Forgetful people rejoice! You can now pre-order Valentine's Day flowers...

Be better than last year and pre-order your Valentine's day flowers RIGHT NOW

Bloom and Wild valentines day flowers
(Image credit: Bloom and Wild)

Come on people, let's all vow to be better at Valentine's Day this year. Don't leave it till last minute, don't dash to the garage at eight o'clock on the evening of February 14th, don't fall back on those sad-looking droopy carnations and a bottle of Echo Falls, give your S.O. a gift that's actually worth giving (no offence to Echo Falls, we love you, but you aren't the most... romantic beverage) and pre-order your Valentine's Day flowers from the best flower delivery services right now.

Can you get flowers delivered on Valentine's Day?

You sure can, and would it even be Valentine's Day without a surprise romantic delivery? Most, if not all of our favourite flower providers listed below offer a pretty great delivery service around or even on Feb 14th, so make sure you check out what's available!

1. Bloom and Wild

(Image credit: Bloom and Wild)

We've raved about Bloom & Wild many a time, and they are definitely our favourite flower delivery service. They specialise in really lovely, hand-tied bouquets and gorgeous letterbox flowers that have a lovely, soft look and scent. The fact that they fit through a letterbox means that no one has to be in to receive the delivery, and each flower is so meticulously wrapped that they arrive in perfect condition. 

You can order now and specify the 14th as your delivery date, or be extra safe and get them delivered earlier  – they are guaranteed to stay fresh for five days so you'd be fine ordering them for the day before. Our fave bunch in their Valentine's collection is The Piper – gorgeous subtle, soft colours. 

2. Waitrose Flowers 

(Image credit: Waitrose)

Waitrose have some gorgeous flowers this Valentine's Day, which can all be pre-ordered to arrive in time for, or on, the big day. Prices start from £25 and there are some really cute ideas over there too – instead of ordering a bunch of roses, why not order an actual rose that can be planted in the garden, or pick out a bouquet that comes with a lovely Emma Bridgewater vase (flowers are great and all, but it is nice to have something to keep, too). 

3. Bunches Flowers

(Image credit: Bunches)

We love a brand with a story and ethics behind it, and we know you do too. That's why we really like Bunches. Bunches give 10 per cent of their profits to help those in need in both the UK and developing countries, and the company is really involved with seeing how this money is spent to better people's lives. 

Order a Valentine's Bouquet and you get free UK delivery in time for the 14th. Our fave bunch? Well, that would be Rainbow Galaxy if anyone was wondering... *cough, cough, wink, wink, hint, hint.*

4. Serenata Flowers

Serenata flowers

(Image credit: Serenata )

Left it really last minute? Don't worry: you don't have to preorder flowers at Serenata, you can get next day delivery up until 10pm the day before (yes even, on the 13th, but come on, be better than that). And on top of that, the delivery is free!

We really like that you can pick the size of the bouquet you would like, and pop on little extras like a box of chocolates or even a bottle of fizz. Very cute. We couldn't resist the bouquet called Floral Ratatouille, one, because come on that name, two because it's got £10 off right now. 

5. Moonpig 

Moonpig hamper

(Image credit: Moonpig)

You might know Moonpig for their funny cards and the slogan that seems to forever be stuck in your head, but they sell really gorgeous Valentine's flowers, too. You can also get a free card with your flowers if you use the code VDAYBLOOM at checkout. The Rose wine Hamper is the best choice in our opinion, you cover all bases – booze, flowers and chocolates. 

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