Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow review

If you want a comfortable space to lay your head, our Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow review would be worth a read before you buy

Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow review by Real Homes
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Real Homes Verdict

Supportive and breathable, this pillow talks the talk which can be easily washed thanks to its removable cover

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Supportive (when plump)

  • +

    Uses lovely materials

  • +

    Removable cover

  • +

    British brand

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Needs regular plumping

  • -

    Big price tag

A new pillow is always a treat so our Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow would certainly be worth a bedtime read if your in the market for one (or two).

I've had the pleasure of testing this pillow out for myself over the past couple of months. We've transitioned from summer into autumn, with a few hot spells in between, so from a keeping cool perspective it's been well tested. I'm also a side sleeper and like to have my head well supported, which has all been taken into account with this review.

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Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow talking points:

  • Size: 50 x 75cm
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Fillings: Thermofill plus 100% Polyester hollow fibre pockets
  • Cover: Quilted, 100% Egyptian cotton outer cover with zipper for removing
  • Thread count: 191 
  • Machine washable? Yes, at 40 degrees

Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow

Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow product shot

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

What was the Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow like to sleep on?

It was okay, for me. I'm a side sleeper who likes two pillows (usually) but this one is well filled with the Thermofill and polyester hollow fibre pockets so found that I didn't need the second pillow to help prop my head up during the night. However, I did find that it needed plumping up regularly and sometimes during the night if I was having a particularly restless one.

The pillow is also pretty lightweight, which was great during the summer months for keeping my head cool. I guess this is down to the 'cooling technology' which is built-in to the pillow, helped by the fact that the cover is made from 100 per cent Egyptian cotton which is naturally breathable. And the cover is quilted, yep, which made for a lovely and soft place to rest my head at the end of each day. It's removable, too, for washing (more on this in a bit..).

What kind of sleeper would the Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Pillow suit?

It would suit all sleepers – front, back and side – and those who struggle with the heat. However as a side sleeper who found the pillow pretty plump at the best of times, I would say that it is more geared up for side sleepers because those in any other position may find it too high.

The fillings are also non-allergenic so it would be a good choice for those who are sensitive to feathers and / or dust.

Is the pillow machine washable?

It certainly is. The outer cover can be removed with the zipper for machine washing at 40 degrees which can then be dried outside on the washing line, or lightly tumble dried for a quicker dry. 

The internal compartment of the pillow (what you get AFTER removing the cover) is also machine washable but you wouldn't need to wash this as regularly as perhaps the cover, simple because it does a really good job of protecting it.

Brook + Wilde pillows with duvet set on mattress

Brook + Wilde pillows with duvet set

(Image credit: Brook + Wilde)

Anything else?

The Brook + Wilde Everdene Cooling Duvet is the matching duvet in the range which can also be bought for a nice cooling effect when you sleep, too.

Overall, what did we think?

The pillow is an expensive one, yes, so it is a bit of an investment especially if you want more than one. And the fillings, although as lovely as they are, are synthetic so I guess I would like to see a more sustainable natural filling as an option such as wool which also has the ability to keep you cool during the warmer months.

That said, however, this is a good pillow which offers plenty of support (when plumped up) and having a removable cover is really dreamy. It's also a great option for those who suffer with allergies so they can get a comfortable night's sleep, too.

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