No laundry detergent left in your local supermarket? Here's how to make your own

If panic buyers have left you without any laundry detergent, you can easily make some at home using three simple ingredients

Pile of clothes
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Shelves empty of laundry detergent? Sadly, this currently is the reality, as panic buying continues across the UK. Cleaning products have also been affected, with laundry detergent proving particularly popular. If you can't find any washing powder anywhere, don't despair: it's actually really easy to make an effective and gentle laundry detergent at home using only three ingredients. 

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How to make laundry detergent

You will need:

  • Three bars of unscented vegetable soap. Make sure you're using the simplest soap you can find, without any additives or moisturisers.
  • One 500 grams pack of soda crystals
  • Five to 10 drops of your favourite essential oil


1. Cut up the soap into small chunks and blitz to a powder using a food processor or hand blender.

2. Add the soda crystals and continue blending until uniform.

3. Add a few drops of essential oil. We like lavender, but you can use any essential oil you like. Just make sure you're not using too much, as it could cause an allergic reaction.