This handheld steamer is my secret sauce — and right now, it's only $14.40 on Amazon

I traded in my full-size steamer for this handheld steamer, and I'll never go back.

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Have you ever picked your outfit out the night before (in hopes of saving time come morning), only to wake up the next day and realize your shirt is wrinkled and you're out of time? Of course, you have, and it's a tale as old as time. And making matters worst? 

After investing even more time ironing (or steaming) your previously wrinkled shirt, you step outside and then realize: it's hot and humid. So all of that hard work you just put in — which made you later than usual — was all for nothing. 

What an awful morning! But it doesn't have to be that way — or at least, not anymore. The saving grace on that awful morning you just had? 

A steamer — and we're not talking about one of those big-and-bulky versions that take up half your living room or bathroom. We're talking about a handheld steamer — and this one is the perfect option. 

This steamer (opens in new tab) is not only sleek, but it's compact, and it's a miracle worker for anyone short on time and running out the door. And, I know this first-hand. 

Before moving to my current apartment, I commuted back-and-forth from Connecticut to New York daily, and the one bad habit I developed? I became a hoarder! On any given day, my bag was stocked full of extra shirts, wrinkle-free spray, and anything else I may (or may not) need.

So, in hopes of streamlining my commute (and routine), I invested in this steamer to save space in my bag and work desk drawer (pre-Covid, that is). And the verdict? 

A complete gamechanger. 

I loved how this small steamer was lightweight enough that I could throw it in my bag when traveling to my office. Oh, and as a result of its very affordable price — it rings in at $14.40 — I had an extra waiting for me at home.

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OGHom Steamer for Clothes (opens in new tab)l (for $26.99) Now $14.40, at Amazon

Are you in the market for a lightweight steamer that can be used on a regular basis and compact enough to be taken on the road? If so, this OGHom option (opens in new tab) is the investment to make. This 7-in-1 steamer has all the bells and whistles anyone could ever need — and provides professional-quality results from the comfort of your home. 

Whether I was looking to touch-up my crisp white button-ups throughout the day or steam them from top-to-bottom, this steamer didn't just work, but it worked well. But why is that? 

For anyone familiar with the dry cleaners? This steamer offers up those same professional-quality results and does so in just under 2-minutes! It's handheld design fit perfectly into my hands and the other than more favorable than that? The 9-foot cord made maneuverability easier-than-ever. I could set up shop anywhere at a moment's notice! 

Plus, I never had to worry about burning my clothes or overexposing my pricer pieces to too much heat. Instead, when filling up the 240mL water capacity, this steamer includes a heat-resistant nozzle, overheating protection system, and thermostat control; and in simple terms, what does that mean exactly? 

Easy: this piece provides peace of mind, too. 

Now, if you're wondering if I'm an isolated success story? I most certainly am not — there are nearly 12,000 reviewers who can't stop ranting and raving over this handheld steamer. 

One reviewer agrees that this steamer was "the perfect travel size," whereas another chimed in to say, it "was quick and effective to remove wrinkles." Sure, I loved this too but want to know what I loved the most? 

This steamer lasts! The unique 304 stainless steel heating panel ensures anti-rust, anti-oxidation, and a much longer life-span than other materials like aluminum. Which in simple terms means? 

That when you add this steamer to your shopping cart and spend the $14.40? It's a one-and-done situation! This #1 Amazon bestseller (opens in new tab) is in it for the long run, and what's better than that? Nothing. 

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