The best bedroom fans for 2019

The best bedroom fan will help you stay cool throughout those hot summer nights. Find one from our top pick

Best bedroom fan for smart homes: DYSON COOL DESK AM06

Looking to purchase the best bedroom fan? With the British weather being so unpredictable and 2019 seeing a mini-heatwave at Easter, you never know when you’re going to need to whip out a fan. The odd scorching summer day will invariably be followed by a warm night which can make it hard to sleep. Investing in a bedroom fan is a great way to keep your bedroom cool and regulate your temperature. 

We’ve picked out a combination of desk fans, towers, standing and pedestal fans, with a range of different adjustments and speed settings so you can find the bedroom fan that’s right for you. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. 

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What is the best bedroom fan?

The best bedroom fan you can buy is the Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link, we think. Although it comes with a large price tag, it's smart, sleek looking and it produces both hot and cold air. Alternatively, if you're after something on a budget, opt for the Challenge Chrome High Velocity Tilting Fan.

How to buy the best bedroom fan


The size of the fan will be dependent on how big your bedroom is, and how powerful you want the airflow to be. If you’ve only got a small room, then a desktop fan is probably enough to cool down the room, but if you’ve got a larger space a standing or floor fan might work better at distributing the airflow. These are better for those who suffer with sinus problems or hay fever as it won’t dry out your throat as much.


If you want a fan you can use throughout the day and night, then one with variable settings will allow you to adjust the speed settings to accommodate your needs. At night a lower speed setting will be quieter and less intrusive on your sleep.


If you’ve got kids around, then a bladeless fan can be safer to stop any little fingers getting caught, and should accumulate less dust making for easier cleaning. 


An important thing to think about is the noise output from the fan. Seeing as it will be in your bedroom, where you sleep, those who are light sleepers should bear in mind the decibels of each model. The most silent on our list is the Stadler Form Charly Floor Fan at just 49dB.

The best bedroom fan for summer 2019

Best bedroom fan you can buy: Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link

1. Dyson Pure Hot + Cold Link

Best bedroom fan you can buy: a smart bedroom fan for when you want both cool and hot air

Best for: Hot and cold air
Power: 2100w
Size: HWD 63.2x22.2x22.2cm
Speed settings: 10
Noise: 63dB
Reasons to buy
+ Purifies the air + Remote controlled 
Reasons to avoid
- Filter needs changing  

This is a great multi-functional fan that produces both hot and cold air and has an integrated filter which makes the air circulation in your room purer. This fan would be ideal for those with allergies, and the modern design means it could quite discreetly be placed in the corner. It is controlled by a remote and you can also sync it up with your Smartphone in order to control the speed settings from wherever you are in the room. The bladeless design is favoured by those who have kids and pets as there is less risk of any accidents, and it’s said to be relatively easy to clean as and when it needs it. Due to the air purification function, this bedroom fan does require a change of filter, but customers have said this is usually only around once a year and believe it makes a noticeable difference to the quality of the air in their home. With over 10 speed settings, you can completely personalise your airflow to suit your need both day and night. We think this is the best fan for bedrooms that you can buy.

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Best bedroom fan for style: STADLER FORM Q


Best bedroom fan for style: a stylish but powerful fan for keeping you cool

Best for: Statement piece
Power: 40w
Size: HWD 43x36x15cm
Speed settings: 3
Noise: 58dB
Reasons to buy
+ Looks stylish + Surprisingly powerful 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite noisy  

This best bedroom fan will definitely make a statement in any bedroom with its traditional bladed design and striking black body which indicates a great example of form and function. Although this fan only has 3 power settings, those who have tried and tested it say it is surprisingly powerful, albeit a little noisy. The design also features an easy-to-remove grill so that cleaning the blades is made safe and easy. Customers who bought this fan recommend it for bigger rooms as it’s a little too loud in confined spaces.

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Best bedroom fan for retro homes: Swan Retro Desk Fan

3. Swan Retro Desk Fan

Best bedroom fan for retro homes: a classic desk fan design which is super-quiet

Best for: Retro homes
Power: 45w
Size: HWD 35x26.5x47cm
Speed settings: 3
Noise: N/A
Reasons to buy
+ Retro look + Adjustable tilt for range of motion 
Reasons to avoid
- Not the quietest  

This retro desk fan is considered to be both stylish and convenient for bedrooms as it’s not too large yet provides enough cold air for any sized room. The highest speed setting is said to be a little noisy, but on setting number 1 it is said to be quiet enough to sleep with it on. The cream colour and traditional style of this bedroom fan makes it popular amongst those who like all things retro, but this type of oscillating desk fan can sometimes be tricky to clean when it gets dusty. The adjustable tilt function means you’ll be able to put this fan in the perfect position to keep you cool, whether sat at your desk or in bed. The best bedroom fan for retro homes, we think.

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Best bedroom fan for smart homes: DYSON COOL DESK AM06


Best bedroom fan for smart homes: a smaller version of the Dyson Pure but slightly more compact

Best for: Smart homes
Power: 96w
Size: HWD 61.6x35.5x10.4cm
Speed settings: 10
Noise: 57.5dB
Reasons to buy
+ Connects to Alexa + Quiet 
Reasons to avoid
- A little tricky to set up 

If you like the look of the Dyson Pure but think it might be a little too cumbersome for your small bedroom, then the Dyson Cool Desk is the best bedroom fan for you. It is a smaller design which still has all of the great features of the Pure, making it a popular purchase for those who have smart homes. You can connect and control this bedroom fan via your smartphone or tablet device, which can be a little tricky to set up, but users found it to be incredibly easy to control once you’ve picked your settings. Dyson is known for its super quiet gadgets, and users say that this desk fan is just the same. It has a night-time mode that will use its quietest settings to regulate your temperature and keep the air pure throughout the night.

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Best bedroom fan for large rooms: Stadler Form Charly Floor Fan

5. Stadler Form Charly Floor Fan

Best bedroom fan for large rooms: a classic chrome fan for bigger spaces

Best for: Large spaces
Power: 36w
Size: HWD 45x28x48.5cm
Speed settings: 3
Noise: 49dB
Reasons to buy
+ Oscillating fan + Great circulation  
Reasons to avoid
- A little too powerful for small rooms 

This classic chrome fan has an industrial look to it that wouldn’t look out of place in any modern home. Despite it only having 3 speed settings, customers have said it is extremely powerful, so much so that it may be a little too much for smaller rooms where you are trying to sleep. The oscillating blades provide great circulation around the room so you can expect to be able to regulate the temperature nicely during those extra warm nights! The best bedroom fan if you've a large bedroom to cool down.

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Best bedroom tower fan for small rooms: Dimplex DXMBCF Black Tower Fan

6. Dimplex DXMBCF Black Tower Fan

Best bedroom tower fan for small rooms: a slim tower fan for smaller spaces

Best for: Small spaces
Power: 40w
Size: HWD 121x31x31cm
Speed settings: 3
Noise: 63dB
Reasons to buy
+ Slim design + Remote controlled 
Reasons to avoid
- Easily knocked over  

If one of the traditional style fans is a little too cumbersome for your bedroom, then this tower bedroom fan won’t take up too much space as it can easily fit into a corner and controlled by a remote. This modern design can easily blend it with any room and it is said to be nice and quiet making it perfect for having on during the night. The only problem with this bedroom fan being freestanding is that it can be easily toppled over if not tucked out of the way. If you don’t like the traditional looking fans, then this sleek design is for you. The best bedroom tower fan for rooms that are on the smaller side, in our opinion.

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Best bedroom fan for those on a budget: Challenge Chrome High Velocity Tilting Fan

7. Challenge Chrome High Velocity Tilting Fan

Best bedroom fan for those on a budget: a simple yet effective chrome fan for those on a budget

Best for: Budget
Power: 120W
Size: HWD 50x53x15cm
Speed settings: 3
Noise: 63dB
Reasons to buy
+ Freestanding + Adjustable tilt 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite bulky 

If you don’t have a lot of cash to splash, then this chrome oscillating fan is simple in its design and function, but is said to work incredibly well in all sized rooms. It is freestanding so can be placed on the floor or on a platform depending on what’s best for you. The tilting function also allows you to get maximum airflow throughout your room and unlike many other classic fans, this one comes fully assembled so you can literally just plug and go. Definitely the best option for convenience, if you’ve got the space to accommodate it. The best bedroom fan for those on a budget.

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