How to stay fit in lockdown 2.0? With a vibration plate! This one's on sale...

Buy yourself a vibration plate and throw on your workout gear. No need to go to the gym to get sweaty, clearly! This piece of kit is on sale with 20% off...

Amazon sale: Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate in use by woman in living room
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Looking for new ways to keep fit and stay active in lockdown 2.0? You could try a vibration plate. What is this, you ask? Simply enough, it's a small piece of home gym equipment that can be used pretty much anywhere in your home. Your bedroom, a garage, your living room or even your home office. The clue is in the name – it vibrates when in use – and it acts as a workout station to supercharge your daily routine. Essentially, it helps to burn fat, increase muscle power, improve core strength and enhance toning. Whether you want to use it with resistance bands for working your arms, you're going to be squatting on it to tone your bum, or, you'll be using it to lunge. Vibrations enhance simple exercise routines in order to combat cellulite build-up, and to help tone your body. Actually, we'll have four, please!

An easy way to keep fit in lockdown, a vibration plate is pretty much non-obtrusive as it can sit in the corner of any room. This one in particular, is on sale right now with 20 per cent off and is only £175.20 – a bargain. It even features comfortable arm supports – for when you need help balancing – and it has built-in speakers to make your workout a little more fun. It comes with resistance cables, too, while there are  10 workout programs and 180 intensity levels to choose from.

Interested? We can hardly blame you. This is definitely one of the best home gym equipment buys during lockdown. Just because it's so simple to use! When the gym isn't open...

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate | £219

Bluefin Fitness Vibration Plate | £219 £175.20 at Amazon
This vibration plate is easy to setup and even easier to use. It has an anti-slip surface, and a BMI and calorie counter, too. Should you want to use them... Other than that, it has wheels so it's easy to move around your home. Perfect for use, no matter your fitness level.

Looking for more home-friendly gym equipment?

Looking for another piece of home gym equipment to buy for lockdown 2.0? We suggest trying out the Opti Manual exercise bike, should you want to work your legs and core specifically. Or, you could try Reebok I Run 4.0 treadmill – it folds away after use. Alternatively, check out the JLL CT300 cross trainer for a full body workout.

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