DUSK Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper review

We tried the DUSK Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper. For boutique standard on a budget, it's luxury layering like you've never slept on before

Dusk's Supreme Goose down mattress topper corner with pink piping and the dusk logo
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Real Homes Verdict

This luxurious feather and down-filled mattress topper from DUSK will take your bed from basic to boutique. Whether you’ve got a good-as-new mattress or one that has seen better days, and nights, it’ll sit atop your current bed situ before upgrading it to a full 5 star experience. With comfort and cosiness at its core, recreating hotel standard at-home is no difficult task. And with two layers of natural goodness we know it’ll be a best winter bedding buy.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Great for side and front sleepers

  • +

    Best for colder nights

  • +

    Luxurious comfort

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Needs re-plumping regularly

  • -

    It may be too hot for warmer months

  • -

    Not suitable for those who need extra support

  • -

    Dry clean only

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If you’ve been longing for that sink-in feeling of a hotel bed, then DUSK’s Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper is a great way to achieve it without splashing out on a night away– or a brand new mattress, that is. Also, renters, this one's for you too if your landlord has provided you with a harder-than-you'd-like mattress to sleep on. It's safe to say that one of the best mattress toppers will do wonders for your comfort levels at nighttime, regardless of your sleeping situation.

As a sleep specialist, I tested this mattress topper atop a basically-brand-new pocket-sprung mattress, plus an older, tired mattress that’s near to needing replacing. As far as depth goes, it’s thinner than a memory foam or hybrid topper, but that’s because it’s formed of two layers of natural filling – the top layer being 70 per cent goose down, and the other 30 per cent feathers. This combination brings together comfort and gentle support. So don’t expect it to be the best substitute for a new mattress or a top choice for back pain. Rather, it’s the perfect topper for an extra layer of cushioning and to up cosiness.

And if you think a topper won’t do the job of getting you your best sleep yet, then our best mattress buying guide includes tried and tested options to guarantee hotel-standard. Otherwise, this review has all you need to know about this luxury mattress topper. 

DUSK's Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper specifications

  • Firmness: Soft 
  • Depth: 5cm
  • Type: Goose Down and feather 
  • Construction materials: 100% Crisp Cotton Percale
  • Sizes: Single, Double, King, Super King (UK sizes)
  • Care instructions: Shake daily and Dry clean only
  • RRP: From £137.99

Who will the DUSK mattress topper suit? 

Dusk supreme goose down and feather mattress topper layers being lifted up

(Image credit: DUSK)

If you’ve either been intrigued by the intro to this review or the mattress topper itself so far, you must be someone who appreciates their beauty sleep. Someone who loves a luxury stay or someone who’s looking for that hotel-standard without having to overspend. If so, then this Supreme Goose Down Mattress topper will suit you. Not only is it made from quality materials but it’s also affordable, compared to forking out on a new mattress. 

And if you’re regretting your choice of mattress, be it a hybrid or memory foam option you just can’t get along with, this topper is a great way to alter the surface you sleep on, and love it! Especially if down and feather are materials you opt for in your duvet, there’s no doubt you’d like the feel of feather to sleep on, as well as under. 

Other than suiting those who like the premium feel of down and feather-filled bedding, to be more technical, it’s best for side and front sleepers. Why? Because its light cushioning, whilst ideal for those who sleep on their front, would be too soft for back sleepers who need the extra support. 

Additionally if you’re a cold sleeper we’d recommend this topper for added warmth. Natural fillings like feather and down are known for being temperature regulating, meaning they’ll keep your body at the optimal heat all night long, never too hot or too cold. Still, we found this topper to be warmer than memory-foam or synthetic types. This is because it’s made using baffle-wall construction, which evenly insulates and has a tendency to eliminate cold spots. It’s designed for all-season use, but if you struggle with night-sweats, we doubt this would be the best topper for you. 

First impressions 

Dusk supreme goose down and feather mattress topper in bag

(Image credit: Louise Oliphant)

I have previously tested out different types of mattress toppers, as well as all sorts of bedding and have found packaging is usually a good indication of quality, as well as the brands sustainability efforts. DUSK's Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper arrived in a carry bag, which is handy but not eco-friendly, unfortunately. Still it felt heavy and the case meant I could keep it tidily in my wardrobe until I came to use it. Though that was just the next night, out of sheer anticipation. 

Unboxing DUSK's Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper

Dusk supreme goose down and feather mattress topper out of case rolled up

(Image credit: Louise Oliphant)

Unzipping it from its carry case, the topper was neatly folded and I could instantly feel the quality of natural materials as I lay it on the bed. I noticed you could see the feathers through the cotton on the lower layer, and was initially apprehensive on how soon they’d start to poke through. But after unfolding and figuring out which way was best to place it, it looked incredibly inviting – I’m talking, a Premier Inn advert moment.

Dusk supreme goose down and feather mattress topper corners and elasticated straps on the bed

(Image credit: Louise Oliphant)

I did find the elasticated straps to not be the most secure, perhaps because my mattress doesn't have too much depth to it to begin with. If you own a deeper mattress the corners may fit a little more snugly. That said, we’d then suggest you invest in an extra-deep fitted sheet as the topper adds around five centimetres to your bed height and would be quite the struggle to get on otherwise.

What's it like to sleep on? 

Cloud like comfort, is how I'd describe it to sleep on. It’s not exactly firm, as a mattress is, and since this topper doesn't come with a firmness rating, it’s certainly made for comfort over support. It won’t help with any bad back pain or joint aches, but think of it as a cushioning layer and you’ll understand what we mean. 

For this reason, it is very different from what you’d expect from other mattress toppers, and we’d encourage you to consider what kind of mattress you’re putting it on top of and what you’re trying to achieve. I tried this on top of an already firm mattress which allowed for a softer sleeping surface. If used on a sunken one or a mattress that is too soft for your liking, this topper will do no justice in helping you sleep better. 

DUSK supreme goose down mattress topper on the bed with light grey headboard and lamps beside

(Image credit: Future)

We tested this topper during colder nights as well as during the July 2022 UK heatwave. As a hot sleeper, I can even get too hot on the coldest of nights. But this topper definitely helped to regulate my temperature and keep me cosy (but not sweaty), throughout the full eight hours. 

That said, I did feel too hot during the warm weather. I can’t put this entirely down to the topper though as any additional covers would have probably proved too much in 30 odd degree heat. Still, I’m looking forward to using this feather filled option during the winter, and don’t doubt it’ll keep me cosy, even when it’s frosty cold.

This mattress topper is filled with natural materials, that being Goose feathers and down, therefore it’s not the most hypoallergenic fabric. Though its 100% cotton cover does make it somewhat breathable. As someone who often has late-night sneezes – supposedly from high-pollen counts and hay-fever – I expected to feel a little more affected by the build-up of dust mites over time. And while I was surprisingly fine, it’s still worth bearing in mind if you do suffer from allergies and would better benefit from a topper made of synthetic fibres instead.

Washing and care instructions 

Dusk supreme mattress topper corner with care label and logo

(Image credit: Louise Oliphant)

When it comes to cleaning, unfortunately it is dry clean only and recommended to be done by a professional launder. This especially works as a downside for those who would need to wash their bedding more frequently to be rid of dust mites and allergens. All things considered, if you’re on top of getting your mattress cleaned, you should be able to do them at the same time. 

You’re paying more for premium materials, right? So it does make sense that you have to put in a little extra care to keep this topper at its comfiest. The care instructions suggest you should shake daily and air regularly. As any busy young professional is, and even more so if you have children and other responsibilities, a daily ritual of taking off your sheet to joosh the topper seems slightly unrealistic. It’s a bit of a downer that’s for sure. But I figured it only needed re-pumping every now and again – about once a week or so in fact, when I felt it had gone flat. 

 Ordering, delivery and guarantee

I had the DUSK Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper ordered online by the PR team and sent out accordingly to my flat address in London. Nonetheless I was forwarded all contact emails including confirmation of the order and delivery details. 

Once it was delivered – and quickly at that – it arrived fine and in good condition, which is great considering its size. DUSK does have a 100 night sleep trial for mattresses only, but that doesn't mean there’s no returns policy. You can return your order for up to 30 days from the day you received your item. 

Is the DUSK Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper worth it?

DUSK supreme goose down mattress topper on the bed with lights on and light grey headborard

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I can't complain about the comfort of the DUSK topper. It’s luxuriously soft, has all the cosy qualities you’d expect from down, and offers extra cushioning to a mattress that’s seen better days. If you are looking for support however, I wouldn't recommend it. A memory foam or thicker hybrid topper will have more depth and the firmness you need to sway any aches and pains. Saying this, the DUSK topper doesn't claim to be best for aches and pains, instead it’s titled the ‘ultimate in luxurious comfort’ – which we completely agree with. From this viewpoint, DUSK’s Supreme Goose Down Mattress Topper is worth it. It gave my bed the upgrade I never knew it needed.

And if you’re reading this by the time it’s winter or the cold months are looming ahead, then I would certainly suggest investing. Or if your house is often cold at night, it’s also a worthwhile consideration. In fact, after telling my parents about the insulating properties of this down topper, they’ve gone out and bought one for their holiday home that feels the chill after the dark. With this versatility in mind, the RRP price is considerably reasonable. It’s average compared with other best bed toppers and as we said, can be used in all-seasons. It should last for years to come too. Another benefit for paying premium. 

About this review, and the reviewer

Louises bed with cream bedding on and lots of pillows

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Louise is our Ecommerce Writer, specialising in sleep content. Yes, that’s right, you can find Louise sleeping on the job, testing out all kinds of bedding, from duvet sets to pillows and protectors. Teamed with her prior experience working for a luxury bedding brand, she knows the importance of a great night's sleep, and how to get it. 

Firstly, this is down to knowing what kind of sleeper you are. Louise is a side sleeper and can quickly fall asleep thanks to her sleep posture. For others, she understands this can be a difficult task, and recommends considering if your bedding is best for you. After all, there’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to getting to sleep. Take it from her, counting sheep really isn't the solution. 

When it comes to finding the best for you, Louise is a rigorous tester, who takes into account all kinds of sleepers. Amongst testing this best mattress topper and a few others, Louise is currently sleeping on several types of pillows and passing them over to her flatmates to try based on what sleeper type they are. Having received this mattress topper over a month ago, it’s been washed a couple of times and has had its fair share of sleeping hours, in a few variations of weather conditions too. Having noted the DUSK topper is best for getting comfy and keeping cosy, she’s decided to put it back in its carry case ready for the winter. Right now, it’s one of the hottest summers for the UK, so perhaps a lightweight alternative will be a better fit. Therefore expect this review to be updated with our verdict once tested in the cold weather. 

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Louise Oliphant
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Louise is the Ecommerce Editor at Real Homes, specialising in sleep content so you can wind-down well. With prior PR experience working for a luxury bedding brand, Louise knows the importance of getting a great night’s sleep. Joining the other side of the desk as a full-time journo, Louise brings her bedding expertise to writing sleep buying guides, reviews, and news for Real Homes. Aside from helping readers get essential shut eye, Louise also writes shopping content for homeware items that’ll add a decorative edge to your space. With an eye for design that won’t snooze on style, but a budget that won’t quite stretch, Louise loves nothing more than a modern designer dupe. From coloured glassware to contemporary storage, anything to upgrade the bare space of her rented East London flat.