This squat machine is the key to perfecting your at-home workout (and it's under-$100!)

This at-home squat machine claims to totally transform your physique (and right now, it's living up to the hype)

squat machine
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Sometime around this time last year, I finally took the plunge and invested in one of the best exercise bikes. Though I knew it wasn't going to be aesthetically appealing (or match my current décor), just as I was painfully aware of how often this stationary bike would be in my way in my small apartment: it was a worthwhile tradeoff to be able to Netflix and work out. 

Fast-forward a year later, and, amid a worldwide pandemic, It's been the one thing keeping me active (and sane!). However, it's also left something to be desired, and that's a strength workout.  

See, as much as I love cycling, I am also someone who loves a good HIIT class; to me, there is nothing better than releasing all of the day's stress in a high-intense environment, and squats and lunges are my go-to when doing so. 

Sure, I can drop and do a quick set in my living room or kitchen, but for anyone familiar with the thrill of a good HIIT class? It's just not the same. Enter, my new favorite workout machine. 

The Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer is revolutionary and innovative, offering a full-body workout to users while maintaining a compact design that resembles a stationary bike. 

squat machine

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You'll notice the digital monitor that records your workout progress while it tracks time, calories, count, and scan; just as swiftly as you'll spot the two side pedals on the right and left side. You'll also notice the versatile handlebars that not only accommodate your body length with the handle and saddle distance but work double duty on the muscles in your back and chest when in use. 

But the real magic of this squat machine? The adjustable squat depth. 

This customizable feature allows you to adjust the saddle angle to 30, 60, or 90 degrees to add depth to your squat. And, if you're a bit confused on why this is such a gamechanger? 

It's no secret that pile or sumo squats are painful and with this machine, it takes out the struggle. This miracle machine works out thighs, calves, and butt muscles with ease, while the front handlebars simultaneously provide a rigorous workout for your chest, arm, and back muscles too. 

Sounds pretty spectacular, right? Of course, it does, and that's before we even mentioned the adjustable resistance bands on the back! 

In addition to all of that, users will find three resistance bands to add at their discretion. Each resistance band weighs in at 22 pounds (for a total of 66 pounds!), and you can control how intense your workout is (or isn't) by adding or subtracting them to each move. It's excellent for those looking for versatility and hoping to mix their workout routine up (intensity-wise). 

Truthfully I can write a novel over my love and affection towards this squat machine — as nearly 14,500 happy reviewers already did. 

However, for the sake of time? My recommendation is simple: for those looking up to ramp up their routines this year and make it their best year ever (fitness-wise), I highly encourage you to run to your nearest computer and add this squat machine into your cart. 

Perfect for all level expertise (beginners or experts!), it's the under-$100 machine that does not disappoint. 

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