10 marble coffee tables to add modern glamour

These marble coffee tables will add grandeur and luxe to the center of your space

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Marble coffee tables are an easy and affordable way to bring this elegant, decorative material into your home. Crisp white marble has a luminous quality that screams luxury. 

Often the reserve of fireplaces, kitchen worktops and bathroom tiles, introducing marble can seem like a mammoth task. But, if you're living in a rented house or you don't want to fork out for a big project, a simple coffee table is an easy and cost-effective way to add some glam. 

The latest inkjet technology means that faux marble appears more like the real deal than ever before. With crisp lines and even a cold touch too, introducing marble into the home doesn't necessarily mean breaking the bank. 

The best coffee tables are the perfect size for your room, and should create a nice centerpiece for the rest of your scheme to work around. So we've gathered our pick of the best marble top coffee tables to help you decide. 

10 marble coffee tables for an added touch of glam 

1. Best Choice round coffee table

marble round coffee table with four gold legs

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Dimensions: 35.6 Dia x 19 H In | Color options: 3

This coffee table combines marble and gold to perfection for the ultimate elegant look. The tabletop may be faux marble, but the high-shine finish gives a realistic effect that almost had us fooled.  The crossed-over legs make for a stylish design feature, and the compact size and rounded shape means it's suitable for even the smallest of living rooms. 

2. Safavieh coffee table 

rectangular coffee table with marble top and black modern legs

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Dimensions: 17.7 H x 19.7 W x 47.2 D in | Color options: 1

This strikingly angular coffee table will be the perfect addition to any contemprary space. The matt black boxy legs create a striking contrast to the crisp white marble and will be sure to form a clear centrepiece in any living room. 

3. Andmakers Laura carrara white marble coffee table

marble coffee table with Scandi wooden legs and a wooden shelf

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Dimensions: 43 L x 24 W x 18 H in | Color options: 1

Add a Scandinavian feel to your scheme with this marble and walnut coffee table. The slim wooden legs, strategically placed at an angle to take up a smaller footprint of your space, bring an elegant, minimal feel. The wood is perfect for adding warmth to an otherwise cool space, and the handy shelf is ideal for positioning your favourite interiors magazine or books. 

4. Northfield Admiral coffee table with shelf 

modern marble coffee table with extra marble shelf

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Dimensions: 42 L x 18 W x 18 H in | Color options: 1

Let the marble do all the talking with this solid, two-layered coffee table. The rectangular blocks of marble-effect particle board create a statement from every angle. The lower shelf provides plenty of room for storing baskets of throws or other living room essential, to keep everything tidy and in its place. 

5. Johar Gold Coast coffee table

black marble square coffee table

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Dimensions: 33 W x 33 D x 18.25 H in | Color options: 2

There's something mystical about black marble and this contemporary style coffee table is the epitome and chic and elegant. The deep, swirly marble effect table top is complimented by the metallic silver legs for a cool and collected look. 

6. Usinso round coffee table 

round marble coffee table with black shelf

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Dimensions: 36 D x 13 W x 36 H in | Color options: 2

Combine two strong and beautiful materials – marble and iron – for a coffee table that's full of power and grace. We love the wire-effect circular shapes on this handy shelf which brings an industrial element to the piece. This will sit back perfectly in most style room schemes, from industrial to minimal and to luxe.

7. Mulvey 3 leg nesting tables

modern nesting coffee tables with gold hair pin legs and black marble tops

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Dimensions: 16.9 H x 32.7 L x 32.7 D in overall | Color options: 2

The gold hair pin legs on this set of nesting tables gives the elegance and drama of the black marble table top a fun and contemporary twist. The smooth curves on these almost-triangular tables will add an organic, nature inspired feel to your space, and will be especially space enhancing for smaller living rooms. 

8. Baxton Studio Walker  wooden coffee table

modern coffee table with storage and marble top

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Dimensions: 21.60 L x 41.25 W x 13.40 H In | Color options: 1

If it's storage you're looking for, this coffee table-come-storage unit is the perfect option. With two drop down doors that allow you to easily stow away everything from throws to cushions and from books to kids' toys, this is a great two in one solution. The rich wood contrasts beautifully with the crisp white marble top, and a hint of gold detailing adds extra glamour too. 

9. Frotorp coffee table 

round black marble coffee table with two levels

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Dimensions: 13 H x 34 Dia In | Color options: 1

Add a bold and black powerful statement with this two level round coffee table. While the top layer is a high-shine matt black for an ultra-contemporary and luxurious feel, the bottom level holds a hidden surprise or ornate, intricate marble. We'd recommend only using this shelf for a decorative coffee table book, as you wouldn't want to cover up the pattern!

10. Cupertine coffee table 

marble coffee table with hammered gold base

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Dimensions: 30.50 W x 30.50 D. x 15.75 H in| Color options: 1

Up the luxe factor in your space with this gorgeous hammered gold and marble topped coffee table. The gold base creates a shiny majesty in the room and the dimpled effect will provide a movement in light that's glamorous and elegant. The design is great for smaller spaces too, as the narrow base will take up minimal floor print, leaving more of your flooring on show and creating a space that feels bigger than it is.

Do marble coffee tables stain?

Real marble is softer and more delicate and porous than many other stones, so this means it is prone to staining and etching. If you spill a drop of red wine onto your marble surface, this will soak into the stone like a sponge and could become quite difficult to remove. If this does happen, you need to act quickly before the wine embeds itself further into the material. 

You should also be wary of acids, such as lemons. If you spill lemon juice onto real marble, it will etch and stain the surface, creating a bumpy texture and leaving white spots. If you're prone to spillages, faux marble may be the best way to go, and it's often considerably cheaper too. 

Does marble scratch easily?

As a stone that is naturally more fragile than the likes of limestone or granite, real marble is prone to scratches. If you look after your marble coffee table with care, and use the appropriate soft clothe to clean it, the chances are, your table will be just fine. While deep scratches will require professional help for fixing, smaller scratches can be easily fixed yourself at home. 

Simply rub the area with a damp, soapy cloth, rinse, and buff the surface with a dry cloth. This should hopefully remove your scratch so you can get on with enjoying your luminous marble. 

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