Plant gifts: Christmas picks for your fave plant parents

Choose from our selection of plant gifts for the green-fingered among your family and friends

plant gifts: Haws copper indoor watering can
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The plant gifts in this guide cover everyone from your plant-obsessed friend to your mum who just likes receiving a pretty flowering plant. The beauty of gifting plants is that they're equally suitable for complete beginners or for plant enthusiasts. Whether it's the first plant, of their one-hundredth, they'll definitely appreciate our top plant picks. And if they already have a massive plant collection? We have gorgeous accessories and a very useful plant book for you to consider. 

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Asparagus fern

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1. Asparagus Fern

Best evergreen indoor plant gift

Type: Live plant
Price range: Under £20
Best for: Beginner plant enthusiast
Reasons to buy
+Unusual house plant+Low maintenance 
Reasons to avoid
-May suffer if moved around too much

It's very difficult to choose just one house plant as 'the best' Christmas gift – there are so many, all of them beautiful to give and receive. The asparagus fern, however, is a slightly more unusual choice than, say, a peace lily – it looks like a perfectly formed little tree; very exotic and looks gorgeous on coffee tables, window sills, and is also very happy living in humid bathrooms, which is a bonus. It's also very low-maintenance, so much so that it doesn't really like being touched or moved. They'll just need to occasionally water it from a dish and mist if it's in drier spot. That's it.


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2. Gardenia

Best flowering house plant gift

Type: Flowering live plant
Price range: Under £20
Best for: Intermediate to advanced plant enthusiasts
Reasons to buy
+Gorgeous plant +Flowering
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly high maintenance

What, not a poinsettia, you're wondering? We'll be honest and say that gifting your mum a poinsettia every year does get a bit boring, and she'd probably love something a little different this year. Also, the majority of poinsettias bought for Christmas die in a matter of weeks and are thrown away, because they don't acclimatise well. 

We can't think of any plant lover who won't be delighted to receive a gardenia. This plant has everything: gorgeous, glossy foliage and the most beautiful creamy white flowers with a beguiling, tropical scent. It may or may not survive past the festive season, depending on how good they are with plants, but it does make for an impactful gift. 

John Lewis & Partners succulent collection

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

3. The Little Botanical Plant Shelfie Set

The best succulent set gift

Type: Live plant set
Price range: Under £40
Best for: The style-conscious plant lover
Reasons to buy
+Ready planted minis+Beautifully designed pots 
Reasons to avoid
-Pots don't have drainage holes

This super-cute set of succulents from John Lewis comes ready planted in very stylish grey and copper mini pots and includes all the most popular succulent plants: a cactus, a Haworthia, an Echeveria, a Hoya Heart, and a Peperomia Rotundifolia. Succulents are super low-maintenance and just need a bright spot to thrive. Perfect for lining up on a window-facing shelf or on a window sill. 

Plant mister

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4. Green glass botanical water mister

Best plant mister

Type: Plant care accessory
Price range: Under £20
Best for: Anyone who has evergreen tropical plants
Reasons to buy
+Cute design+Sturdier than others
Reasons to avoid
-Pump mechanism may break after a while

This glass plant mister is a stylish yet functional replacement for a basic plastic mister. Not all glass misters are created equal: some have very flimsy plastic nozzles that break almost straight away; not this one – it works beautifully, producing a fine mist, and lasts a good while. And the green glass is just so pretty. 

Kew plant pots

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5. Kew Gardens plant pot

Best plant pot

Type: Plant pot
Price range : £15+
Best for: Anyone with house plants
Reasons to buy
+Elegant, traditional design+Lots of colours and shapes to choose from
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't come with a drainage hole-Shouldn't be used outdoors apart from in the summer

Kew make the prettiest plant pots, and that's a fact. While there are many similar designs from other brands available, Kew pots are thinner and more delicate, making them suitable for indoors. They also come in an amazing variety of pastel colours – lovely for creating a conservatory display. We do wish they cam with drainage holes as standard, but many plant centres (and Kew Gardens themselves, if you're buying directly from them) will usually agree to drill a hole for you. 

Haws copper indoor watering can

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6. Haws copper indoor watering can

Best indoor watering can

Reasons to buy
+Empty List
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

Haws watering cans are legendary, and the copper ones have a slender design and shiny finish that looks nicer than any other indoor watering can we've seen. They come in two sizes, one or two-pint, and you can also get them as part of a set together with a matching plant mister. An Instagram-ready watering can? This one certainly is.

Click And Grow Smart Garden Kit

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7. Click And Grow Smart Garden Kit

Best hydroponic kit

Type: Hydroponic kit
Price range: £90-£200
Best for: Herb enthusiasts
Reasons to buy
+Easy and fun way to grow plants indoors+Plant subscription option
Reasons to avoid
-Not cheap

Hydroponics are all the rage these days, and there are lots of different indoor plant growing kits to choose from. Essentially, they all offer a similar thing: a base that includes a container with a solution of water and plant nutrients and an LED grow lamp that allows you to grow plants indoors even in winter when there's little sunlight. 

We've picked the Click and Grow kit above others because it includes plug plants rather than seeds, and there's a subscription service option where there'll send you new plants ever two months. 

Aztec Cube Terrarium Kit

(Image credit: Selfridges)

8. Aztec Cube Terrarium Kit

Best terrarium kit

Type: Terrarium kit
Price range: Under £100
Best for: Anyone!
Reasons to buy
+Easy to put together+Comes with plants
Reasons to avoid

Assembling a terrarium is such a satisfying activity, and it's suitable even for a complete plant novice. Terrarium plants (usually succulents) need very little maintenance – just position them somewhere where they'll get plenty of bright light. What we really like about this terrarium kit is that it includes three plants (many terrarium kits do not) – all your gift recipient will need to do is follow the easy instructions to put it all together.

Indoor Hyacinth Bowl Planter and Bulb Gift Set

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9. Indoor Hyacinth Bowl Planter and Bulb Gift Set

Best spring bulb set

Type: Indoor plant set
Price range: Under £20
Best for: Flower lovers
Reasons to buy
+Beautiful ceramic planter+Classic blue hyacinths
Reasons to avoid
-Hyacinths can smell strong

Another super-easy plant gift, this kit comes with everything you need for gorgeous, classic blue hyacinths in late winter/early spring. Gift them for Christmas, and your recipient will enjoy indoor hyacinths in about 10 weeks' time from when they plant them. We really like the ceramic planter, too. You do need to be sure that whoever you're gifting them to doesn't get headaches from strong floral smells, as hyacinths are very strongly scented. 

RHS Practical House Plant Book

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10. RHS Practical House Plant Book

Best book about plants

Type: Books
Price range: Under £15
Best for: Beginners and anyone who likes new plant info
Reasons to buy
+Detailed and illustrated 
Reasons to avoid

The only book an indoor plant enthusiast needs, really. Sumptuously illustrated and endlessly informative on everything from planting and propagation to common house plant problems, this useful guide also includes tips on displaying your house plants. 

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