Best snow shovel

Snow leaves a little work in its wake, especially for homeowners. Sidewalks and driveways must be cleared, so a snow shovel is essential.

Man shoveling snow
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Snow dusts rooftops, tree limbs, streets, driveways, and sidewalks with that familiar uniform, stark-white blanket. While beautiful, everything from a dusting to more measurable accumulations makes surfaces slippery. So, it can be challenging to walk or drive. For safety purposes, snow removal is essential for home and vehicle owners. Snow shovels give chilly precip that necessary nudge. Since snow consistency can vary greatly, from light, fluffy powder to icy slush, choosing an up-to-the-task tool is important. Luckily, these snow eliminators are typically lightweight, sturdy, and made to shoulder even the weightiest shovel full. Choose from our favorite snow-ready staples.      

Staff pick

Red snow shovel

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Snow Joe Shovelution strain-reducing snow shovel

Two handles are-better than one

Send snow packing with this precipitation-ejecting, double-handled shovel. Snow removal is reimagined with its second leveraging handle delivering speedy, stress-free scoops. Forcing accumulation from stoops, sidewalks, and driveways, the extra spring-loaded handle acts as a fulcrum to wrench away the white stuff with little effort, improving posture and preventing post-removal bodily pain in the process. The handles are great, but the shovel needs its blade to function properly. This tool has a curved, angled 18-inch blade constructed from shatter-resistant polypropylene. So, it's lightweight and will easily scoop and support every load. 

On-the-go snow removal

Snow shovel with collapsible handle

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Trazon portable snow shovel

Travel-ready tool with a 13-inch blade and retractable handle

Snow shovels can send away powder and save space at the same time. Whether you need to optimize shed organization or aim to stay snow-prepared on the road, this lightweight, low-profile shovel is constructed for convenience. Three inches can be scooped at a time with the helpful 13-inch blade, constructed from sturdy plastic and reinforced with a metal band. The blade is attached to an easy aluminum alloy handle that retracts for simple storage. When fully extended, the shovel measures a full 48 inches. For added comfort, this design even has a secondary foam grip for added comfort and stability. Kept in a truck bed or hung in the garage, this shovel is an easy choice.   

Three-piece style

Orange snow shovel

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Lifeline aluminum sport utility shovel

Adjustable and compact design that breaks-down into three pieces

In a pinch, emergency snow preparedness is possible with this compact, easy-store shovel by Lifeline. Digging out is a dream with its lightweight, 1.3-pound aluminum construction. The shovel conveniently disassembles into three pieces for efficient portability and storage. So, it's ideal for digging stuck vehicles from pesky snowbanks and will stow easily in a trunk. With an adjustable handle, this shovel, stretching from 21 to 32 inches, can be modified to fit every situation perfectly. Choose from several vibrant color options.      

Extra-wide blade

Snowplow snow shovel

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The Snowplow The Original Snow Pusher

Large-blade style available in four great widths

For serious snow clearance, the Snow Pusher's mighty, wide blade will produce clean cuts with a simple swipe. The blade's curved design, made from hard-wearing polyethylene, is attached with a robust bracket to weather weight like a champ without bending or breaking. For stubborn, compacted snow, a simple blade flip will pay special attention to stuck-on situations, prying away flattened, frosty material. The blade is maneuvered by a lightweight fiberglass handle with a classic d-style grip. Depending on the surface area, the shovel is available in four blade sizes: 24, 30, 36, and 38 inches.       

Wheel-y nice

Wheeled plow-style shovel

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The Snowcaster wheeled snow pusher

Stress-free wide-blade design with wheels

Give snow the push it needs sans the effort with this plow-style tool. The wide, arched 36-inch plastic blade, chauffeured by two wheels, will seamlessly clear a sizable stretch of sidewalk or driveway. The wheels and sturdy u-shaped metal handle will give snow the good old heave-ho without the heave. Since the push-delivery design piles snow without lifting, removing any accumulation isn't a chore. It simply sweeps snow into a pile where it belongs. So, this design is great for those with back problems, extensive driveways, or both. 

Easy aluminum

Tapered snow shovel

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True Temper aluminum snow shovel

Light, ergonomic style with a 20-inch blade

Made of lightweight and enduring aluminum, this sturdy snow day sidekick is the perfect addition to any tool shed. It features a 20-inch tapered squared blade that supports both shoveling and pushing. It even has a steel band for proper reinforcement and to stave off wear. The blade is leveraged by the ergonomic handle with a d-grip. Its curved design eliminates bending and stooping, minimizing snow-related strain and discomfort.  

Shove it

Snow might be pretty, but the aftermath isn't. No matter the amount, dusting off and digging out is a direct result of the chilly precipitation. Maintaining sidewalks, driveways, and more can be a tall task without the proper snow shovel. The Snow Joe Shovelution strain-reducing snow shovel is as good as it gets when entertaining the powdery post-storm aftermath. It features a unique two-handle system, so snow can be lifted away with haste and comfort. The shorter second, spring-loaded handle provides the necessary force to pry snow from surfaces with little effort, eliminating posture-related strain. The snow is carried by a sizable 18-inch blade made of sturdy polypropylene.

When the snow accumulation is great, The Snowcaster wheeled snow pusher is the only solution. Backed by two weight-bearing wheels, this option plows through snow, eliminating the need for traditional shoveling. The tool zips across surfaces, cradling snow in its wide, 36-inch blade until a new destination is reached. This pusher takes the work out of removal, making the task (dare we say it) almost fun.