Best punchbags 2020: 5 great buys to tone your arms at home

These best punchbags are a great helping hand for keeping fit, relieving stress and most of all, improving striking ability

Best punchbags: woman punching bag
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Buying one of the best punchbags? Your gym is shut until further notice which means you're left with limited ways to keep fit at home. What's the best piece of home gym equipment to burn calories and strengthen core muscles? The punchbag. 

Whether you're buying a punchbag to pop in your home gym or to use in the garage, most of them are reasonably sized and since they hang from the ceiling, can be taken down if you need the space for floor exercises. Alternatively, you can pop them away in a cupboard when not in use.

We've found a range of punchbags below – ones for beginners, others with a stand, something that's great for target training. So, keep scrolling for our pick of the five best punch bags to buy for your home gym – there's no better time to jazz up your fitness space than now.

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What is the best punch bag you can buy?

In our opinion, the Everlast 4ft Boxing Punch Bag is the best on the market right now. It's affordable and durable as well as a great for all fitness levels – particularly beginners.

Looking for a punchbag to use while your gym is shut? No worries. We've popped a list of the cheapest punchbags on the web, below.

The best punch bags for your home gym

Best punch bag you can buy: Everlast 4ft Boxing Punch Bag

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1. Everlast 4ft Boxing Punch Bag

Best punch bag you can buy: a good quality yet popular choice for the budget-conscious

Type: Hanging
Material: PU
Weight: 20kg
Filler: Quality blended fill
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
- Surface not as soft as leather  

Everlast is pretty much a failsafe brand if you’re looking for a great all-round punch bag. They’re well known, and, as the same suggests, their products are built to last. Encased in premium synthetic leather and filled with shredded textiles, this 20kg bag isn’t too heavy, which makes it the perfect choice for lighter weight boxers and kickboxers. It’s also worth noting that it features heavy gauge D and O rings to provide increased functionality.

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Best punch bag with stand: Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

2. Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Best punch bag with stand: a heavy, free standing punch bag for intense workouts; this is the best punch bag for movement

Type: Free-standing
Material: Vinyl
Weight: 225kg with water-filled base
Filler: Foam
Reasons to buy
+ Superheavy + 5'9 tall for kicking and punching 
Reasons to avoid
- Slight movement when punched hard 

Standing at 5'9 inches tall, the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is perfect for kicking and punching practice and because it doesn’t move – it gives you a more intense workout without the need to wait until it has swung back and settled slightly for the next impact. Featuring a vinyl exterior, this option may not be the most authentic, but users report that they are consistently happy with the quality, making it totally worth the price tag. This bag should make the perfect sparring partner outside of the gym: there’s freedom to move 360 degrees around it (should your space allow).

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Best punch bag for target training: Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag

3. Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag

Best punch bag for target training: a popular choice for sparring and target training at home

Type: free standing
Material: high density urethane foam
Weight: 122kg with water-filled base
Filler: N/A
Reasons to buy
+ Realistic target practice + Full sized 
Reasons to avoid
- More for precision work 

If you’re looking to improve the accuracy of your punches or fancy a light and fast workout, the Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag may just do the trick. With a large base filled with either sand or water, BOB has the weight to withstand fairly strong punches. However, due to less impact absorption, it's not built for power development. You can use BOB to get ahead of your sparring at home; as with our third pick, he’s freestanding, so you have the freedom to move 360 degrees around him should your gym space allow. 

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Best punch bag for beginners: RDX Heavy Punch Bag

4. RDX Heavy Punch Bag

Best punch bag for beginners: this one comes with gloves and a pull up bar included

Type: Hanging
Material: Maya hide leather
Weight: 25kg
Filler: Textiles
Reasons to buy
+ Choose from three different designs + Pull up bar will allow you to vary your workout 
Reasons to avoid
- Perhaps too light for those experienced in contact sports 

Beginner? You’re probably looking for a high quality package so you can swing right into it. The wall-mounted RDX Heavy Punch Bag comes with gloves and a pull up bar so you can start building your fitness from day one. The bag itself is lighter than others on our list, so it’s perfect for beginners looking to improve the power of their punches, but probably too light for those who are capable of full-throttle impact. The gloves won’t be representative of the highest quality but are perfectly fine for beginners, while the pull up bar will allow you to build your upper strength for quicker results. The best punch bag for beginners, we think.

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Best punch bag for small spaces: Lonsdale PU Angle Bag

5. Lonsdale PU Angle Bag

Best punch bag for small spaces: a soft bag for lighter impact while practising upper cuts

Type: Single angled hanging bag
Material: PU outer
Weight: 28kg
Filler: Soft inner filling
Reasons to buy
+ Designed so you can practice your uppercuts + Cheap and cheerful 
Reasons to avoid
- PU outer won’t be the highest quality 

When perfecting your technique. the impact of continuous punching can take it out of your joints. If you’re looking to specifically work on your uppercut, the Lonsdale PU Angle Bag single angled punch bag will enable you to mimic the right movement so you can develop your skills more effectively. While some people may not enjoy the soft inner filling, those who suffer from pain because of the impact on their hands may benefit from a bag that offers a higher level of absorption.

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What to consider when choosing a punch bag

Punch bags are a great way to keep fit, whether you practise boxing or not, as you can use them to build strength, endurance and get your pulse racing during lengthy training sessions.  

Shape, size and weight
They come in all shapes, sizes and weights, with smaller, lighter ones helping you to develop time and speed and long heavy ones helping with power and conditioning. 

It’s also worth considering the material of your punchbag. Most standard ones are made using fake leather, giving them the strength to take regular pummelling without showing much in the way of wear and tear. Genuine leather bags are great, too, but they’re a bit softer and can often be more expensive. 

Surprisingly, the best filling for punch bags is textile – a posh name for shredded clothing. An alternative filling is foam, which is essentially just as good as textile, just not as authentic. 

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