When does daylight saving time end? And what to do with the extra hour

Everything you need to know as we fall back one hour

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It's nearly time for the clocks to change and for those in the US to enjoy that sweet, sweet extra hour in bed. So, when does daylight saving time end and what should you do with the additional hour if you're not tucked up under the sheets? 

Our smartphones have got our backs and will change automatically - phew. But you'll need to turn back analogue alarm clocks manually, as well as your best wall clocks, oven clocks, car clocks... You get the idea.

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When does daylight saving time end?

Time is ticking because, on the first Sunday of November, Daylight Saving Time will come to an end in the US. At 2am on November 7, the clocks go back one hour. 

It doesn't apply to the whole of the US as Hawaii and most of Arizona (excluding the Navajo nation) don't follow Daylight Saving Time. Unfortunately, the clocks changing means it'll get darker earlier until the winter solstice on December 21. 

For many, the news that the time is changing is an unwelcome reminder that we're headed for colder, darker months that feel harder to get through than spring and summer. But we also get super excited about our fall decorating ideas, bringing in warm tones through candles, foliage, pumpkins and other cute home decor pieces from Target.

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It's also a great time to plan ahead for Christmas and decking the halls for the festive season.

When will Daylight Saving start again?

When do the clocks change again in spring? Daylight saving time recommences on March 13, 2022. 

On this date, we will 'spring' forward one hour. While we'll be missing out on some sleep, it also marks the beginning of lighter mornings.

What to do with the extra hour

What you choose to do with the extra hour on November 7 is entirely up to you. Most of us will be catching up on some sleep, but this isn't always possible with young kids around. 

If you find you wake up at the usual time, here are a few options.

Declutter after Halloween

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We love transforming our living spaces for spooky season with plenty of fun Halloween decorating ideas. But if you're anything like us, you're bound to have some tidying and decluttering to do.

Cleansing your space will feel great mentally and help you to get back to normal before Christmas. Fill a bag of items ready to donate or pass on to friends and family.


Choose three rooms in your home to clean. Set a timer for five minutes in each one and do as much as you physically can to get them looking neat and tidy.

Reframing household tasks in this way can really help you get things done. Use the leftover time to get some laundry done, clear out the fridge or sort out the pantry using our pantry storage ideas.

Tend to your houseplants

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Dedicate some time to giving your best indoor plants some TLC. Dust their leaves and try using the inside of a banana skin to make them shine. Check water levels and give plants a feed if it's been a while. 

It's usually best to repot plants in the spring rather in the 'dormant' winter period, but if a plant has really outgrown its container it might enjoy a repotting. How will you spend the extra hour - ticking jobs off your to-do list or catching up on some zzzs?

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