Ikea to launch smart blinds at a fraction of the price of competitors'

Ikea smart blinds are here

ikea smart blinds
(Image credit: Ikea)

Whether you've long lusted over the idea of opening – or closing – your blinds from the comfort of your bed, or have blinds fitted to hard-to-reach skylights that could benefit from smart operation, you'll be excited to hear that Ikea are set to launch their highly anticipated Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds as soon as October, in what feels like a super futuristic step for the home giant. 

What's more, Ikea's smart blinds are set to be pretty affordable – as we'd expect from the flatpack king – coming in at a fraction of the price of similar offerings from competitors. Below, we share everything we know about the new launches.

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ikea smart blinds

(Image credit: Ikea)

So, what can these smart blinds do? Far from being a gimmicky addition to your home, smart blinds can, in some situations, be indispensable. Here's how Ikea's work:

Battery powered motor

Designed with a battery powered motor, it's easy and effective to raise and lower your blinds, from afar, with a handy, bundled remote.

Control your blinds from your smartphone

A handy addition if you're likely to lose the remote, or often find yourself rushing out the door before you have the chance to open your blinds, the option to control your blinds from Ikea's app on your smartphone is much more useful than it might, initially, appear. But it's not just about controlling blinds while you're out, or on holiday. As we said above, smart-controlled blinds fitted to hard-to-reach windows can be essential.

Control your blinds with your voice

Remember all those early 2000 films, where you could open your blinds with a clap of your hands? Well, this new offering from Ikea goes one step further, allowing users to power their smart set up with their voice. You'll need to be set up, already, with an Android or iOS voice assistant for this function to work. Read more about them in our beginners guide to smart assistants.

Set timers

Now, this is a feature we really like. If you find if difficult to get up in the morning, you could benefit from reverting back to nature and allowing the sun to wake you up, gradually. By simply setting your smart blinds to open a few hours before you're set to get up, you can tap into your circadian rhythm, and benefit from a (slightly) less painful wake-up call. 

When will Ikea's smart blinds be released?

While we can't exactly be sure when Ikea's smart blinds will be released in the UK – the aforementioned October release date applies to US launches – the Ikea press team have suggested that an official press release will be sent at the end of summer, so we could see them in store as early as autumn.

According to Ikea News, released in February, prices will be £120 for the Kadrilj roller blind and £140 for the Fyrtur black-out roller blind. So smart and affordable.

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