Bored? These board games are on sale – and can be delivered FAST

These board games will keep you entertained AND give you something to do other than watch TV or play on your phone

Monopoly Classic Board Games – players holding out characters in hands over board
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Board games – we love them at Christmas or once we've had a tipple, but any other time of the year they're shoved in a cupboard and forgotten about. Why? They offer hours (sometimes days) of fun and can involve the entire family. No phones, no TVs, no game consoles. Sounds ideal.

It's time to dig your board games out, give them a dusting and get the whole family involved. Let's *try* to make lockdown a little fun at least. Need to update your collection? Or simply just don't fancy playing your only game (Monopoly) and falling out with everyone when you can't storm outside? It's understandable. Good job there's a board game sale on at The Works, then.

Yep, that's right: The Works are giving the people what they want – £££s off board games. We're talking everything from Jumanji to Game of Thrones Trivia, Monopoly, Frozen 2 games, Harry Potter Cluedo and much, much more. Something for all ages. The best part? They're delivering! Straight to your front door in days... 

We've rounded up our favourite games below, so that you can get buying ASAP to ensure your new board games arrive in time for the weekend. Go crazy!

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Annie Collyer
Annie Collyer

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