Leftover lamb recipes: make the most of this amazing meat

Our leftover lamb recipes will help you make the most of your meat, and reduce food waste in the process

leftover lamb recipes
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These leftover lamb recipes are an easy way to introduce some deliciously spicy and flavoursome dishes into your dinner repertoire, all while maximising the potential of your roast lamb, and reducing food waste in the process. 

Whether you have leftovers from a roast leg of lamb, or you cooked too many chops for a big family dinner, these recipes will help you enjoy your lamb in new ways. After all, as much as we love a Sunday roast, there are so many ways to enjoy this tasty meat that we think it'd be foolish to limit ourselves.

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Leftover lamb recipes 

Below you'll find some of our favourite leftover lamb recipes, all of which will tempt your taste buds and allow you to make the most of this super succulent meat. You'll find everything from lamb tagine and leftover lamb curry to lamb wraps and more.

Lamb tagine 

Lamb tagine

Packed full of flavour, this lamb tagine uses only a handful of ingredients that you'll likely have kicking around in the cupboard, and can be knocked up using leftover lamb, or fresh meat for a delicious dinner with minimal effort.

Leftover lamb curry 

Lamb Rogan Josh

This lamb Rogan Josh recipe will help you recreate this classic curry that is many people's favourite – it has the perfect balance of flavour. And if you're using leftover lamb, simply skip the steps that focus on cooking the lamb. 

Leftover lamb curry

This leftover lamb curry recipe is a great way to enjoy what's left of your Sunday roast on Monday night. It has enough of a kick to satisfy curry lovers without being overly hot, and packs a real punch of complex flavours that go brilliantly with the rich taste of lamb.

Lamb pasta

Lamb ragu

This flavourful lamb ragu is packed full of flavour and can be made from scratch, or using leftover lamb

Lamb wraps

Tandoori lamb wraps

These Tandoori lamb wraps are simple to make, packed full of flavour and require a pretty limited list of ingredients – which is great news given the current climate.

We'll teach you how to flavour your meat. Then, you can load it up in a naan bread or tortilla wrap with a load of salad, yoghurt and mango chutney for a whole new take on leftover lamb.

Lamb meatballs 

Lamb meatballs

These lamb meatballs can be made from scratch, or using leftover lamb – serve with pitta bread and tzatziki for a tasty lunch idea

Lamb frittata 

Spinach frittata: add spicy leftover lamb for a simple, yet delicious, lunch idea

Packed full of flavour, this simple recipe is one of our favourite ways to use leftover lamb – though it can also be prepared from scratch – in a whole new way, and only calls for a few ingredients which you're likely to already have at home. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us...

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