Is the new John Lewis Christmas advert the best of all time? A month in, here's our enduring top six

Real Homes reveals the best John Lewis Christmas adverts EVER... Will Excitable Edgar win?

John Lewis Christmas advert
(Image credit: John Lewis)

We've been watching the John Lewis Christmas advert on TV for a month now, and we still love Excitable Edgar.

Before the ad launched, it had been the talk of the Real Homes office for weeks. Who was going to feature in it? Who was going to sing the iconic song? Was it going to be a tear-jerker or have more of a light-hearted vibe? We weren't disappointed. But then we were also deluged with all the other Christmas adverts.

So to pay homage to the 2019 Christmas advert we have taken it upon ourself to round up the best John Lewis Christmas adverts EVER. We've taken this very seriously and come up with a super scientific selection process (definitely not just shouting 'right what's the best John Lewis Christmas advert of all time people?' around the office, although we've done that too) to round up our top six faves... Get ready to count down to our number one.

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6. The Bear and the Hare (2013)

Let's ignore the potentially life-threatening repercussions of waking up an animal up during hibernation and focus on how adorable it is that this bear's little hare friend buys him an alarm clock so he can enjoy his first Christmas. Nawww very cute. Plus Lily Allen's cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know was spot on. You'll be singing it all day, sorrrryyyy. 

Song: 10/10
Overall aesthetic:
Does it make you cry?
The more sensitive of us shed a tear
Does it make you want to buy?
Err... maybe a cute retro alarm clock yes
Would you share it?

5. The Man on the Moon (2014)

If you don't cry watching this John Lewis Christmas advert you truly have a heart of stone. We love a Christmas advert with a heartfelt message and this one has such a lovely one. Warning: NSFW unless you feel comfortable sobbing next to your colleagues. 

Song: 7/10 (office Oasis hater brought down the average)
Overall aesthetic: 10/10
Does it make you cry? BUCKETS
Does it make you want to buy? Oww that's so not what this advert is about
Would you share it? Yes

4. The Boy and the Piano (2018)

On to last year's John Lewis Christmas advert. We see Elton John himself sat at his piano and are taken on a whistle stop, PG version of his rock and roll life until we arrive at his first Christmas present, which is... you guessed it, a piano. We liked it, buuuut we will say apart from the Christmas tree in Elton's living room and the obvious present at the end, this didn't have a whole lot of Christmas in it. 

Song: 10/10 (oh come on, don't pretend you don't love it)
Overall aesthetic:  
Does it make you cry? Nah, just a bit stirring
Does it make you want to buy? Our editor did take up the piano APPARENTLY
Would you share it? Yes

3. The Long Wait (2011)

We felt like this was the first John Lewis Christmas advert that told a proper story and really started the whole anticipation around the advert each year. We see a grumpy boy counting down the days till Christmas, you obviously think he is impatient to get his presents, and then come Christmas Day turns out he's just been desperate to give his Christmas present to his mum and dad. We're not crying, you are!

Song: 10/10 (who doesn't love an acoustic version on the Smiths hey?)  
Overall aesthetic: 9/10
Does it make you cry? Only a lot
Does it make you want to buy? Wouldn't mind one of those Gruffalo onesies please
Would you share it? Yes

2. Monty the Penguin (2014)

Nawww Monty. What an icon. Totally ignoring the fact that one cynical member of the team said it was basically the story of a horny penguin's hunt for a lover, we think it's adorable. It had all the great elements of a Christmas advert: animals, kids and the gift of love. Nawwwwww. 

Song: 9/10
Overall aesthetic: 10/10
Does it make you cry? yes, yes it did okay?
Does it make you want to buy? Just a million cuddly penguins
Would you share it? Yes

1. Excitable Edgar (2019)

Well obviously we had to choose this year's John Lewis Christmas advert for our number one! The advert, which is the first joint Christmas collaboration between John Lewis and Waitrose, features the heartwarming story of the super cute Excitable Edgar, a dragon who can't control his fiery breath so constantly wreaks havoc over all the festive preparations. We won't give away any spoilers here but, of course, all ends well – and we are left feeling all fuzzy inside.

Song: 10/10
Overall aesthetic: 10/10
Does it make you cry? Very, very close, a few mulled wines and we'd be gone
Does it make you want to buy? An Edgar please! He's only £15 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
Would you share it? Yes

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