Christmas Eve boxes: where to buy them this year

Christmas Eve boxes are more important than ever this year. Here's how to make yours, and what to put in it...

No Ordinary Gift Personalised Christmas Eve Box on floor in green with child's hand on top
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Christmas Eve boxes may already be a tradition to some, but others will be making one of these for the first time ever this year. Just to make Christmas 2020 a lot more special, lockdown or not. This personalised box is super easy to make, in fact, sourcing the materials and toys is the difficult part. All you need is a box – whether that's a plain wooden one or a personalized one – some filling such as faux moss or shredded paper, as well as a few small gifts to put inside. As for where to find this stuff, we've got you covered. Keep scrolling for some inspo. Don't leave it until the last minute...

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What is a Christmas Eve box?

The clue is in the name – a Christmas Eve box is a box you fill with treats, toys and other small presents, for children (or adults) to open on Christmas Eve, before the big day. Things like Christmas pyjamas, reindeer food and even a bedtime story. Or, a hot chocolate kit (or the equivalent for adults) and more. How to make one? Follow our three easy steps below.

1. Buy the box

First of all, you'll need to choose a box depending on how much you'll be putting inside it. Some boxes are plain so that you can personalise them yourself, while others come personalised. Either way, you can re-use all of these Christmas Eve boxes below, every single year. 

Christmas Eve Box | £10 at Hobby Craft
This lovely wooden box takes all of the hard work out of decorating a Christmas Eve box, and it looks good. It's spacious, too, and you can re-use it every year.View Deal

ukgiftstoreonline Personalised Large Wooden Christmas Eve Box | £22.99 at Amazon
For any Prime members out there, this Christmas Eve box is from Amazon's Handmade section. It can be personalised, it's hinged for easy opening, too.View Deal

Modo Creative Personalised Large Traditional Christmas Eve Box | £24.50 at Not on the High Street
Write their name on this personalised Christmas Eve box and fill it with their favourite things. We love!View Deal

No Ordinary Gift Personalised Christmas Eve Box | £40 at Not on the High Street
Going all out this year? This is the box for you. It comes in green or red, and it's wonderfully festive yet beautifully classic looking. You can even get it personalised...View Deal

2. Fill the box

You're going to need something to fill your Christmas Eve box with, other than toys and treats of course. We suggest either tissue paper, curly moss or shredded paper. 

Red Tissue Paper 65cm x 50cm 10 Pack | £1 at Hobbycraft
Opt for some red tissue paper to stuff your Christmas Eve box with and you'll thank yourself later when it comes to the cleanup. Simply lightly scrunch and pop it in. Hide the treats and presents in between the layers.View Deal

Green Curly Moss | £2.50 at Hobbycraft
We also love the look of this green curly moss inside a Christmas Eve box – especially if said box is white. Buy a few bunches to make the filling substantial enough.View Deal

Cream and Gold Shredded Paper 200g | £3 at Hobbycraft
By far one of the most popular Christmas Eve box fillers (however definitely the messiest) this cream and gold shredded paper filler looks great. It's also great for use in hampers, too.View Deal

3. Find (and buy) the gifts

Scroll through our gallery below to find toys, treats and small presents to pop in their Christmas Eve boxes this year.

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Zac and Lily Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow Snowman

(Image credit: Zac and Lily )

Zac and Lily Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow Snowman | £6.50 at Not on the High Street
This sweet hot chocolate set comes with powder and marshmallows, and it feeds two to three people. Decorated as a snowman, they'll love it! Make your hot drinks together and snuggle up with a movie on the TV.

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EKA Personalised Crown For Babies, Kids And Adults

(Image credit: EKA)

EKA Personalised Crown For Babies, Kids And Adults | £30 at Not on the High Street
These super cute knitted crowns can be worn by them for the whole of Christmas Day, without the risk of them tearing or getting accidentally thrown in the bin. 10 times better looking than Christmas cracker hats, and 10 times comfier. You can personalise them, too.

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Big Little Toys Elf's First Adventure Magical Christmas Elf Story Book

(Image credit: Big Little Toys)

Big Little Toys Elf's First Adventure Magical Christmas Elf Story Book | £5.99 at Not on the High Street
Personalise them a Christmas book to read the night before the big day to up the excitement. This heart-warming tale is all about a Christmas Elf who is on a quest to find a family who’ll give him a loving home in the run-up to Christmas.

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Soapandhoneyltd Magic reindeer food

(Image credit: Soapandhoneyltd)

Soapandhoneyltd Magic reindeer food | £1.90 at Etsy
Give them some reindeer food in their Christmas Eve box and let them sprinkle it on your grass come night time, to let Santa's reindeers know where to stop, obviously. 

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Marvling Bros LTD Make Your Own Snow Christmas Kit |

(Image credit: Marvling Bros LTD)

Marvling Bros LTD Make Your Own Snow Christmas Kit | £5 at Not on the High Street
This make your own snow set will offer hours of fun before bedtime on Christmas Eve. Simply add water and it expands. It comes in a matchstick-shape box and a special snowflake viewer comes included.

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