Do this abs workout at home to lose belly fat during lockdown

Give this abs workout a go for the ultimate home workout – you'll definitely feel it tomorrow

Home workout
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Looking for new home workout inspiration? We're not kidding when we say that this abs workout is a bit of a killer. Brought to you by fitness blogger, Cassey Ho (Blogilates), it's inspired by fundamental Pilates movements and aims to help you build a strong and stable core – which is pretty essential to maintaining the overall strength and flexibility of your body – whether you're looking to lose weight or tone up (or both). 

Comprised of seven different moves – each of which focus pretty exclusively on the core – this workout should take you just under 30 minutes to complete. Providing you manage 45 seconds of each of the killer moves, for four rounds, that is. Whether you're new to working out and only fancy doing a single round, or you're a bit of a seasoned pro who's seeking new inspiration, this sequence offers something for everyone.

Check out the moves below and remember, exercise isn't just about looking good, what's more important is that it makes you feel good. 

abs workout by blogilates

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Abs workout at home

So, what does the workout include? As mentioned above, Cassey recommends completing each of the seven moves in the sequence for 45 seconds, with a 15 second interval in between. You should aim to complete between one and four rounds, depending on your fitness levels and how much you're looking to challenge yourself. The moves include:

  • Walking plank and jack
  • Dolphins
  • Standing twisted crunch (right leg only)
  • Double leg lifts
  • Standing twisted crunch (left leg only)
  • Hollow rock
  • Plank jack

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