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Invite angels into your space with our beautiful angel figurines. They're artifacts that double up as thoughtful gifts or decorative pieces.

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Angel figurines come in a variety of sizes, poses, and styles. Inspired by celestial beings, they'd make a great addition to your garden, entryway, or cabinets around the house. Some people believe that these types of figurines bring luck or ward off evil; others use them as a gentle reminder of their spirituality. Whatever the case may be, we love their beauty and the joy they bring to those who see them. Choose one or more of these lovely angel figurines to uplift your surroundings.

Staff pick

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Willow Tree Angel of Friendship figure (opens in new tab)

A sentimental gift to celebrate friendship

Willow Tree angel figurines represent these ethereal beings well with a carved look and lovely wire wings. This selection honors friendship and is perfect for a shelf or mantle.  


  • Handmade, wood-look design
  • Contrasting wire wings
  • Friendship-themed design, great for gifting


  • Resin construction, not real wood

Angel figurines make excellent gifts. The Willow Tree Angel of Friendship lovingly holds a dog and is the perfect angel to show a friend how much you treasure them—human or pet. She is 5 inches tall and comes with a card written with ''For those who share the spirit of friendship.'' She is sculpted and painted by hand to create an artistic feel.

Uplifting beauty

Accent Plus desert angel figurine

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Accent Plus desert angel figurine (opens in new tab)

Add a touch of earthy spirituality

This tall, willowy angel has a mystical look with large curving wings and hands clutched closely to her heart.


  • Stone-style design made of durable resin
  • Measures a substantial 9.25 inches tall
  • Neutral color palate will complement many décor styles


  • Stone-look but made of resin

With hands folded in prayer and wings beautifully twisted, the desert angel figurine has a spiritual look. She is gorgeous and appears to be rising from the desert sands. This stunning angel is made of polyresin material and stands slightly over 9 inches tall. She evokes a sense of spirituality anywhere, making her a worthy addition to any room in a home or office.

An Irish touch

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Roman woodcut look Irish angel figurine (opens in new tab)

Make a statement with this intricately detailed angel

This delightfully Celtic angel has classic knotting and lovely cross detail. 


  • Earthy look with Celtic-inspired detailing
  • Substantial stone construction
  • Measured 7 inches, so she'll really stand out on shelves and countertops


  • Some of the finishes might look a little unfinished or sloppy
  • Cheaply made

This angel figurine looks like she's carved from wood, but she's actually made of high-quality stoneware resin. She stands 7 inches tall, holding a bouquet of white flowers, with a Celtic cross and knots adorning her lovely dress. The Celtic cross is a symbolic indicator of the human desire to know and experience the unfolding mystery of life. She comes carefully packed in a box perfect for gifting or storage. With such a unique and delicate look, this beautiful angel will feel right at home wherever you place her.

Lovely sentiment

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Pavilion Gift Company Elements angel figurine (opens in new tab)

Remember what's important

This silver-touched angel is beautiful and presents a meaningful message that should be lived by.


  • Vintage-style design with silver accents
  • Wonderful life message
  • Sturdy polyresin construction


  • May arrived damaged or broken

This is such a beautiful angel figurine with a lovely quote at the front — stating what is essential in life. One look at her will remind anyone that the people and memories you make are what is truly important. She comes in a gift box for anyone considering her as a gift. This exquisite angel stands 8 inches high, which is an ideal size to display in a cabinet, on a kitchen shelf, or on a bedside table.

Provides comfort

Enesco Foundations bereavement angel figurine

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Enesco Foundations bereavement angel figurine (opens in new tab)

Embodies compassion for those facing difficult times

Loss is difficult, and this angel figurine seeks to honor and memorialize a life lived with beauty and grace.


  • Graceful, windswept angel detailed with doves
  • Beautiful, muted colors
  • Crysal accents
  • Resin construction


  • Stone-look but made of resin

If you or know someone you know could use a little symbol of comfort, this elegant angel releasing doves into the sky is an excellent pick. It's artfully designed with good-quality stone resin and crystal accents and includes a matching satin ribbon. The overall design is geared toward creating a peaceful and comforting environment.

Triumphant style

Veronese Design Archangel St. Gabriel figurine

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Veronese Design Archangel St. Gabriel figurine (opens in new tab)

An apt representation of power and strength

This intricant metallic-looking angel figure has a valiant and strong look that will anchor any space.



  • Resin construction with a metallic finish
  • Over 15 inches tall
  • Packaged in a gift box


  • Resin, not metal

On occasion, everyone could use a little reminder to be strong and courageous. And there is no better figure than Angel Gabriel. The statue is made from a mixture of bronze powder and cold-cast resin, topped off with handcrafted details for a more authentic look. Every little detail and hand-painted accents bring to life the idea of an armored suit. This angel makes an excellent gift idea for both children and adults. Besides, it works for both traditional and contemporary decor.

Beautiful guardian angels

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Angel figurines add a touch of beauty, peace, and comfort anywhere they are displayed. They make great décor additions and gifts too. So, it's only fitting that we begin with an ultra-giftable design that focuses on friends. Friends are the family we get to choose. The Willow Tree Angel of Friendship figure (opens in new tab) is an excellent way to remind your friends, including furry ones, how special they are. It comes in a little box with a beautiful message.

The Pavilion Gift Company Elements angel figurine (opens in new tab) is a beautiful sentimental art piece with an inspiring message. Every time you see it, you'll have an instant reminder of what's really important in life.

For those doubtful days, the Veronese Design Archangel St. Gabriel figurine (opens in new tab) figurine will remind you, your child, your significant other, or your friend, to be courageous. It's an apt representation of the winning spirit.

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