Where can I buy a thermometer for adults or kids?

Want to keep an eye out for coronavirus symptoms? Here's where you can buy a thermometer online

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Wondering where you can get your hands on a thermometer? As you're probably aware by now, a high temperature is one of the key symptoms of coronavirus. So, it pays to have a thermometer around so that you can monitor yourself, or your loved ones, more closely in the instance that they should fall unwell.

However, until now that's been slightly easier said than done, with thermometers selling out at pretty much every pharmacy, supermarket and online store. So, we're making it our mission to bring you up to date information on exactly where you can get your hands on a thermometer. Below you'll find a full list of retailers with thermometers in stock, along with the best deals we've spotted online.

For tips on finding more essentials, head over to our health and beauty hub page. We're also doing everything we can to keep you entertained during the coronavirus outbreak, and you'll find plenty of fun ideas and inspiration over on our no place like home hub page.

Where to buy thermometers

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