glass-domed eternity rose is a kit that can be assembled by your recipient or put together before you present it. The kit contains a red silk rose, LED strip lights, rose petals, a glass dome, a wooden base, remote control for the lights, and a gift box. The dome measures 8-inches high, and the USB-powered LED lights measure 6.5-feet long.

Precious metal

Best eternity rose

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The Forever Rose 24k gold dipped rose

Preserved and plated flower

The Forever Rose company offers real roses, preserved and plated in precious metals. We like the classic 24k yellow gold version, but there are other finishes available: platinum, silver, and rose gold. Each rose is unique, measuring approximately 11 to 12-inches long. The roses come packaged in a gold gift box, complete with a certificate card. 

Great color options

Eternity rose

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Ejoyous rose gold-plated real rose with stand

Handmade over four days

Ejoyous offers a large range of dipped real roses. You can choose between a mature, open rose like the flower pictured or smaller, closed rosebuds. The color choice is great too, with a variety of options from simple precious metals, to more colorful resin-coated options. Each rose is picked at its peak beauty, then painstakingly preserved with a 65-step process that takes place over four days. These roses come with a certificate and gift box.  

Preserved flower

Best eternity rose

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Dakotan forever rose in glass dome with wooden base

Complete with fallen petals

Dakotan's offering is a preserved rose inside a glass dome. This is a real rose, specially treated to last at least three, but possibly up to five years. Complete with fallen petals, the glass dome measures nearly 9-inches tall. The dome sits on a wooden base. This rose comes in an elegant black gift box with ribbon detail. It is available as a classic red rose or a pretty pink version. 

Great value

Best eternity rose

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Sweetime forever pink rose jewelry gift box

Preserved flower and matching brooch combo

This affordable option makes a great gift as it includes a rose-themed brooch. The preserved rose, available in red, pink, yellow, or blue, sits atop the box in a clear casing. The drawer underneath holds the costume jewelry which matches the color of whichever rose you've chosen. This floral gift comes with a "Best Wishes" gift bag and card.


Best eternity rose

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ZJchao 24k gold-plated eternity rose with stand

In a wide variety of colors

Zjchao offers a colorful range of eternity roses and rosebuds. Each color represents a different message of love. These roses are preserved in a special process, then the stems and leaves are gold-trimmed to create a beautiful gilt effect. These roses come with a clear display stand and an attractive gift box. 

Popular for proposals

Best eternity rose

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SDFGHG preserved immortal rose

In a beautiful flower-shaped metal gift box

This preserved rose sits inside a beautiful flower-shaped metal box. For obvious reasons, it's a popular choice as a holder for engagement rings. We like this classic red rose in a silver-colored box, but there are other color options available. This flower is delivered in an attractive, padded gift box, so it is well protected. 

Complete with stand

Best eternity rose

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LOVLO gold dipped red rose

Made from a real rose

This is another life-like option made from a real rose. The preservation process uses a special natural protein resin, which means you can still see the details in the petals and leaves. The stem and the edges of the flower and leaves are plated in 24k gold. This flower comes with a display stand and is shipped in a specially molded gift box that has recessed channels to protect the delicate bloom.


Best eternity rose

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Childom golden purple rose with love stand

With a love-themed base

This is an artificial option that will last forever. It's available in blue, purple, red, and an iridescent rainbow option. The petals and leaves of this rose are a flexible foil, the stem is made from a golden material, and the stand features the word "love" across the base in a decorative, flower-themed font. This floral gift comes with a window-accented gift box.  

Beautiful keepsake

Best eternity rose

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Rustic Stems luxury preserved roses in glass dome

Three large Ecuadorian roses

This beautiful floral arrangement from Rustic Stems is another preserved rose option, lasting for around three to five years, depending on atmospheric conditions. The flowers are large and full, specially sourced from Ecuador. The leaves are also genuine rose leaves. The glass dome measures 6.7-by-12.2 inches and comes in a sturdy gift box. This option is available in various colors, including this elegant luxury white choice. 

Eternally yours 

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Our overall staff pick for the best eternity rose is the Louis Garden Beauty and the Beast rose kit. This fairytale-inspired display features a beautiful artificial rose and magical twinkly lights. 

If you want a real, preserved rose arrangement, then choose the Rustic Stems luxury preserved roses in glass dome. This option features three gorgeous full rose blooms that could stay fresh for up to five years. 

Anyone looking for an affordable gift option should look at the Sweetime forever pink rose jewelry gift box. In addition to a lovely preserved rose, this comes with a striking rose-themed brooch, all for a very reasonable price. 

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