Best plant caddy

With a sturdy rolling plant caddy, you can move even the heaviest potted plants with ease. So, you'll have perfectly placed plants every time.

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A rolling plant caddy is an indispensable accessory for convenient container gardening. As the weather changes, you may want to move your potted plants, including the heavy ones, to a sunnier spot in your garden or balcony. And, a plant caddy is a perfect solution. Plant caddies prevent heavy lifting and minimize the risk of breaking your beautiful planters. Alternatively, you could use the caddy to lift planters off the floor for better aesthetics. Regardless of your needs, these best plant caddies will make the job a breeze.

Staff pick

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Bosmere S14410 Down Under plant caddie

Sturdy caddy with smooth rolling wheels

The last thing you want to worry about with this rolling caddy is whether or not the wheels roll smoothly, especially when it’s carrying hundreds of pounds of dirt and plants. This sturdy plastic caddy not only holds up to 500 pounds of weight, but it also has five sturdy wheels and features a locking mechanism to stop the caddy from rolling further. The hole at the center helps your pots and planters drain excess water. It's designed to run on patios, wooden floors, or even on carpets, so you can move your plants wherever you need them to be.

Something different

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Foldify Bamboo plant stand

The perfect home for all your little planters

The Foldify bamboo stand has six plant-exhibiting layers, giving you a chance to display your small to medium-sized planters. The stand features four casters (two lockable), which means it doubles as a plant caddy. You can opt to use it indoors or outdoors because it is assembled from anti-corrosive and insect-protected bamboo pieces. Since assembly is required, this should be a little fun project for DIY enthusiasts.

Heavy duty

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Amagabeli metal plant caddy

Fully rotating wheels that leave no scuff marks

If you prefer metallic accessories, you will love Amagabeli's heavy-duty plant caddy. The caddy is made of iron for durability and has a nice vinyl PVC powder coating that looks good both indoors and outdoors. All four extra-sturdy casters rotate fully, so you can swivel the plant around in its current location or move it along smoothly. With such a solid welded construction, the trolly can support up to 300 pounds of whatever you want to move. This circular beauty is available in 12, 14, and 16-inch diameter options.

Double locking wheels

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C CASIMR heavy duty plant stand

The diameter is adjustable to fit various plant pots

This plant caddy can be adjusted to fit plant pots from 15 to 19 inches in diameter. Made from sturdy, non-slip plastic, the caddy holds up to 440 pounds and features four fully rotating wheels for easy maneuverability. Each wheel has a double-wheel design and braking system so you can safely lock the caddy in place once you have it where you want it. The caddy’s rust proof design makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use, so you can move your plants inside if you need to.

Best multipack

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Murilan 5-Pack Plant Caddy

Five caddies in one pack for all your plants

If you need multiple uniform caddies for your plant pots, this multipack is the perfect solution. Each caddy measures 11.6 inches in diameter, holds up to 110 pounds, and features round resin bases that hold the plants securely in place. Four heavy-duty wheels and two locking casters mean you can easily move each caddy and lock it securely in place. And, as a bonus, the caddies come with free self-watering spikes for your potted plants. 

Best square plant caddy

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JzNova heavy duty metal plant stand

Constructed with thick load-bearing steel pipes

Take a break from round plant caddies with JzNova's square stand. Made from high-quality steel, it can hold and move up to 350 pounds. The caddy has four durable wheels that smoothly swivel 360 degrees so that you can move the caddy in any direction. Two of the wheels have a two-way braking system to lock the caddy in place. The sleek and simple square design will complete squared planters as well as add a nice contrast to round pots. Besides, the square construction means it fits neatly into corners to help keep your plants out of the way. It rolls smoothly over hardwood, concrete, and even carpet, which is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Move even the heaviest plants with ease  

Moving your massive potted plants doesn't have to be a horticultural puzzle. With the right rolling plant caddy, everything becomes a total breeze. If you need to move a heavy potted plant across your patio, carpet, or deck, the Bosmere Down Under Plant Caddie has your back. It's constructed to support a whopping 500 pounds. All five wheels are built from steel, with one featuring a lock mechanism.

Caddies aren't just for moving plants from one place to another; they double as decorative pieces. You might want to spruce up your space with the Foldify bamboo plant stand. Besides offering six strategic spots for your small pots, its such a fun and easy DIY project.

If you're looking for a square plant caddy, the JzNova Heavy Duty Plant Stand with Wheels is perfect. It's pretty sturdy, smooth-rolling, and fits neatly in any corner of your home or garden.