Here's how to buy the best multivitamin for just one penny* for a nutrient-fuelled 2020

Searching for the best multivitamin to take this year? Holland & Barrett's penny sale is back for January – buy your first tub and get the second for just one penny...

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On a January health-kick? Or simply looking for the best multivitamin to feed your body what it's lacking this winter? Either way, there's no need to waste your ££s after Christmas: Holland and Barrett's penny sale is back for the new decade. It's time to stock up on Vitamin D, B12, your run-of-the-mill fish oil tablets and much more. 

The best multivitamin isn't just for those who have a nutrient deficiency due to illness, they can also be taken by pregnant ladies, food allergy-sufferers and those striving for stronger nails and hair, just to name a few instances.

So, whether you're fed up of catching a cold every single winter, you are doing Veganuary – stock up on that B12 while it's cheap – or just fancy a nose at what's on sale, you can shop Holland & Barrett's penny sale by clicking below.

Check out our health and beauty section for more ways to make 2020 your best (read:healthiest) year ever.

* Always consult your doctor before taking anything new if unsure.

Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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