Best stainless steel straws: the perfect alternative to single use plastic straws

These are the best stainless steel straws if you're looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Use them, and you can look after your tipple, your teeth and the turtles at the same time!

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Best stainless steel straws
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Looking to make a change to stainless steel straws from plastic ones? Good for you: since we discovered that the size and shape of straws makes them prone to getting caught up in our waterways and hurting sea life and turtles, not to mention the plastic used to make them, we are more than ready to ditch single-use plastic straws… 

However, that doesn't mean we want to ditch straws altogether. No, sir! Some of us just prefer the taste of our favourite beverages through a straw, right? The solution? Stainless steel straws! They're a fab alternative that tick every box: durable and suitable for children and adults alike, environmentally friendly and reusable, stylish and modern, easy to clean AND they help your drink retain its temperature for longer.

These are our favourites below. You can check out all the rest of our buying guides in one place, for everything from appliances to tools.

What are the best stainless steel straws?

We think the best stainless steel straws are the fab longzon Stainless Steel Straws with Silicone Tips Cover because they're fun for all the family. We love that the silicone tips act as both a personalised marker of which straw is which (and more importantly, whose is whose), as well as a safety precaution for kids. 

Here are our other fave picks, below. Keep scrolling for full reviews.

The best stainless steel straws

The best stainless steel straws

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1. longzon Stainless Steel Straws with Silicone Tips Cover

Best stainless steel straws for the family

Number of straws: 12
Colour: Silver
Size: 6 straight straws (8.5” length, 0.24” diameter) and 6 bent straws (8.5” length, 0.24” diameter)
Machine washable: Yes
Portable: Linen storage bag included
Reasons to buy
+Comes with two cleaning brushes +Straight and curved straws +Silicone tips included+Linen bag included

We love longzon stainless steel straws these because they come with silicone tops, built to be soft, safe and suitable for children (although we'd still suggest supervising young kids with stainless steel straws). 

This pack of 12 straws comes with a storage bag, cleaning brushes and the silicone tips. The variety of bent and straight straws is also super helpful. We really think it's great value for money. 

Ouway stainless steel straws bent and straight

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2. Ouway Stainless Steel Straws

Best stainless steel straws for a classy home kitchen drawer addition

Number of straws: 6
Colour: Silver
Size: 4 straight straws (8.5” length, 0.24” diameter) and 4 bent straws (8.5” length, 0.24” diameter)
Machine washable: Yes
Portable: No bag or foldable option
Reasons to buy
+Straight and curved straws +Smooth material +Comes with cleaning brushes
Reasons to avoid
-No bag or foldable design for transport option

If you're on the hunt for a super simple design in a classic silver colour for a clean and classic aesthetic, these stainless steel straws are the perfect choice. BPA free and with no chemical or metallic taste as well as a smooth rounded straw top, they are perfect for home-use and even suitable for children as they have no sharp edges. 

The varied selection of straight and curved straws make these the perfect addition to your kitchen cutlery drawer as they’re versatile and easy to clean in the dishwasher. What’s more, they come with two cleaning brushes, so you can clean them by hand, too.

Keyring rainbow straw

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3. EasyMe Telescopic Stainless Steel Rainbow Straws with Portable Keychain

Best stainless steel straws for all size cups with a funky portable option

Number of straws: 1
Colour: Rainbow straw with a blue keychain
Size: 3 sections can be stretched to 9.2" or merged to 3.93"
Machine washable: Yes
Portable: Foldable and portable keychain solution
Reasons to buy
+Colourful+Telescopic design so versatile lengths+Portable keyring solution+Comes with a cleaning brush
Reasons to avoid
-Comes in plastic packaging -Only one straw per order

There are so many things to love about this straw, from the funky colours to the super adaptable telescopic design, meaning it can fit in whatever cup you fancy! 

The best thing, however, is the fact that it can be folded into a cute little keychain which can clip on to a lanyard, belt or bag so you’re always prepared with your eco-friendly, easy on the eye straw, no matter where you are!

Stainless steel straws with a stirring spoon

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4. Buyer Star 8 Reusable Metal Spoon-Straws

Best stainless steel straws for a cocktail party

Number of straws: 8
Colour: Black, rose gold, silver, gold, rainbow, blue, purple, rainbow red
Size: height 8.5”
Machine washable: Keeps its colour better if hand washed
Portable: No
Reasons to buy
+Gorgeous design and colours+Stirring spoon attachment +Comes with 2 cleaning brushes
Reasons to avoid
-Difficult to transport 

These are just the coolest addition for a party, be it for cocktails, soft drinks or milkshakes. They’re fun and funky with the twisted handle design and the spoon attachment making them perfect for multi-use. 

The colours are insanely cool and in a pack of eight, we reckon they're the perfect gift, too! 

Wide stainless steel smoothie straws

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5. YANGTE Reusable Smoothie Straws

Best wide stainless steel straws for smoothies and thicker drinks

Number of straws: 5
Colour: rose gold, colourful, blue, gold, black
Size: height 8.5” diameter 0.5”
Machine washable: Yes
Portable: Yes comes with a bag
Reasons to buy
+Extra wide straw+Comes with brush cleaners+Storage bag
Reasons to avoid
-Can be too wide for optimum enjoyment of other drinks

These straws are without a doubt the best stainless steel straws for smoothie drinkers we've seen on the market. Regardless of their environmental impact, it's no secret that flimsy plastic straws just don't quite cut the mustard when it comes to thicker drinks like milkshakes or smoothies. 

What's more, we find it makes our drinks retain their temperature.

How to choose the best stainless steel straws

When you’re on the hunt for the best stainless straw steels you need to consider a few things. 


Firstly, remember that although the price seems steep against your average plastic straw, the cost over time will way lower as these straws are super durable. You can also transport them, meaning you never need to buy or contribute to single-use plastic straws again, at home or abroad.

Easy to carry around

Talking of taking them with you... something to consider is whether you’re adding them to your staple cutlery drawer or whether you'll be carrying yours around in your bag. And if so, do they come in a bag, can you fold them? 

Colour, shape and size

Naturally, they’ve all got a metallic hue but there are a ton of different colours to choose from – you can keep it simple with gold or silver, or branch out and get your hands on some rainbow straws. Let everyone in the family identify their own, just like with a toothbrush. 

Length and width is also an important thing to consider as you may have a tall reusable cup and be in need of a long straw, or maybe a thick smoothie that requires a wider opening.