Best tiki umbrellas

If you want to create a beach-themed look in your garden or are throwing a Hawaiian-themed bash, a tiki umbrella is a must.

Tiki umbrellas
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Are you considering giving your outdoor space a tropical touch with a tiki umbrella? Giving your yard, garden, patio, or balcony a theme is a really fun way to add some character to your outdoor space. Beach and seaside themes are popular, and Bali huts are a great way to give your garden that South Pacific vibe. If you don't have the space or budget to build such a structure, then a simple tiki umbrella can help you create that look, with much less trouble and expense. Pour yourself a pina colada and take a look through our selection of the best tiki umbrellas available now. 

Staff pick

Tiki umbrellas

(Image credit: EasyGo)

EasyGo thatched tiki umbrella

Best overall option

Our staff pick is a good quality option from the Californian umbrella experts at EasyGo. This 8-foot umbrella features heavy-duty steel poles and ribs with an attractive wood grain finish. This design has a 1.25-inch pole that fits any standard patio umbrella table or base. The canopy is fade-resistant, vented to avoid accidents, and boasts an easy tilt adjustment. 

With LED lights

Tiki umbrellas

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Ovastlkuy thatched tiki umbrella

A larger option with a 10-foot span

This tiki umbrella features useful built-in illumination, which makes it a great accessory for evening garden parties. There are LED lights along the umbrella's ribs and a larger central light. This style has a generous 10-foot span, meaning it's a good choice for larger households. The artificial straw is made from polyester, which is waterproof and UV resistant. 

Compact choice

Tiki umbrellas

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iConcern thatched tiki umbrella

Comes complete with fabric travel bag

Created and designed in the USA, iConcern's tiki umbrella measures in at 6.5-feet wide, making it a good choice for balconies and useful at the park or beach. It has eight sturdy steel ribs with a durable white powder coating. The straw is made from artificial thatch roofing materials. It has a two-way tilt mechanism and a standard-size pole.


Tiki umbrellas

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DOIT Doitpower thatched tiki umbrella

A 9-foot option with lighting

This is another option that has integrated, solar-powered lighting. It boasts a center light and 32 smaller LED lights. It has a double top design for improved venting. Eight iron ribs are supporting the canopy, and the main pole is lightweight aluminum. The canopy measures 9-feet across and is made of fade-resistant polyester faux straw. 

Budget choice

Tiki umbrellas

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Impact Canopy thatched tiki umbrella

With an auger tip for stability

This tiki umbrella has a threaded auger tip, which means it can easily stand in earth or sand, as well as used with a patio umbrella base or table. The steel frame has an attractive wood effect finish. The straw thatch is made from waterproof polyester fabric. This umbrella has an 8-foot span, and the umbrella tilts in multiple directions. 

South Pacific chic 

Our overall best choice is the EasyGo thatched tiki umbrella. This Californian-made shade has a good standard size of 8 feet, is made from quality materials, and offers a sturdy tilt mechanism. 

If you're looking for a tiki umbrella with built-in illumination, then consider the Ovastlkuy thatched tiki umbrella. This design has LED lights under the canopy meaning your Hawaiian party can go on until late. 

Anyone who only has a small outside space should look at the iConcern thatched tiki umbrella; it has a space-saving 6.5-foot span. This also makes it a good option for anyone looking for a tiki umbrella to take to the beach.