This Apple Watch deal is unmissable: now just $199 at Walmart

Got your eye on an Apple Watch deal? Walmart has you covered this week. There's $80 off...

Apple Watch deal: Series 3
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An Apple Watch deal is all you need if you: a) are an active person or want to start being more active; b) want to keep on track of your health; c) want to stay connected to your mobile at all times. And of course if you're desperate to bag a cracking deal.

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With the ability to do much more than just tell the time, an Apple Watch Series 3 has many features such as exercise tracking including steps, swimming and other workouts, it can also track heart-rate, calories and it has a built-in GPS. Those who have an iPhone can receive messages and calls through the watch, and you can even store up to 8GB worth of data on there, too. While The Apple Watch Series 3 isn't Apple's latest model available, it's ideal for those who are new to the world of smart watches and also if you don't want to spend serious $$$s.

We're well aware that an Apple Watch Series 3 is a wished-for item by many, however not all can afford one since usually, they retail at a huge $279. The answer? This Apple Watch deal from Walmart. You can now bag an Apple Watch for just $199 if you scroll down...

Apple Watch Series 3 | Was $279 now $199 at Walmart

Apple Watch Series 3 | Was $279 now $199 at Walmart
An absolute bargain if you're asking us, this Apple Watch deal shouldn't be missed. Unfortunately, the deal is only available in a black strap but you can always buy more straps to suit your style. $80 off won't last for long so we suggest purchasing very soon.

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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