Aldi is selling BARGAIN home workout kit: lockdown exercise boosted!

These Aldi home workout buys will be flying off the shelves

Aldi home workout kit
(Image credit: Aldi)

While we've been relentlessly searching for cheap home workout kits during lockdown that are actually ins tock, Aldi has been working hard to deliver the goods! Yep, that's right; Aldi is finally here with some fab bargain buys to transform your home workouts! 

We know you've been delaying that home gym equipment purchase... However, now that everyone is becoming accustomed to home workouts, it's time to invest. What's more, when it comes to Aldi offers, your wallet never has to take too much of a hit. 

So, if your lunchtime jogs and home workouts have been slacking recently, it's time to revamp your lockdown exercise routine with some affordable buys. We're talking everything from a brand new, high-tech rowing machine to weights and yoga mats (in an assortment of beaut colours). We've also done a round up of the best home gym equipment on offer right now – check it out for today's best buys that aren't from Aldi.

1. Crane 6 In 1 Multi Trainer, £24.99

Aldi 6 in 1 multiple trainer for home workout

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you're in the process of putting together a nifty home gym that warrants you ditching that pricey gym membership after lockdown, this bit of kit is a must have. Combining exercise and cardio, this multi trainer will target every bit of your body, ideal for shaping and toning. Not only this but this trainer is easy to store and adjustable so it can be used by people of all sizes. It comes with an exercise DVD and workout chart, too!

Crane 6 In 1 Multi Trainer, £24.99

2. Crane 12M Battle Rope, £29.99

Aldi rope home workout

(Image credit: Aldi)

Whether it's cardio, building muscle or toning you're after, a workout battle rope is a great thing to have due to its ability to target muscle groups effectively while you build up a sweat. Sold with a storage bag and a guide to walk you through how to use it, this is a great buy and at a super low price. 

Crane 12M Battle Rope, £29.99

3. Crane Kettlebell 6kg And 8kg Bundle, £17.98

Aldi kettle bells in two weights

(Image credit: Aldi)

Hallelujah! Aldi has answered our prayers and is stocking kettlebells at a reasonable price. Out prediction is that these will have sold out in no time so get to it! Kettlebells are the optimal training tool for home workouts, whether you're a pro or a beginner, and will ensure a thorough workout in spite of the gyms being closed. This model comes with rubber feet for good standing and is easy to hold and carry. 

Crane Kettlebell 6kg And 8kg Bundle, £17.98

4. Veho Bluetooth Headphones, £34.99

Aldi bluetooth headphones in black

(Image credit: Aldi)

Woah. We are so impressed with Aldi getting on board with tech! With WFH and home workouts the norm right now, these bluetooth headphones are the perfect purchase. Affordable and efficient, these Veho headphones are wireless, have noise isolating ear cups and have a built in rechargeable battery. What more could you want... especially for that insane price?! 

Veho Bluetooth Headphones, £34.99

5. Crane Home Rowing Machine, £199.99

Aldi rowing machine

(Image credit: Aldi)

Resistance levels that go all the way up to sixteen, this rowing machine is versatile and adaptable to your needs... it even has a USB docking station meaning you can charge your devices and have them at your side while you train. With various training programmes and display levels you can truly make your workout your own. What's more, it's super easy to store, with a foldable design making it perfect for when space is at a premium! 

Crane Home Rowing Machine, £199.99

6. Pink Foam Roller & Grey Fitness Mat, £11.98

Aldi foam roller and mat

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you're a yogi or just take your home workout stretching seriously, these are the tools you need to improve flexibility in comfort (and style). Aldi is offering looooads of different colour ways and we appreciate them all... but look at that pink and black speckled foam roller?! Stretching and aftercare is so often overlooked when it comes to home workouts, but to improve circulation and de-stress, there's nothing more important. 

Pink Foam Roller & Grey Fitness Mat, £11.98

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