Best bath mats

These best bath mats are ideal whether you're looking to give your bathroom that well-needed splash of colour or if you want a mat that simply just does the job

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best bath mat: The White Company Hydrocotton Bath Mat

In the market for the best bath mat? Whether it’s soaking yourself in a tub of warm soapy bubbles at the end of a long day, or making sure that our makeup looks perfectly in place before we head into town on a Saturday night, the bathroom is that place where we can go to catch a little me-time. 

Despite its importance, the bathroom can feel a little left out when it comes to interior design, so when you’re looking to accessorise it with a bath mat, or even a set of towels, find something stylish that will add to the design, rather than blend invisibly into the background.

There is a huge range of bath mats available, from fluffy ones that look and feel luxuriously soft to in-bath mats that simply do the job of preventing us from slipping over. John Lewis have even created a bath mat made from rubberised bamboo. So, whether you’re looking for style, substance or a combination of both, you’ll discover a variety of bath mats made from a range of fabrics within our collection.

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The best bath mat to spend your hard-earned money on is The White Company Hydrocotton Bath Mat. It's fluffy, fast drying and available in several different colours to name a few features. Read on for more.

Not got time to read our entire guide? We've listed our top three bath mats below, along with the cheapest prices on the Internet.


Best bath mat you can buy: The White Company Hydrocotton Bath Mat

1. The White Company Hydrocotton Bath Mat

Best bath mat you can buy: a best-seller with a gorgeous colour

Best for: Softness underfoot
Size: Medium W50cm x L80cm; Large W70cm x L110cm
Colour: Slate, pearl grey, white, pebble
Reasons to buy
+A range of beautiful neutral colours +Fluffy and fast drying 
Reasons to avoid
-Not for brightly coloured bathrooms 

Soft shades are so soothing when used in a bathroom, so it doesn’t get much better than this hydrocotton bath mat from The White Company, which is available to purchase in a range of gorgeous colours. The brand have used ‘low-twist’ technology to ensure fluffiness and fast-drying capabilities, making it the perfect bath or shower mat for busy households. With the promise that it’ll stay soft and supple after washing, we can’t really think of any negative comments – and neither can the reviewers, which secures it as our number one mat.

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Best classic bath mat: The White Company Armande Bath Mat

2. The White Company Armande Bath Mat

Best classic bath mat: a beautifully simple bath mat made entirely from recycled fibre

Best for: A classic, traditional feel
Size: Medium W50cm x L80cm; Large W70cm x L110cm
Colour: White
Reasons to buy
+Simple, yet stylish +Hand-woven to create a vintage finish 
Reasons to avoid
-White may become marked easily 

Hand-woven to create a fresh, vintage finish, The White Company have considered every single detail when it comes to this beautifully designed bath mat. From the French-knot textured border to using reclaimed fibres, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that this bath mat does good and looks good. The hand-woven reclaimed fibre creates a different shade each time a mat is produced, so you can look at your mat every day knowing that no one in the world has one exactly the same as you do.

Best in-bath mat: John Lewis White In-Bath Mat

3. John Lewis White In-Bath Mat

Best in-bath mat: For when safety has to reign over style

Best for: Non-slip
Size: W34cm x L74cm
Colour: White
Material: Phthalate-free PVC
Reasons to buy
+Prevents you from slipping in the bath +Rinses clean 
Reasons to avoid
-Effectiveness reduced by the use of bath oils 

So style isn’t necessarily at the forefront here, but that doesn’t mean we should compensate on safety. Whether you use your bath for a soak or for a shower, a non-slip bath mat keeps you sure-footed when stepping in and out. With the base of the mat covered in little suckers, it’ll stick to the surface of your bath. The majority of the reviewers find the mat effective, although you may find the white could discolour over time if you use hair dyes.

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Best bath mat for absorbance: Christy - Beige cotton bath mat and pedestal set

4. Christy - Beige cotton bath mat and pedestal set

Best bath mat for absorbance: a luxuriously soft and fluffy duo

Best for: Absorbance
Size: W80cm x L50cm and W50cm x L50cm
Colour: Beige
Material: 100% cotton
Reasons to buy
+Soft and fluffy +Matching set +Machine washable and tumble-dryer friendly
Reasons to avoid
-Only available in one colour 

If you love the feel of soft carpet under your feet, you’ll love stepping onto this bath mat. You can expect ‘ultimate comfort under foot’, which is thanks to the tufted 100 per cent cotton fabric. The tufted texture also makes the mat highly absorbent, which means there shouldn’t be any water left on your feet when it comes to making your way back to your bedroom. Coming as a set, purchasing those personal touches has never been easier.

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Best bath mat for a spa-like feel: John Lewis Rubberised Bamboo Bathroom Duckboard

5. John Lewis Rubberised Bamboo Bathroom Duckboard

Best bath mat for a spa-like feel: for stepping out of your bath… or your hot tub

Best for: Spa-like feel
Size: H2.5cm x W40cm x D66cm
Colour: Wood texture
Material: Rubberised bamboo
Reasons to buy
+Creates a serene feel +Water-resistant finish 
Reasons to avoid
-Won’t absorb any drips 

A bath mat doesn’t necessarily have to be a mat – this rubber coated bamboo duckboard is a lovely alternative to traditional cotton and provides a non-slip surface on which to step out of a bath or a hot tub. John Lewis have given it a contemporary feel by switching the slats to a vertical position, while the move towards bamboo also keeps up with modern attitudes towards using renewable sources – bamboo happens to be one of the fastest growing plants in the world, which means it renews pretty quickly.

John Lewis & Partners Fusion Anika Bath Mat

6. John Lewis & Partners Fusion Anika Bath Mat

Best bath mat for detail: bring some vibrancy to your bathroom

Best for: Detail
Size: W50cm x D80cm
Colour: Grey, white
Material: 100% Cotton
Reasons to buy
+Adds vibrancy +Feels thick and soft underfoot 
Reasons to avoid
-Not suitable for the tumble dryer 

If you’re all about the block wall colours, accessorising your bathroom is a great way of adding those little details which will help bring a room to life. Available in contemporary grey, the design of this bath mat is fairly universal, although the busy design may clash with other existing patterns. The cotton has been woven to provide a substantial mat which reviewers say feels soft underfoot. While machine washable, it’s not advised to tumble dry, so remember to leave enough time when washing. 

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