Alcohol delivery services: beer, wine and spirits delivered to your door

These no-contact alcohol delivery services will mean you can get your favourite spirits, beer and wine delivered right to your door

alcohol delivery: wine beer and cocktails
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Right now alcohol delivery services are filling the gap left when the pubs and bars had to shut. Sure, drinking at home is usually less sociable, but with a good bottle of beer and a pub quiz with your buddies on Zoom, our weekend evenings can feel a little more normal. And with barbecue season hotting up, having your favourite drinks ready to pop is all part of summer.

So where can you get alcohol delivery online? Well, luckily there are not only a wide range of places dedicated to mailing out a top selection of beers or wine, plenty of other online stores sell booze, too.

We have scouted out the best places to buy alcohol online (in the UK and US) so you can top up on everything from Aperol to Żubrówka. So, save room in your trolley on your weekly trip for essentials and give these beer, wine and spirit vendors a go.

Some have some great offers on too – scroll down to see the best places to head for speedy, and contact-free beer, wine and spirit delivery. Head to our food section to see some great recipes to pair with your buys for the ultimate night in.

As always, drink responsibly and if you feel at all unwell it is best to lay off the booze until you feel better (alcohol weakens the immune system making you more prone to picking up viruses, you know...).

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The following places offer all alcohol including spirits. They are a great option if you want a few items from leading brands with the convenience of ordering from one place.

Alcohol delivery UK:

  • Amazon UK: beer, wine and spirits from top brands. Lots of choice and fast delivery
  • The Bottle Club: buy bottles and cases of beer, wine and spirits. They also do pre-mixed cocktails and snacks and currently have a Spring Sale on. Delivery is 3–5 days and free if you spend more than £100
  • John Lewis & Partners: yes, they really do sell everything, be is top Champagne, or fancy gins, grab what you need here
  • Majestic: known for their wine but they do beer and spirits, too. Delivery can take up to 14 days at the moment. Their Spring Sale includes up to 30% off Malbec and more
  • Rebellious Goods: although this service is London only they are offering one hour delivery between 12pm and 10pm. Shop for a good range of craft beer, fine wines and spirits

Alcohol delivery US:

  • Drizly: beer, wine and liquor to your door in under 60 minutes? Sounds great (and a bit dangerous...)
  • Minibar: wine, beer and liquor to your door and $5 off for new customers
  • so much more than wine, they sell spirits too, so great for stocking up

Wine delivery

UK wine delivery:

Amazon UK

Amazon UK | Cases and bottles from your favourite brands with fast delivery

Delivery is not only fast, but often free with Amazon wine deals. Choose from your favourite brands including Campo Viejo, Barefoot and Oxford Landing, plus high end vineyards and mixed cases from wine clubs.

The Bottle Club

The Bottle Club | Bottles and cases plus a good selection of fortified wines

For quality wine starting from around £6 a bottle, head here. You can also buy by the case and shop their Spring Sale wine which includes plenty of bestselling Malbecs and summery rosés.

The Fine Wine Store

The Fine Wine Store | Free delivery on orders over £30 and get your wine in 7–10 days

Great wine from allover the world at very reasonable prices, starting from £5.99 for sale items. And, if you buy 6 bottles you get 5% off – just enter the code BUY6 at checkout. They also sell spirits and mixers.

Laithwaite's Wine

Laithwaite's Wine | Save over £50 on your first case with fast and free delivery

Laithwaite's are still delivery within two to three days, which is a pretty good time frame considering you will have to wait weeks at lots of other places. It is just wine, but they do mixed cases to give you a it more variety. There is an introductory offer for newbies, too.

Majestic Wines

Majestic Wines |  Free delivery on orders over £150 but it could take up to 14 days

Majestic are often our first stop for quality wine at great prices. Unprecedented demand means some changes to their usual service, so they currently recommend emailing your local store with your order for speed. If you are looking for a bargain, shop their top wines under £10.

Naked wines

Naked wines | Priority for existing customers but they are allowing new sign ups and delivery is 7 days

If you are new to Naked Wines you can sign up and get their new customer case of 12 wines for just £74.99 (that's £6.25 a bottle). You get 30 days to decide if it is for you and refunds if you hate their wine (no quibbles they say). From there, you need to pay £20 a month into you Naked Piggy Bank to spend on a wider choice of wines from carefully selected winemakers. You can cancel at any time, so if you love great wine without a great big price tag, it is well worth it.


Slurp | Premixed cases dispatched in 48 hours but other orders may take up to 14 days

Slurp have a great range of bottles, cases and also run a wine club where you can either get sent a Curiosity Case every two months, or choose a monthly plan where you pay in what you want into your Slurp Wine Account to spend on what you want. They also sell spirits and gift cases.


Vinatis | Free delivery if you subscribe to their newsletter or spend over £150 and use code FREESTANDARD

A HUGE range of wine and sparkling wines and they currently have 27% off their organic wines selection. They also run flash sales every 48 hours. At the moment delivery is taking a bit longer than usual, but they are processing orders within 72 hours and there is a priority delivery option, too.

US wine delivery:


Winc | Save $20 on your first box when you join 

Join Winc's wine club and get $20 off your first box of four wines. You get to take a fun little quiz to find out what wines they think you'll love, then the company sends you boxes of wines to try and rate. With flexible membership so you can skip a month whenever you like, plus 10% off orders of 12 bottles, it's a pretty good deal.

Wine Society

Wine Society | Save 10% on your first order with newsletter signup

We LOVE Wine Society. Their wines come in cans that are super Instagrammable and, at 500L a can, handy for when a single serving is too little but opening a whole bottle just feels way too extravagant. As with all the brands, you can pause or cancel at any time – and they're currently donating 5% of their orders to the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation's Covid-19 crisis fund

Wall Street Journal Wine Club

Wall Street Journal Wine Club | Get $170 off the Top 12 collection

A case of 12 wines for just $89.99? It sounds too good to be true, but this WSJ deal is definitely legit. Here's how the club works: you get sent 12 wines every three months, can save 20% on club cases, and get plenty of other VIP offers throughout the year.


Drizly | Fast delivery on popular brands

Choose a few of your favorite bottles and get them delivered in less than 60 minutes (check your address on their site first) – perfect for when you have steak planned for dinner and realize you don't have the perfect red to go with it. The range is good and well priced.

Beer delivery

UK beer delivery:

Amazon UK

Amazon UK | A good range of popular beers with fast delivery

From beer garden favourites to craft ales and ciders, Amazon has a wine range of bottles and cans in varying case sizes. Many come with free delivery and you should be able to get them next day from some merchants.

Beer 52

Beer 52 | Craft beer discovery club with subscription options or buy now choices

You can join for £24 per month to receive 8 craft beers and a snack (mixed or vegan choices available), or head straight to the shop and fill the basket with exactly what you want. Order by 10pm for next day delivery – we tested it and it is super speedy!

Beer Hawk

Beer Hawk | Great range (including kegs) and a beer club option

Orders over £50 are delivered for free. They offer a huge selection of beers in bottles, cans and kegs and you can buy mixed cases or multipacks, too. If you want to join the beer club you can currently get the first box for £18. This goes up to £36 which gets charged every 12 weeks and every 12 weeks you get a new case of 12 mixed beers to try. The idea is you join the live tasting at 9pm every Thursday, so it is a pretty good replacement for the pub right now.


Beerwulf | Over 600 beers available by the case, keg, bottle or can

Wow, talk about choice. Beerwulf has loads of beers and loads of buying options. Create your own case of mixed bottles and cans, choose a pre-mixed case or go hard and order a tap and keg of your favourite brew. If you are turning your shed into a pub (we definitely won't judge) this is the place to go for your online beer deliveries. They also have homebrewing options if you need a new hobby.

The Bottle Club

The Bottle Club | Mix & Match any 6 bottles of beer and cider and save 10%

Choose from a large selection of well known brands. You can order by the bottle (mix and match to create the case you want) or buy multipacks.


Flavourly | Plenty of craft beer delivery options including subscriptions

Flavourly offer free delivery with no minimum order and delivery estimates are currently 5 working days. You can subscribe to get mixed cases of 20 bottles from £26.90, or select your own by the bottle or case to buy as and when.


Honestbrew | Free delivery on orders over £50 but you might have to wait 9 days

Worth the wait though – Honest Brew offer bottles and cases from some of the UK's finest craft brewers and also stock a good selection from the US, Europe and Australasia. They also have a beer club which offers discounts and priority delivery.

US beer delivery:


Drizly | Beer delivery in under 60 minutes*

Shop a wide range of craft ales and popular branded beers by the bottle or case. They have a solid range of IPA, world lagers and American beers and the best bit is you can get your order within 60 minutes at most addresses.

*check your zipcode first

Spirits and liquor delivery

UK spirits delivery:

Amazon UK

Amazon UK | Top branded spirits at competitive prices

Amazon stocks not only all the classics you see on the optics in your local, but a good range from smaller distilleries too. Get fast delivery and stock up.

The Bottle Club

The Bottle Club | A wide choice including over 200 gins and 200 types of whisky

Their impressive spirit range caters for connoisseurs and cocktail lovers alike – they even have premixed cocktails for those who are missing their local bar. Gin, whisky, tequila and much more at great prices.


Majestic |  Over 700 spirits to choose from and free delivery if you spend over £150

While best known for their wine, Majestic knows that no home bar is complete without a few bottles of spirit, be it small batch gin, bestselling vodka or high-end whisky. 

Master of Malt

Master of Malt | Whisky experts who sell so much more, with next day delivery available

As the name suggests Master of Malt is dedicated to delivering top notch Scotch (and whisky from other places too of course). They don't just sell whisky though – expect a massive gin selection, rum and plenty of cocktails, too.

US liquor delivery:


Drizly | Liquor delivery in under 60 minutes*

Liquor to your door in under 60 minutes might sound like the frat party dream, but while those are strictly off limits, the rest of us can take advantage by stocking up the home bar and making some cocktails. Or just fancy a simple Scotch on the rocks? Drizly hears you.

*check your zipcode first


Minibar | Liquor to your door and $5 off your first order

Put in your address to check what products are available in your area, but you will find a great range of top branded scotches, vodkas and other liquor. 

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