16 Pancake Day essentials you need for a Shrove Tuesday in lockdown

Here's everything you need to celebrate Pancake Day 2021 in lockdown – from a pancake flipper to the best pancake pan, a pancake-scented candle and more...

Pancake day essentials: Tefal Elegance Aluminium Crepe Pan – thin pancakes on blue plate
(Image credit: Tefal)

Thinking ahead to Pancake Day 2021 (which is on the 16th February this year)? With not much else to look forward to at the moment, it's important to get excited about the little things. And we are here to help you do just that. Even though this year, unlike other years, we all have to enjoy our pancakes at home. This does, however, mean you'll need to upgrade your Pancake Day essentials kit  – from a pancake flipper to the best pancake pan, a pancake apron and even a pancake-scented candle (yes, such a thing exists) here's everything you need to buy to celebrate Shrove Tuesday in style and at home this year. Because this day can still be fun, even in lockdown – and whether you have kids or not.

Whether you enjoy a classic, thin and crispy pancake with a sprinkle of sugar and a squeeze of lime, or you tend to go for American-style pancakes drizzled with syrup and fruit – perhaps you always go savoury? Keep scrolling for our Pancake Day essentials guide.

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1. First thing's first: the best pancake pan

Tefal Elegance Aluminium Crepe Pan

(Image credit: Tefal)

Because if you are a serious pancake lover – of the super-thin pancakes, technically crêpes – then you know that the size and depth of your pan matters. These pans below are non-stick so you needn't drown your pan in oil (you can still do so if you really want to), and they are the perfect size to make thin, large pancakes. With comfortable handles, too, for when it comes to flipping (and inevitably;y dropping) your pancakes.

2. This cute personalised wooden spatula for peeling the edges from the pan

Hot Dot Laser Personalised Wooden Spatula

(Image credit: Hot Dot Laser)

Because you also need a decent wooden spatula when it comes to perfecting pancakes, and what better than something that can be personalised with your family name? One for every pancake day, or just for using every Sunday. How lovely.

3. This lovely bee-filled honey pot – for a lovely-looking pancake day table

Bee Honey Pot from Dunelm

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Pancake day is obviously all about the pancakes, but even though we can't enjoy with the ones we love, it's still nice to have a nice looking table, right? This means no bottles of honey, syrup, bags of sugar and bottles of sauce on your dining table. Buy something to decant this stuff in to make it an Instagrammable affair – like this cute honey pot, for instance...

4. Enjoy your pancakes on these super cute (and very happy) plates 

Positive Vibes Canape Plate

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

The kids will love these pancake plates – and they can be used for any day of the year, just to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, feel special. 

5. Go all-out with a pancake-scented candle...

The Nomad Society Banana Pancakes Scented Soy Candle

(Image credit: The Nomad Society)

Honestly, is there any better smell than pancakes cooking? Especially when there's no washing up to be done afterwards... This pancake candle will make your home smell of the good stuff, no flipping or squeezing required. Also, a great gift for pancake lovers!

6. A lazy suzan serving platter – for all of your toppings!

John Lewis & Partners Party Dip Lazy Susan

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

Not just for use on pancake day, this lazy suzan serving tray will get lots of use, year-round. Use it for your toppings on Shrove Tuesday – chocolate shavings, sprinkles, fruit and more – or for crisps and dip, cheese and crackers and so much more. It rotates to rid the need of picking it up and moving it, and the kids will definitely love it.

7. A stainless steel lemon squeezer – for clean hands and sour pancakes

Tefal Elegance Aluminium Crepe Pan – thin pancakes on blue plate

(Image credit: Tefal)

A lemon squeezer, in our eyes, is a must-have in every kitchen. It makes juicing a lemon easy and mess-free, while it's much easier to store than a citrus juicer. It also proves handy when juicing citrus fruit for cocktails, baking...

8. Buy this cute pancake tea towel to clean up the mess in style

AmorDeAlma Pancake Tea Towel

(Image credit: AmorDeAlma)

The one thing we hate about Pancake Day? The clean up. This cute pancake tea towel can help you clean up in style – or, you can just hang it proudly in your kitchen.

9. Need some inspiration? Pick up a pancake cookbook – for sweet and savoury recipes

Posh Pancakes: Over 70 Recipes, from Hoppers to Hotcakes

(Image credit: Posh Pancakes)

If you are considering straying from your classic sugar and lemon thin pancakes this year, then let this book lead the way. You'll probably end up using it for inspiration every Sunday – you're welcome.

10. These pancake moulds for lovely shaped creations

KATOOM Fried Egg Mold

(Image credit: KATOOM)

We know this is a fried egg mould, but it would work easily as well with pancake mixture. This way, you can have different shaped American-style pancakes from heart-shaped ones to star pancakes, flower ones or just a perfectly rounded stack.

11. You'll also need a stylish fruit washer (and server) like this one...

Joan Berry Basket

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Cute and practical, use this berry basket for cleaning, storing and serving your fruit. You can also pop it in the fridge – it has handles for easy carrying. Not just pretty, clearly!

12. Hang this cute pancake wall art up in your kitchen to add some colour

GeminiPrintsWallArt Pancakes Wall Art Print

(Image credit: GeminiPrintsWallArt)

If you are a true pancake fan, and if you love a bit of wall art in the kitchen, then this print is lovely! We think it would be a great addition to a gallery wall, or perfect placed on open shelving. And who doesn't love pancakes?

13. Don't forget this jumbo pancake turner – for when flipping is too risky

Colourworks KitchenCraft Nylon Headed Jumbo Pancake Turner

(Image credit: Colourworks)

Whether you are a flipper or not, this pancake turner can prove handy. With a large surface area for easy flipping, it can also be used for eggs and omelettes. Choose from a range of colours, too.

14. You'll need a spoon (or whisk) rest to prevent messy worktops

Female Form Spoon Rest

(Image credit: Urban Outfiiters)

A spoon rest is a kitchen must-have whether it's pancake day or not, but especially if you don't fancy cleaning up batter for the days after Shrove Tuesday. This one is pretty, practical and you can use it to hold spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks and more.

15. A personalised whisk for a thick batter and a pretty utensil pot

NaturalGiftStore Personalised Egg Whisk

(Image credit: NaturalGiftStore)

Whether you have your cooking utensils on show or not, this sweet personalised whisk is a great buy. You'll use it for everything from pancakes to Yorkshire puddings and cake batter, and it'll be used for years to come by your family. You know we love a personalised gift...

16. If you are a year-round pancake lover, then invest in a crepe maker...

Breville VTP130 Traditional Crèpe Maker - Black

(Image credit: Breville)

If you prefer your pancakes to be thin and more crepe-like, or you plan on making pancakes more often than once a year, you might consider investing in a handy crêpe maker. This Breville one is perfect – for sweet breakfast pancakes, savoury dinner ones or a dessert party.

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