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Colanders and strainers are invaluable kitchen tools, especially for pasta or noodle lovers. Here are our best picks for a seamless cooking experience.

colander and strainer
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Having the right colander and strainer takes the effort out of straining and draining. These indispensable kitchen tools guarantee an enjoyable meal prepping experience, especially when pasta or fresh veggies are on the menu. While most have remained the same over the years, some have undergone remarkable changes to meet modern needs. Here are our favorite pieces that made the grade. 

Staff favorite

Colander and strainer

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Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain strainer

A compact universal design

This Snap N' Strain colander offers an innovative solution to straining food thoroughly without the need to transfer it. With the help of two clips on both sides, the colander snaps neatly with a strong grip that works for even heavy foods like potatoes. Its universal flexible design fits nearly all pots, pans, and bowls, making straining effortless. Made from top-quality silicone, it's dishwasher safe and completely BPA free. 

Indestructible design

colander and strainer

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LiveFresh stainless steel micro-perforated colander

Micro-perforated holes for faster draining and zero fall-through

This indestructible 5-quart colander checks all the right boxes of a good strainer. The small, all-over perforations offer faster and thorough draining without fall through. At the bottom is a sturdy solid ring with drainage ports to prevent backflow and keep the colander from tipping over. Even better, it has riveted handles, which are by far the strongest and best handles for a colander to withstand any weight.

Conveniently collapsible

Colander and strainer

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Qimh collapsible colander strainer

Comes with handles to hold it over the sink

If you don't prefer bulky kitchen tools, then this fancy colander strainer will serve you well. It's made of silicone with plastic handles that extend out to hold it over the sink. This colander collapses to fit into a dishwasher or store in any kitchen cabinet or drawer with a single push. With perfectly sized holes, you can use it to drain anything from angel hair pasta to risoni without some escaping through the holes. 

Ideal for fresh produce

colander and strainer

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ExcelSteel heavy duty colander

Sports big holes for quick draining

This ExcelSteel beautiful mirror-polished colander and strainer has big perforations ideal for draining soil particles from fresh produce. Wide handles offer a super comfortable grip for easy draining or carrying around the house. The bottom is also perforated to prevent puddling. The colander is even attached to a base that raises it off the table or sink. The stainless steel construction is super light and will last you long enough.

Infinity mesh

colander and strainer

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U.S. Kitchen Supply stainless steel mesh net strainer

Not gimmicky or innovative, but does a fantastic job

What differentiates this piece from our staff pick is the infinity mesh construction and the three resting feet. As such, it takes the trophy for the best colander to use in a cooking pot. The three-quart concave mesh effortlessly catches, sifts, and strains small food items without any slip-throughs. The sealed steel rims also ensure that food doesn't get trapped between the rim and the mesh. Besides, the stainless steel can take a lifetime of repeated use in a busy kitchen while remaining as good as new. 

Value pack

colander and strainer

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Longzon collapsible silicone colanders and strainer

Space savers

If you are pressed for space in your kitchen, this foldable pair from Longzon is ideal for you. They collapse to less than two inches for convenient storage. You get a set of a two-quart colander with a handle and a three-quart round colander. Both can withstand heat up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. Both have ergonomic handles to ease all your kitchen tasks.

 Take the strain out of straining 

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Save yourself the hassle of draining food by transferring it out of the pot with the Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain colander. This creative silicone colander with two clips snaps on tightly, avoiding awkward spills, and it is a good fit for different pans, pots, and bowls. It’s also BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

If you prefer the good old mesh design, get yourself a LiveFresh Stainless Steel Colander for a whole new cooking experience. While it's not gimmicky or innovative, it does an excellent job. The several micro-perforations quickly strain without foods like angel hair pasta or risoni slipping through.

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