Where to buy dumbbells: find the best weights for strength training

Here's where to buy dumbbells, from beginner to advanced equipment

where to buy dumbbells
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Been browsing t'internet for where to buy dumbbells? Strength training is a must during lockdown (if we're ever going to get back to the gym in good shape) and dumbbells are a valuable piece of home gym equipment that have been as scarce as loo rolls during lockdown. Great for your overall health and upper body toning, a workout with dumbbells is super easy to do at home, without the need for bulky equipment. 

So, whether you're only just beginning and need something fairly light, or you're ready to bring out the big guns (well, weights), here are the best places to buy dumbbells online. 

Where to buy dumbbells

The following stores have the best selection of dumbbells for online delivery:

  • Amazon: The best selection online, from light neoprene one-kilo weights to 20-kilo ones for serious weight training
  • Ebay: the best destination for value-for-money sets of ten pieces and more
  • Fitness Superstore: a massive selection of rubber and neoprene dumbbells, as well as some chrome and cast iron options
  • Decathlon UK: a good range of beginner dumbbells between 0.5 and 2.5 kilos 
  • Sports Direct: stock water bottle dumbbells

The best dumbbell deals today

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