19 best home gym equipment buys you'll want to buy in 2022

The best home gym equipment buys, as rated by Real Homes, for staying fit from home – no matter how much space and budget you have...

Included in this guide:

Best home gym equipment: Core Balance Balance Board, Vivito exercise bike, Xn8 Stepper
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Invest in the best home gym equipment and you'll have no excuse when it comes to smashing your fitness goals in 2022. If you're convinced that this will be your year, then invest in some of the ultimate buys out there – big equipment and smaller apparatus – to help you get to where you want to be. 

We've listed home gym equipment buys below that we think you need to consider adding to your arsenal. Whether your aim is to tone or to lose a few pounds, owning some equipment should help you achieve your goals. Whether you actually have a dedicated home gym room in your home, or maybe you are planning on working out in front of the TV? The most important thing is to get your heart racing and your head sweating.

Buy now to avoid your gym and save money on your membership. See our guide on how to clean home gym equipment once yours has arrived and been used.

Which machine(s) should I buy for my home gym?

When designing a home gym, you will want to make sure that you have at least one piece of large, cardio-based fitness equipment in there. We're talking anything from an exercise bike to a treadmill or a cross trainer. You can choose to use these to warm up or as the main event. Alternatively, a multi gym is also a great choice and one that can be used for numerous activities – and by several family members. Choose a piece of equipment based on what you like to do, whether that be run, walk, row, cycle...

  • Best exercise bike: Viavito Satori Exercise Bike 
  • Best treadmill: JTX Sprint-7
  • Best rowing machine:  JLL R200
  • Best cross trainer: JTX Strider-X7 Magnetic Cross Trainer
  • Best spin bike: Echelon Connect Sport 
  • Best multi gym: Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym

What are the best smaller home gym buys?

If you have a smaller home gym or you are yet to create a dedicated fitness space, then you will want to opt for equipment that's compact and easy to store. Think dumbbells, a weighted hula hoop, a pull-up bar, kettlebell and even a balance board. Just because you are tight on space doesn't mean you are limited when it comes to working out at home.

  • Best yoga mat: Yogi-Bare 4mm Professional Studio Yoga Mat
  • Best resistance bands: SHREDDY Resistance Bands
  • Best fitness trampoline: Opti Trampoline 
  • Best punch bag: Everlast Junior 2ft Boxing Punch Bag and Junior Gloves
  • Best pull up bar: Pro Fitness Door Trainer
  • Best yoga block: Yogibato Yoga Block Cork
  • Best ab machine: Wondercore 2
  • Best exercise ball: Black Mountain Exercise Ball
  • Best aerobic step: Xn8 Aerobic Stepper
  • Best medicine ball: AmazonBasics Medicine Ball
  • Best yoga straps: Tumaz Yoga Strap
  • Best weighted hula hoop: ResultSport UK The Original Weighted Hula Hoop
  • Best balance trainer: Core Balance Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands

19 best home gym equipment buys

Best home gym equipment: Viavito Satori Exercise BikeReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Viavato)

Best exercise bike: Viavito Satori Exercise Bike

An entry level budget-friendly exercise bike with lots of programmes

Reasons to buy
+Great programme range+Automatically adjusts resistance for you+32 resistance levels+4 user settings+Compact+Great price+140kg max user weight+On wheels
Reasons to avoid
-The seat is quite hard – you might want to buy a cover-Calorie tracker isn't the most reliable-Handlebars aren't the easiest to move-No tablet or phone holder

If you are searching for a budget-friendly and easy to use exercise bike for home use, then the Viavito Satori should be it. Not only is it quite compact to store, but it also has a range of workout programmes so you can mix up your workout routine. That and it has four user settings so more than one person can use the bike in your home, while there are 32 resistance levels to offer a sweaty workout. It's rated one of our best exercise bikes after we tried and tested – and ultimately loved – it.

When in use
We've used this bike in manual mode and tried every one of the programmes. We prefer the programmes as they give structure to our workout and keep us motivated, and it's even better that you can tailor them to suit your needs. By this, we mean that you can input a time or distance, or the number of calories you'd like to burn, and the programme will run until you reach your goal. You can also set the 'load' which is the starting resistance, based on your fitness level or how hard you want to push yourself. This bike automatically ups the resistance for you, though you can change it at any time by turning the button on the console. After your workout is finished, the machine will beep to let you know. From here you can either finish or head to manual mode to cool down.

Workout tracking
You can track your distance and calories, as well as heart rate, all through the machine. Though we have noticed that the calorie tracker isn't the most reliable – instead, we like to use our Fitbit to track our workouts, so this isn't a major issue. 

This bike is completely adjustable – handles and seat. You can adjust the seat with ease, making it higher or lower, or move it to sit more forward or further back. The handlebars can be adjusted, but not with as much ease as you would hope. The bike has an impressive 9kg flywheel, with 32 resistance levels. This bike is on wheels for easy moving around your home, though it needs to be plugged in, in order to work. It has a conveniently placed water bottle holder, though there's no space for your tablet or phone to sit.

Yogi-Bare 4mm Professional Studio Yoga Mat

(Image credit: Yogi-Bare)

Best yoga mat: Yogi-Bare 4mm Professional Studio Yoga Mat

A bare necessity for the beginner yoga enthusiast

Reasons to buy
+Great for beginners and experts alike+Extreme non-slip+5 colour options +Also great for hot yoga+Rollable for storing+Eco-friendly – recyclable and biodegradable
Reasons to avoid
-A little narrower than the average -Does not come with a carry strap or bag-Pricey-Only really good for yoga – choose an exercise mat otherwise

Practising yoga at home? You can't go wrong with this Yogi-Bare mat: it features alignment markers so that you know where your hands and feet should be while posing. It's great for those who usually attend a yoga class and rely on help from their instructor when going from one position to another. It's one of our best yoga mats – and for good reason.

When in use
This yoga mat, as mentioned above, features alignment markers for easy posing. The central line is guidance – place your hands and feet in the boxes at either end. With an extreme non-grip surface that has been praised by reviewers, it's also perfect for use while doing hot yoga or Bikram yoga. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with a carry strap or bag (though these are available for purchase separately).

Eco-friendly and made from 100 per cent natural PU rubber, it's biodegradable and recyclable. After use, simply wipe clean with a lemon juice and water solution. In terms of size, it measures 180cm long by 66cm wide. It's 4mm thick, and it weighs 2.5kg.

Best home gym equipment: SHREDDY Resistance BandsReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: SHREDDY)

Best resistance bands: SHREDDY Resistance Bands

No space for equipment? Use these pretty resistance bands to tone

Reasons to buy
+Buy based on your fitness level+Latex-free and vegan+eBook comes included+Portable for use anywhere – indoors or out+Sustainable cotton storage pouch included

Choose the SHREDDY Resistance Bands if you are looking to tone with minimal equipment – whether that's due to space issues or because you want to be able to work out anywhere. You can take these bands to the gym with you once it reopens, or on holiday, to work out outside and more. You buy the bands based on your fitness level, and they come in a handy sustainable cotton drawstring pouch so you can pop them in your bag.

When in use
Choose a resistance band based on your fitness level – the heavier they are, the harder they will make your workout. They have thick ones for use on your legs, and longer ones for your arms. These resistance bands stay firmly where you want them to be during your workout, and you'll get an eBook with each band for a little bit of help on how to use them. We prefer to use Instagram to find resistance band workouts – just an FYI.

Made from polyester, custom cotton and a rubber blend, these bands are latex-free, completely vegan. Due to their nature, these resistance bands really are suitable for all fitness levels. They come in five different strengths from light to XX heavy. The best part? They all look super cute – to make getting sweaty look good.

Best home gym equipment: JTX Sprint-7

Best treadmill: JTX Sprint-7

This treadmill is great value for money, and it's foldable

Reasons to buy
+43 presets for varied workouts +0-15% incline+Foldable for storing+Black diamond belt+Safety key included+Comes with free tablet holder+Built-in speakers+2 water bottle holders
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey, but worth it

If it's a running machine you are after, then the JTX Sprint-7 is our top recommendation – it's in our best treadmills roundup.  Not only does it feature a cushioned deck for protecting your joints when jogging, sprinting or running, but it features a range of pre-set programmes and adjustable incline for simulating uphill running.

When in use
Boasting easy to use buttons and a seven-inch display, this running machine allows you to adjust speed and incline settings safely, without the need to look down. You can also use this machine for heart rate training, as well as tracking time, pulse, speed, incline, distance and calories burnt. There are 43 workout programs at different intensities for you to enjoy, and a 15 per cent incline (at 15 levels) to really make you work up a sweat. Use the free tablet holder for watching Netflix while working out, or, Kinomap allows you to run stunning routes from all over the world, inside your home.

In terms of size, the running deck of this machine measures 145cm long by 51cm wide. It measures 179cm in length by 88cm wide and 159cm high when in use. This machine folds to be only 120cm long and it has wheels for easy moving. It has a maximum speed of 20kph, and it's powered by a 3 horsepower motor. With a black diamond running belt, it's super durable, even if you are planning on using it every single day – black diamond belts are designed to last up to 50 per cent longer than standard options.

Best home gym equipment: JLL R200

Best rowing machine: JLL R200

A solid rowing machine for beginners who are on a budget

Reasons to buy
+Inexpensive+Sturdy+Max user weight 100kg+Folds upright for storing
Reasons to avoid
-Takes up a lot of space when in use-Not great for pro rowers or every day use

The JLL R200 is a great piece of kit when bearing in mind features and price. This rowing machine is perfect for beginners or occasional use, and it's foldable. It's also a bargain at under £250. Sitting proudly in our best rowing machines guide, we think that this is a no-brainer piece of kit for a home gym.

When in use
This magnetic resistance JLL rowing machine offers 10 different levels of resistance so that you can tailor it to your strength– use the dial at the front of the machine to do this. Boasting a smooth sliding mechanism for a seamless workout, it's not as loud as you'd expect while in operation. It also has a padded seat and ergonomic handlebars which are padded and non-slip. Secure footplates make your workout safe, and a seven-function LCD monitor means you can track time, calories, distance and more.

Measuring 180cm long, 52cm wide and 49cm high, this rowing machine has wheels on the underside of the seat, and it folds upright for easy storing after use. When folded, it's 127cm high and 71cm in length. In total, this rowing machine weighs 23kg.

Best home gym equipment: JTX Strider-X7 Magnetic Cross Trainer

Best cross trainer: JTX Strider-X7 Magnetic Cross Trainer

An affordable and compact machine that's great for beginners

Reasons to buy
+Not too complex+A bargain+Compact in size+Maximum user weight of 130kg+16-inch stride length+12.5kg heavy flywheel +Heart rate training
Reasons to avoid
-No techy features – expected for the low price tag-Difficult to use if taller than 5ft9-Not foldable-Best for beginners or intermediate users

A cross trainer is one piece of home gym equipment that will work your entire body – something we can definitely get on board with. And, the JTX Strider-X7 is no different. It's also affordable (under £500) and compact yet packed with all the features you need to get in a great workout. Spending just 30 minutes on a cross trainer should burn around 200 calories.

When in use
Easy to use no matter your fitness level, this cross trainer offers 21 pre-set workout programs, with four personalised training programmes that can be designed by you. Use the touchscreen to do this and more – track distance, calories, body fat, pulse. Similar to the JLL running machine we listed above, you can use this cross trainer for heart rate training. With a 16-inch stride length, we recommend this cross trainer to beginners or intermediate users – the longer this length the more intense your workout will be. With a 12.5kg flywheel – the heavier the better quality the machine – and 16 resistance levels, it's great for a smooth and stable workout. Use the lower levels for warming up and cooling down.

Measuring 130cm in length, 70cm wide and 170cm high, this cross trainer is compact in comparison to others and it has transport wheels. It also has adjustable floor pads in case you have an uneven floor. It also has a maximum user weight of 130kg – that's just over 20 stone.

Best home gym equipment: Echelon Connect SportReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Echelon)

Best spin bike: Echelon Connect Sport

A feature packed and very smart bike that's fit for the best home gyms

Reasons to buy
+32 resistance levels+Adjustable seat and handlebars+Bluetooth to work with your smartphone/tablet+7kg flywheel+Lots of classes+Easy to use+Quiet when in use+Comfortable handlebars
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive-Water bottle holder isn't the best-Not made to be moved

Missing your spin class? Buy a suitable spin bike for home use and join in virtually. This one from Echelon is great since it connects with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, to turn it into a console, to watch qualified spin instructors perform classes – and to follow along with them.

When in use
We tested this spin bike at home during lockdown and we loved it, to say the least. While it is admittedly large – the majority of spin bikes are – we did note that it's feature-packed and very easy to use. You will need to download the Echelon app and buy a subscription to take part in classes, but you won't regret it. There's a class for everyone from beginners to pros. There are also live classes, should those be more up your street. It has comfortable handles for sitting and standing riding, and these handles are non-slip and very easy to grip. The bike is completely silent when in use, so you can use it while watching TV or when the kids are in bed.

Workout tracking
You can sync the Echelon app with your Fitbit to track your results, alternatively, you can find all of your results from previous classes in the profile section of the app. While cycling, you can view your results on screen – there is an Echelon leaderboard if you like to get competitive, too.

With a 7kg flywheel and 32 resistance levels, this bike can prove to be a tough feat. It's also fully adjustable so you can use it no matter your height, and it's pretty sturdy with floor-levelling feet. It is on wheels but it's quite heavy to move and large to manoeuvre, so we suggest finding it a permanent space in your home – or home gym. We didn't find the water bottle holder to be the best we've tried, but it does do the job.

Best home gym equipment: Everlast Junior 2ft Boxing Punch Bag and Junior Gloves

(Image credit: Everlast)

Best punch bag: Everlast Junior 2ft Boxing Punch Bag and Junior Gloves

A popular choice for beginners or those with little space

Reasons to buy
+Durable+Affordable+Great for small spaces+Comes with gloves
Reasons to avoid
-Best for beginners-Doesn't include bracket

The Everlast punch bags comes with gloves, and though small in size, it weighs 12kg. It's really best for beginner users, and it doesn't come with a bracket – you will need to buy one separately to hang in your home. Other than this, it's great for home use as it's small, measuring 2 foot.

When in use
This punch bag comes with pre-formed padded gloves for shock absorption for a safe experience. Simply buy a bracket, hang it up and get punching. You'll need to ensure you have enough space wherever you are hanging it, of course – we think it's perfect for a garage.

This punch bag is made from faux leather for durability purposes. It measures 61cm high and 30cm round.

See more best punch bags in our guide.

Best home gym equipment: Pro Fitness Door Trainer

(Image credit: Pro Fitness)

Best pull up bar: Pro Fitness Door Trainer

Hang this pull up bar on your door and get sweaty

Reasons to buy
+Max user limit 100kg+Minimal assembly+Little space required+Easy to store
Reasons to avoid

If you don't have enough room in your home for a home gym (same same) then consider a pull up bar. All you need is a door frame and you're set. This Argos one is under £30, too.

When in use
Use this sturdy bar for pull ups, chin ups and push ups, and then pop it away underneath your bed or sofa after use. 

Measuring 8.5cm in depth it's plenty small enough to store away in a cupboard or under furniture. With a maximum user weight of 100kg (15 stone 10 pounds), it's brilliant. It also weighs just 3.62kg.

Best home gym equipment: Yogibato Yoga Block Cork

(Image credit: Yogibato)

Best yoga block: Yogibato Yoga Block Cork

An eco-friendly yoga block for at-home help

Reasons to buy
+Eco-friendly+Easy to store+Affordable+Portable – you can take to the gym, outside+Buy in singles or pair
Reasons to avoid

Made entirely from cork, this yoga block is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It'll add a little something more to your yoga class, and you can buy in singles or as a pair. Not just that but it's portable, too, meaning you can take it to the gym, use it outside and more.

When in use
It's also non-slip and easy grip. Use it to help your body settle into a pose, or to support your back, head and hips. It features rounded edges and it can easily be cleaned, too.

This yoga block measures 22.5cm x 12cm x 7.5cm in size and weighs around 1.3 pounds.

Best home gym equipment: Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym

(Image credit: Opti)

Best multi gym: Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym

A great multi-gym for a great price

Reasons to buy
+Large maximum user weight+Padded seating+Easy to assemble+Lightweight+Compact+Very affordable
Reasons to avoid
-May be too basic for some

A multi-gym, should you have space for one, may just be the best piece of home gym equipment you can buy. Ideal for beginners and frequent gym-goers alike, this multi gym from Argos' fitness range features a range of exercise options all at a very affordable price.

When in use
The Opti 50kg Home Multi Gym lets users do everything from front press and butterfly to low rowing, triceps press, ab crunches, leg extension and much more. Its weight stacks are filled with 50kg of cement providing 65kg maximum resistance.

With a maximum user weight of 120kg – that's 18 stone 13 pounds – this multi gym can be used by almost anyone. Once fully assembled, it measures 202cm high, 98cm wide and 168cm in depth. Oh, and it weighs 88kg. Not only is this machine easy to assemble once it arrives at your front door, but it's also less bulky than other machines making it an ideal piece of kit to have in your spare room.

See our best multi-gym guide for more recommendations.

Best home gym equipment: Wondercore 2

Best ab machine: Wondercore 2

Work your core like never before with this foldable ab machine

Reasons to buy
+Folds away for easy storage+Workout DVD included as well as guides+Self-assemble
Reasons to avoid
-For the more advanced -Only really for working abdominal area

If you’re just wanting to focus on your abdominal area while working out, or you are looking for something to really help you tone up alongside your cardio workouts, then the Wondercore 2 is designed for you.

When in use
This device is designed to work your upper, middle and lower abs, obliques and the rest of your muscles including arms and legs, so you can use it to get a full-body workout (almost); the dual resistance ensures that your core is always engaged for maximum results. It has a 9kg maximum resistance, as well as 180 extended range of motion. It comes with a nutrition guide, a seven-day meal plan, a training and exercise guide and a workout DVD.

This ab machine has a maximum user weight of 120kg (18 stone 13 pounds). It can be self-assembled, and it weighs 10.8kg. In terms of size, once built, it's 25cm high, 85cm wide and 33cm in depth. It's also foldable after use.

best home gym equipment: Black Mountain Exercise Ball

Best exercise ball: Black Mountain Exercise Ball

Great for resistance, toning and stretching

Reasons to buy
+Comes in a range of sizes +Great for core work outs+5 colours+Affordable+Portable+Comes with pump and brochure
Reasons to avoid
-Only for strenghening/toning-Not the easiest to store

If you’re looking to improve your balance and your core strength, buying an exercise ball is a no-brainer. Especially, this professional-grade one from Black Mountain.

When in use
This exercise ball can be used anywhere from your garden to your living room or your home gym. Easy to move around and great at working your core, you can sit on this ball, lay on it and more. 

It comes in a range of sizes from 45cm to 85cm – some are better suited to certain exercises – starting with the standard one for your height is always a good thing to do. It also comes with a pump included and a starter brochure, so you can get to grips with some of the more basic exercises or throw yourself straight into your usual gym routine.

Best home gym equipment: Xn8 Aerobic Stepper

(Image credit: Xn8)

Best aerobic step: Xn8 Aerobic Stepper

Use this aerobic step to get your step count rising from home

Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Easy to store+Comes in a range of colours+3 height levels+Versatile
Reasons to avoid
-Plastic-Not the best looking piece of gym equipment-115kg max user weight

An aerobic stepper can undoubtedly help you get your steps in while staying at home or working from home, but that's not all it can do. This versatile piece of home gym equipment can prove to be handy when warming up, cooling down or mid-workout. You can use it to practice your squats, to perfect your hip dips or even for push ups and sit ups.

When in use
This aerobic stepper is pretty simple to use – just pop it on your floor (you may want to use a mat depending on your floor type) and adjust its height accordingly. It shouldn't move around when you step on and off it, and after you are done you can just push it underneath a bed or sofa – handy! It also has a 115kg weight limit.

You can set this stepper at three different heights, but we suggest starting with the lowest – 10cm – and then gradually working your way up to 15cm and eventually 20cm. Though admittedly this isn't the prettiest piece of home gym equipment ever, it does help that it comes in a range of colours.

Best home gym equipment: Opti Trampoline

(Image credit: Opti)

Best fitness trampoline: Opti Trampoline

A mini trampoline for aerobic exercise

Reasons to buy
+Easy to assemble+Small +Non-slip feet+Sturdy when in use+Very affordable+Indoor or outdoor use
Reasons to avoid
-Not the easiest to store – feet do come off

An easy (read: fun) way to get your heart rate up, the Opti Trampoline is our pick of the best fitness trampolines you can buy. Fitness trampolines are smaller versions of your classic outdoor trampoline and are otherwise known as a trampette.

When in use
This piece of fitness equipment has been popular for quite a while now, and it's easy to see why: jumping on a fitness trampoline is considered a moderate to vigorous-intensity exercise. This Opti option is easy to assemble as you only need to attach the non-slip feet on, it has a solid and stable construction that's ideal for aerobic use AND it's super affordable. Just start bouncing!

In terms of size, this fitness trampoline measures 22cm high and it has a diameter of 91.5cm. With a maximum user weight of 100kg (that's 15 stone 10 pounds) it can be used by almost anyone.

Best home gym equipment: AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

(Image credit: AmazonBasics)

Best medicine ball: AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Available in six different sizes for all types of fitness lovers

Reasons to buy
+Alternative to the kettlebell +Durable and grippy rubber outer+Available in a range of sizes+Affordable+Portable
Reasons to avoid
-May not suit everyone's workout preferences

If you’ve never worked out with the help of a medicine ball before, it might be about time you did: they're great at developing core strength, balance, and coordination. An alternative to a kettlebell, this AmazonBasics one is affordable, sturdy and non-slip. 

When in use
A relatively compact way to challenge a range of muscle groups and improve stamina, a medicine ball really earns a space in any home gym since they are super versatile. Great for all different fitness levels, this one has a durable rubberised plastic outer makes it easy to grip, even with sweaty hands.

This medicine ball comes in 3kg or 5kg – buy based on your fitness level and don't go too heavy too soon. 

Best home gym equipment: Tumaz Yoga Strap

(Image credit: Tumaz)

Best yoga straps: Tumaz Yoga Strap

Use this yoga strap to help you reach a deeper stretch

Reasons to buy
+3 sizes+Huge colour range+Super sturdy+Very affordable+Easy to store

You might need some yoga straps to help you really stretch when practising yoga from home. Since yoga straps are naturally compact in size, you could even chuck this strap in your back and take it to yoga class, and it can be stored away in a drawer, along with your yoga block, with ease. It also comes in a huge range of fancy colours!

When in use
This yoga strap is super sturdy when in use and it's not elasticated, while it comes in your choice of three lengths from six-foot to eight-foot and 10-foot. Professionals or those who want to experiment with their yoga strap may want to choose a longer size. Use the D-ring buckles to loosely fasten this strap around your foot and get stretching, or double up the strap and wrap it around the soles of your feet, using it to stretch your legs. The yoga strap is pretty versatile, so you can use it in a number of ways.

These yoga straps boast 4mm welded D-ring buckles, while the strap itself is 2.5mm thick. It also has a maximum load of an impressive 1.079 ton, so rest assured it shouldn't break while using it at any time.

ResultSport UK The Original Weighted Hula HoopReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: ResultSport UK)

Best weighted hula hoop: ResultSport UK The Original Weighted Hula Hoop

For slimming your waist – and burning fast calories

Reasons to buy
+Collapsible+Easy to store+Simple to use
Reasons to avoid
-Not weight adjustable – one size fits all

A weighted hula hoop is a brilliant no-brainer for those who are wanting to shift their focus to their abdominal area. You can use one of these in front of the TV or inside your home gym, and they are functional as well as space-savvy. Just slide it underneath or behind some furniture once you are done. Alternatively, they can be dissembled into 8 sections for easy transporting and hiding.

When in use
Using this weighted hula hoop each day for only a short amount of time should help improve your posture and burn calories. Most of all, though, it will help you tone your tummy. This is thanks to the fact it's weighted, so essentially it's the equivalent of using dumbbells to tone your arms, but this works on your abdomen. You might feel a bit sore after initial use, but it doesn't take long to become a pro.

Weighing 1.2kg, this hula hoop is made from high-impact graded plastic, which is padded and therefore comfortable. It's easy to wipe clean and you can choose from two colours.

Core Balance Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands

(Image credit: Core Balance)

Best balance trainer: Core Balance Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands

For strength training

Reasons to buy
+Versatile+Easy to store+Self inflate and deflate
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best option for those who are less able

Use a balance board to improve your upper and lower body strength. It's equipped with resistance bands with ergonomic handles in order to help work your arms whilst you work your core. Thanks to its compact size, this piece of home gym equipment can easily be used inside a bedroom or living room, and then neatly tucked away under a piece of furniture when not in use.

When in use
This versatile can be used either way up, with its flat side pressing against the floor or your trainers. It can offer a full-body workout and you can use it to help perfect squats, planks sit-ups, lateral raises – and you can use it along with weights plus more.

This balance board is supplied with a hand pump so that you can inflate – or deflate – it to your size preference. Its resistance bands are detachable, too, so that you can use the board with or without them. The flat side of the dome boasts an anti-slip platform for superior grip whichever way around you are using it.

Home gym equipment deals

With so much of the top exercise equipment selling out, we've rounded up some of the best deals we can find every day in the handy table below. Click to read more about each of the items.

What home gym equipment to buy based on your needs?

If you're not sure where to start when it comes to choosing the best home gym equipment, you've come to the right place. We'll talk you through the best solutions based on the results you want to achieve from your training. 

To tone
If you’re happy with your running schedule but want a room where you can focus on toning your muscles, some dumbbells will allow you to up the resistance when it comes to lunges, balancing or bench pressing. You could also try resistance bands, an ab machine for focussing on your abdominals, or, a kettlebell or medicine ball.

For cardio
Aerobic exercise is important not only for calorie burning and weight loss but more importantly for maintaining good heart health. Choose a treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer, trampoline or exercise bike for a great cardio workout at home. Exercise bikes are perfect for those after something low impact, so consider these if you have been told to watch your joints.

For strength
Strength training can be done using your own bodyweight so you don't really need equipment at all, but for a better and more varied workout, you might want to consider adding in some gym favourites. An exercise ball, step block or yoga mat are great for training using your own weight. Upgrade this with the use of weights (dumbbells, medicine balls or bar weights), or go all out with a multigym that helps you work out safely can effectively if you have the budget.

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