Shopping Edit: 16 soft play equipment buys for a playroom or nursery

Buy some soft play equipment for at home, to help stimulate their brain, get them moving, improve their balance and more

Soft play equipment from whatkidslovethemost – grey ball pit with blue, grey and white balls inside
(Image credit: whatkidslovethemost)

Considering spending your money on some soft play equipment for your home? Good idea. Whether you and the kids have gone back to your local soft play already, or perhaps you are holding back for the moment? Either way, having some soft play equipment at home makes for fun, convenient and most importantly safe play. Not only will spending your money on this make your life a tad easier – we all know soft play equipment wears them out like mad! – but it saves a car journey and the price of a ticket. They will also get so much use out of it, whether it's in their nursery, bedroom, your living room or even if you drag it into the garden on a sunny day,

Not just for fun, soft play equipment can help your little one grow and adapt to their surroundings, whether you are after a swing to help them learn to grip and sit straight, or a slide to conquer their fear of heights and encourage them to climb. Another reason to invest in soft play equipment? The products we've found and popped below will also look the part – and in some cases blend in – with your home. There's no brightly coloured kids stuff around here. You're welcome.

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16 best soft play equipment buys for a playroom, nursery or your living room

1. A stylish grey ball pit for babies

Click the image shop this ball pit plus the balls.

(Image credit: whatkidslovethemost)

If you are looking to simulate their favourite soft play centre, then buying a ball pit would be a smart idea – no matter how large or small. This can help little ones get used to picking things up, throwing things and even if they fall, they will land on soft ground. Great for sensory play...

2. Check out this lovely indoor baby swing

Swings aren't just for having fun – okay, they are mostly for having fun. But also, popping your child on a swing will teach them how to grip, it can help strengthen their spine while they are sitting upright and so much more. 

3. Get them an indoor slide

Slides aren't just for outdoor play, clearly! By using a slide, little ones will work to strengthen their arms and legs while climbing, as well as gaining balance and coordination skills. Not to mention independence once they finally conquer it on their own!

4. Hard floors? Buy this kids playmat to soften it during playtime

It goes without saying that soft play mats encourage floor play in older children, and in younger children they can help build neck/core strength. Not only that, but there's the obvious point that protecting hard floors will soften the fall, if they get a little wobbly on their feet.

5. Check out this lovely kids TeePee

Joules TeePee Play Tent with child playing inside in pink bedroom

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(Image credit: Joules)

There's not really much to say about the effect of a TeePee on your child's development, we'll be honest – but they can provide a cosy nook for your child to chill inside. And, you can use it to hide away their toys...

6. These sweet kids building blocks

Not only can building blocks teach children how to build, obviously, but since these ones have numbers they can help them learn how to count.

7. Go all out with this soft play equipment set

Soft play equipment – whether at home or at your local centre – can help your child learn how to climb, crawl and slide, safely and comfortably. They might even get strong enough to start picking it up!

8. This lovely (and soft) playmat rug

GypsyKidsDesigns Rainbow Nursery Decor Playmat

Click the image to shop this play rug.

(Image credit: GypsyKidsDesigns)

This soft play rug is best suited for smaller children, just as they are starting to get moving. It provides a super soft surface for them to lay, roll and try and crawl, and it comes with a pillow included.

9. This kids tunnel to simulate your local soft play

Why buy your little one a play tunnel? Encouraging them to crawl through it will develop their gross motor skills – and it'll give them some physical exercise. It may also help prevent separation anxiety as when they crawl through they won't be able to see you, but will then realise that you are at the other end when they get out!

10. Rocking horses are so 2020 – buy a rocking llama

Where do we start with rocking horses (and llamas)?  Not only will using one of these help your little one with their balancing skills, but it will teach them how to grip.

11. Buy these soft play blocks to encourage building

Similar to that you'd find in a play centre, these soft blocks are much better suited for home use. They will help your child learn how to stack, as well as reason –they come in different shapes and sizes – and they should learn some spatial awareness skills while building, too.

12. A playpen so they can learn to play unattended

It's important to leave your child to play alone, to reduce separation anxiety and encourage solo-play – you won't always have the time to entertain them in later life. Using a playpen leaves your child in a safe space while you catch up on chores, prep dinner...

13. A 2-in-1 storage mat for hand-eye coordination

Harmony at Home Boutique Storage Bag And Play Mat

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(Image credit: Harmony at Home)

A play mat with a pattern – specifically one for playing with cars – will help boost your child's hand-eye coordination as they try to wheel their cars on the road, avoiding paths and houses.

14. Teach them to climm with a wooden play arch

This (not-so-soft) toy can teach them to climb, or you can turn it over and use it as a rocker. It will also help develop their strength and balance skills.

15. An activity gym to encourage arm lifting in newborns

Done by Deer Activity Gym

Click the image to shop this activity gym.

(Image credit: Done by Deer)

An activity gym is a great buy for newborns – even if you only want to buy one soft play toy for them, we suggest this be it! It will encourage them to be alone and play (while you are just opposite, obviously) and they will be reaching their hands in the air before you know it.

16. Buy a step and slide for compact (and safe) fun

A step and slide will encourage your little one to be more independent, especially if they like to drag you along with them when they are at a soft play centre. It will help their climbing abilities and not to mention the fun they will have climbing, sliding, climbing, sliding, climbing...

Where to buy soft play equipment online?

If you're still on the hunt for some soft play equipment, search the retailers below to find something that suits your budget and house size.

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