What does the UK's average house price get you across the nation?

A castle in Scotland? A parking space in London? Well actually you aren't far off...

Toll house for sale in Dorchester
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The average UK house price currently stands somewhere around £300,700. But what exactly does that amount to in bricks and mortar? Turns out it wildly varies depending on where in the country you are buying. So we have looked into what you can get for £300k (or thereabouts) in different towns and cities around the country. The results proved, er, interesting. To find out where in the UK you can get the most for your money, and where you are looking at basically snagging a parking space, keep reading... 

1. A 'studio' in central London 

'Studio' is definitely pushing it. However, you could conveniently cook your morning eggs from the comfort of your bed, so silver linings and all that. This room (let's just tell it like it is) actually comes in a fair bit under the UK average house price, and is in a pretty prime location – close to the tube, lovely leafy area with shops and restaurants with in walking distance. For London, dare we call this a bargain?

Price: £230,000

Studio flat in London

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2. A one bedroom seafront apartment in Brighton

Brighton made it into our roundup of the best places to live by the sea annnd best commuter towns (that aren't in Surrey), so obviously we are big fans. And while, yes, this is only a one bed, look at that location! This flat is directly on the sea front and is actually really spacious (no cooking eggs in bed). 

Price: £300,000

Apartment for sale in Brighton

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3. A four bedroom semi-detached house in Liverpool

Four bedrooms? A garden (with a pond)? Off road parking? Now we are talking. Up North, you clearly get a lot more bang for your buck. This house is in a lovely leafy part of Liverpool, near a ton of parks and great schools. 

Price: £300,000

Four bedroom property for sale in Liverpool

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4. A two bedroom apartment in a 52 storey tower in Manchester

There is a swimming pool on the 44th floor, need we say more? Well okay then, there is also a gym, stunning views over the city and communal working space. Basically sounds like living in a hotel. Let's just ignore the fact it's not actually finished yet (due to be completed in winter 2021) and focus on the fact that a flat in this building actually costs less than the UK average house price. 

Price: £248,890 - £372,011

Elizabeth Tower development in Manchester

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5. A seven bedroom detached house in Leeds

So this is what £300,000 will get you in Leeds. Just a casual SEVEN bedrooms. If you are looking to invest in a buy to let property, this is the dream. It's in the student area of Headingley so letting it out to students should be a breeze. It's currently let out at £85PPPPW. We can see the ££'s in your eyes. 

Price: £300,000

Seven bedroom property for sale in Leeds

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6. An adorable cottage in Nottingham

Situated on the outskirts of Nottingham, this Grade II listed property is hidden away in acres of woodland. It's got some really characterful features going on, too: original fireplaces, beams, vaulted ceilings and a minstrel's gallery! Despite being secluded, it's well located for access to the M1 so you can be in Nottingham city centre in 20 mins. 

Price: £300,000

Cottage for sale in Nottingham

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7. A four bedroom house in the Cairngorms

This stone built house is in a pretty idyllic location if you are looking to live somewhere semi-remote. It's surrounded by mountains and moorlands and you can even drive to a ski resort in the winter. There is a local grocery store, bistro restaurant and post office in the nearest town, Carrbridge and the larger town of Aviemore is only a 15 minute drive away. 

Price: £270,000

Property for sale in the Cairngorms

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8. A three bedroom chalet in Glasgow

Well, kind of in Glasgow. It's about about 13 minute drive outside of the city. But look at it! It looks like it should be stuck on the side of a mountain in The Alps. The inside is equally gorgeous: it's all wood panelling and high ceilings. It's set on a 3.6 acre site, with the option of purchasing a further 10 acres, including a private stocked loch, if that's your thing. And it comes in at under the average UK house price!

Price: £299,995

Three bedroom chalet in Glasgow

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9. A (flat in a) country house in the Cotswolds

So what can £300,000 get you in one of the most covetable parts of the country? Well actually, a lot more than you might think. We found a load of reasonable properties that come in way under the average UK property price – but while this is one may not be the best value per square footage, we couldn't not include this property. 

This ground floor apartment is in Brockhampton Park, one of the Cotswold's most recognisable Grade II listed country mansions. It's set in eight acres of communal gardens which include a 19th century two storey summerhouse, walled orchard, kitchen garden, private lake and the magnificent Grade I listed bridge. How marvellous. 

Price: £275,000

Two bedroom property for sale in a country mansion in the Cotswolds

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10. A one bedroom Toll house in Dorchester

This diddy little toll house has recently been sympathetically renovated into a one bedroom home. It may only be four rooms, but we reckon considering the location and the history of the building, this property is a bit of a steal. It's situated on the edge of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with amazing views of the surrounding countryside. Holiday home potential right there.  

Price: £260,000

Toll house for sale in Dorchester

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