10 of the best baby mattresses

On the hunt for a cot mattress that’ll help max your (and baby’s) chances of sleeping through? Look no further…

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If you are designing a nursery, you are probably looking for somewhere for baby to sleep (or you should be...). Babies spend nearly half of their early months asleep, which is also when they do all their best growing, including developing their brains and immune systems. A good mattress plays a huge part in giving your household the best chance of decent sleep.

You’ll need one that supports baby’s spine properly – experts say the firmer the better in the first six months. Also look for practical features like removable covers that can be washed at a germ-busting 60 degrees because there will be spillages from one end of your baby or the other (possibly both), sorry.

1. Cool as a cucumber

Stop stressing over whether your baby is sleeping too hot with the Eve Baby cot mattress. A mini-me of its popular memory foam mattress, we applaud its cooling properties, which are achieved using highly breathable Cairful 3D fabric that encourages air circulation. Apparently Cairful 3D is 400 times more breathable than standard mattress fabrics – wowsers! Made with advice from the BPA (Baby Products Association) for extra peace of mind, it measures L120cm x W60cm x D12cm.

Eve Baby cot mattress

(Image: © Eve)

2. Smart features

A pint-sized version of Simba’s award-winning Hybrid mattress, the Simba Hybrid Cot mattress is fully loaded with the latest bed-in-a-box benefits. As the name suggests, it’s a mix of mini springs and memory foam. The cover is hypoallergenic, can be washed at 40 degrees and its zip faces inwards to prevent the risk of it catching or scratching baby – clever. It measures L120cm x W60cm x D10cm.

Simba Hybrid Cot mattress

(Image: © Simba)

3. Double protection

With its extra waterproof cover, John Lewis’ Pocket Spring Cotbed mattress is perfect for puke-prone babies. Basically, the waterproof outer cover is washable at 60 degrees, while the inner cover is also waterproof so works as a good temporary surface while your washing machine is doing its thing. Construction is a foam and spring combo offering medium firmness. It measures L140cm x W70cm x D10cm.

John Lewis’ Pocket Spring Cotbed mattress

(Image: © John Lewis)

4. Long lasting

You can’t move for enthusiastic reviews of The Little Green Sheep’s best-selling Twist Natural Cot Mattress on parenting chat sites, so we’d be remiss not to include it in our list. The Twist’s main USP is that it’s dual-sided – the firm side is recommended for birth to 12 months, while the medium side will carry them comfortably up to five years. It measures L140cm x W70cm x D10cm.

The Little Green Sheep’s Twist Natural Cot Mattress

(Image: © The Little Green Sheep)

5. Naturally safe

Luxury wool helps regulate baby’s temperature the natural way with this Safenights Luxury Pocket Spring Cot Mattress. Allergy UK approved, none of the materials used have been treated with any chemicals that might potentially aggravate delicate skin. It measures L140cm x W70cm x D10cm. 

Safenights Luxury Pocket Spring Cot Mattress

(Image: © Safenights)

6. Luxury springs

Mothercare’s top-end cot mattress also has allergy protection at its heart, this time using a clever probiotic textile treatment that naturally deters allergens created by dust mites. Pocket springs (230) provide zoned support and a waterproof barrier keeps the core protected from ‘little accidents’. It measures L140cm x W70cm x D10cm. 

Mothercare cot mattress

(Image: © Mothercare)

7. Great value

It may be the cheapest cot bed mattress in Silentnight’s new Safe Nights range, but the Essentials covers all the basics for a decent sleep. Foam and chemical free, it’s made from 100 per cent recyclable Eco Comfort fillings – so you can start baby off with a clean eco conscience - plus the cover is washable, which is always a good thing. It measures L120cm x W60cm x D10cm. 

Silentnight’s Safe Nights Essential baby mattress

(Image: © Silentnight)

8. Top-end comfort

Look away if you’re counting the pennies, the NaturalStart No.2 cot mattress isn't our most budget-friendly but you do get a LOT for your money. Made by renowned UK mattress firm, Harrison Spinks, its all-natural fillings include extra-squishy Herwick wool, and an impressive 1,022 small-scale springs developed specifically to support baby’s growth. It measures L140cm x W70cm x D10cm. 

NaturalStart No.2 cot mattress

(Image: © NaturalStart)

9. When only organic will do

Time to polish that halo, Naturalmat’s cot mattress is so wholesome, you can feel super-smug about treating baby to organic, natural ingredients before you even hit the weaning stage. Alongside organic coir and organic wool, there’s a layer of latex, made from the sap of Hevea rubber trees, which is a natural alternative to modern foam that has anti-allergy benefits to boot. This reversible mattress will provide excellent support from 0 to five years. It measures L120cm x W60cm x D15cm. 

Naturalmat mattress

(Image: © Naturalmat)

10. More bang for your buck

Although it’s a tad thinner than we’d like, Ikea’s Krummelur cot mattress has a lot to offer for its £45 price tag. This all-foam number is reversible – one firm side for babies, and a medium-firm for toddler – plus the cover is machine washable. Also, the Which? report has given it a coveted Best Buy – it’s the highest-scoring cot mattress they’ve tested – which pretty much seals the deal, doesn’t it? It measures L120cm x W60cm x D8cm. 

Ikea’s Krummelur cot mattress

(Image: © Ikea)

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