How much do you need to earn to live comfortably?

New research reveals how much you need to earn in different parts of the UK

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Does your salary cover your living expenses, and then some? Or does most of it go towards rent? Recent in-depth research by Silverdoor Apartments reveals a stark divide between the north and south of the UK where it comes to the income needed to live comfortably. 

The charity Shelter estimates that rent should make up no more than 35 per cent of your income – so, what kind of an income do you need based on the average rent in your region? 

It won't come as any surprise that London is the most expensive city, requiring a salary of a whopping £94,000 per annum to achieve a comfortable lifestyle. By contrast, living in the town of Burnley would require only £14,160, with monthly rents averaging £413. Wigan, Bradford. Barnsley, Blackburn and Hull all came in as pretty affordable, with monthly rents under £500 per month. 

But it's not all affordable up north. The top 10 most expensive cities (see below) included Oxford and Brighton, but also Edinburgh and Leeds, which bucked the overall trend for the north of the country to be more affordable. 

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