Heatwave UK: it's finally here

Britain to bask in sun and temperatures to soar to 35°C by Thursday

garden with plants at sunset
(Image credit: Future)

Been waiting for heatwave 2019 all summer? The wait is over: hot and humid weather conditions are coming this week, with the temperatures climbing steadily until reaching a truly scorching 35°C in many parts of the country (as hot as 37 if you are in London or the south of England).

Those who are planning a weekend by the beach, however, will be disappointed: temperatures are set to cool down to mid-twenties by the weekend. Longer term, the MetOffice are forecasting a 'split' between the north and the south of the country, with the north likely to see some unsettled and wet weather, while the south will see a dry spell, with lots of localised hot spots.

If you are in an area that's likely to be seeing a prolonged spell of warm weather with little rain, you will want to start making preparations to keep your garden in good shape. Hot, dry weather is tough on both your plants and the wildlife that shelters in your garden,  so, find out how to prepare a garden for a heatwave in our guide.