When is Father's Day in the UK? And how to celebrate if we are still in lockdown

Father's Day is not far away. Find out when it is celebrated in the UK and see some great gift ideas

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This year Father's Day falls on Sunday 21st June – that is just under six weeks away. Originally founded by the Catholic church as a celebration of fatherhood and paternal bonds it was on the 19th March which is the feast day of St Joseph (Mary's husband and Jesus's father figure). However, it is now celebrated on the third Sunday of June by the US and many European countries, including the UK.

Families use this time to celebrate their fathers, with gifts and a big meal. This year, we are not sure if lockdown measures will have been lifted in time to enjoy a big multi-household meal, so here are some great gift options and some other ideas for celebrating Father's Day.

Just on the hunt for gift ideas? Scroll down to see our top picks, or head to our Father's Day gift guide.

How to celebrate Father's Day in lockdown

If you live with your dad, there are plenty of options from cooking a big meal, to enjoying a barbecue in the garden – weather permitting. However, celebrating will be a bit trickier for those who live in a different household to their fathers as we are currently prohibited from mixing with people outside our own home. 

The latest announcement from Boris Johnson means it is likely we may be able to mix in small groups by late June, but there is no guarantee. With measures being lightly lifted to allow meeting with someone outside your household in an open space from this Wednesday, if this is still allowed on Sunday 21st June, then you could meet with dad for a socially distanced walk, or a chat at the park. 

The government will be changing lockdown measures in response to the infection rate, so it is best to plan a celebration that does not involve mixing. Here are some ideas:

Plan a virtual pub quiz:

If dad is tech savvy, then get the family to join a Zoom, Skype call or Google Hangout to do a quiz. Each household can form a team (or split the household and connect from multiple devices if you prefer) and should set a round of 10 questions. Take it in turns to ask your questions, giving answers after each round to keep score. 

Sit down for a virtual meal:

Plan to all eat at the same time and join a video call to enjoy your meals together. You could get a meal kit sent to your dad's house (Mindful Chef do one off boxes if you want to send just one recipe) or if he doesn't enjoy cooking, order him a takeaway or even just a few drinks.

A good old fashioned phone call:

Give dad a ring. Again, you could time it for when you both have a drink or cuppa in hand to make it feel like you are there together.

Send him an I.O.U

For a meal, a day out, a walk with a pub lunch in the middle – just send him a card and a promise of a way you can spend time together when places reopen.

Father's Day gift ideas:

Of course, you may want to send dad a gift. Here are a few things that we think make the perfect present – especially at a time like this.

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More gift ideas for dad: