How to crochet: an easy skill to master in lockdown

Want to learn how to crochet? This guide is all you need to get started

How to crochet
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Learning how to crochet has never been so cool. We have been seeing people (YOUNG PEOPLE) all over Instagram mastering this craft. And it's actually not too tricky to get to grips with either. The lovely people over at Wool Couture, have some very easy to follow videos for beginners that will get you started – a couple of the Real Homes team tried following them and if we can do it anyone can. 

Below we cover all the basics from what you need to start to how to get stitching. For more DIYs make sure you check out our DIY hub page too – and don't miss our crafts page, either.  

You will need:

How to crochet a magic circle 

How to double crochet 

How to increase in a magic circle 

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