I didn't know that bed skirts could be so fashionable — until I found these designer-looking ruffles

Bed skirts have been given a bad rep, but we're sold now

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Small bedroom design hack: Make the most of a good bed skirt. Whether you're moving into a teeny dorm or have bought a house with not-so-cute bedrooms, a bed skirt works wonders, no matter if you choose a ruffled, microfiber, or pared-back pick. As far as we're concerned — it's a failsafe solution to drab and limited boudoir decor.

Your bedroom is a sanctuary — especially during your teens and twenties when sleep (and "you" time) is in short supply. After all, as your only reprieve from the hustle and bustle of 21st-century life, the bedroom remains a sacred place where one can finally switch off, dream, and unwind. Zhuzhing it up with a beautifully decked-out bed can only help.

Just like the best bed sheets, when it comes to bed skirts, they're available in a whole gamut of colors, fabrications, and prices, acting as an easy and affordable way to spice up your space and hide dust or anything else lurking beneath your bed. Here are nine options we highly recommend.

9 bed skirts to elevate your bedroom on a budget

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It might be the checkered and striped designs — ideal for a preppy-but-peppy set-up — that tickle your fancy. Perhaps, even an elastic number for ease? Maybe, you're set on the drop-fit designs, perfect for podium bed owners. Either way, you can trust our hand-picked selection to cover every taste and need, from quiet luxury to boho-chic.

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Highly-rated bed skirts

Things to consider when buying a bed skirt

It's easy to dive into bed skirts without first thinking about what exactly it is you're after. To help guide the way, we've drawn up some pointers for you to cross-check before making the purchase.

Size: Generally speaking, most bed skirts come in an array of sizes, from twin to California king. The ones we've listed above are no exception to the rule, but we've naturally listed out options that come in twin, twin XL, and queen sizes as it's rare any under-30-year-old is waking up in a king just yet. (Here's to dreaming, girlies!) The point remains: ensure you've matched your skirt to your bed or risk it bunching and sloping off to one side. Ultimately, you want a drop between and around 12 to 16 inches so that the skirt covers your bed's hidden wares beneath. 

Fabrication: The texture and feel of your bed skirts rest heavily on its material construction. If it's microfiber, for example, it's going to give your bed a soft and cushy surface. On the other hand, a washed cotton, like that used in some of the tassel designs, will appear a little more rugged, perfect for anyone seeking that rustic, shabby-chic farmhouse appeal. 

Color and pattern: This one is obvious but worth a mention all the same. Think about your bedroom holistically. Is it in dire need of color? If so, then by all means look to a more statement palette. Also, ask yourself: do want something a little more graphic? Stripes, while they're certainly a style proposition, have an understated charm, while something floral is a tried and tested way to imbue the space with a pastoral, loving mood. Equally, you might want to go as muted as possible, letting the meticulous weave or embroidery speak for itself. 


How do you put a bed skirt on without moving a mattress?

If you're using a bed skirt that comes with a platform to place between the mattress and box springs, we're sorry, but you do need to take that mattress off, or at least shift it to the side. However, if you're working with a purely ruffled, strapped, or elastic design, it's a little easier. Interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture, Raf Michalowski, has some wise words. 

"Start by laying your bed skirt flat on the floor or bed with the decorative side facing down," says Michalowski. "Then carefully lift each corner of your mattress and tuck the edges of the bed skirt underneath. Once all four corners are in place, adjust the bed skirt to ensure it is evenly spread around the base of your bed." For this, Michalowski also suggests — curveball — using a spatula or ruler to help you tuck the skirt in. Don't knock it until you've tried it!

Does a bed skirt go under or over the mattress?

Good question. In part, this comes down to personal preference and also the bed type you're working with. We spoke with interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture, Raf Michalowski, for a little more insight. "For platform beds, where the mattress sits directly on top of the frame, it is recommended to place the bed skirt underneath the mattress for a clean and seamless look," he explains. "For traditional beds with a box spring or foundation, the bed skirt can go either under or over the mattress." 

Also, measure between your mattress and floor so you can ensure the drop length of your bed skirt matches. Wise words, indeed.

Raf Michaelowski, Interior designer and founder of Meble Furniture
Raf Michalowski

Raf Michalowski is an interior designer. He is also the founder of Meble Furniture, which is one of the largest leading furniture retailers within North America.

Where to shop for bed skirts

Still searching for the perfect bed skirt? Take a look at some of our favorite sites below.

How we chose these bed skirts

Poring through hundreds of product listings, we selected a tight pick of designs to suit a smaller budget without skimping on taste. As such, we paid close attention to shopper testimonials and ratings, ensuring you get the cream of the crop. If it didn't earn a minimum of four stars, then you better believe it won't be showing up here. While we haven't yet tested each and every product ourselves, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that these were all selected based on whether they genuinely improved users' lives.

Your quest for the chicest bedroom on the cheap continues. Next up decluttering with stylish and effective bedroom storage ideas.

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