Bumper bargain! Save £100 on this smart lock from Yale

Say goodbye to keys forever with £100 off this handy smart lock from Yale

yale keyless door lock
(Image credit: Yale)

Amazon Prime Day season is upon us – if you weren't already aware – and we couldn't help but share this Yale Smart Lock deal with you. After all, with £100 off a piece of smart kit from one of the UK's leading home security brands, this is an offer that those in the market for a smart lock – or in the midst of a home renovation – really shouldn't overlook.

Perfect for those who are tired of carrying keys, or returning home to teenage children sat outside, waiting to be let in, smart locks do away with the need for carrying keys altogether.

Instead, users choose between the option to open their front door with their phone – much like contactless payment methods – or using a phone tag, key card or key tag. Seems like something from the home of the future, right?

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Yale Smart Lock | was £269.99, now £169.99 | save £100

In the midst of a renovation project and looking for alternatives to traditional locks? The smart lock could be just what you've been looking for...View Deal